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I’ve been pondering (rather slowly) turning The Philippine Presidency Project into a Wiki (though not freely editable for the near term) and started a kind of public scratch pad with a Wiki on the 2007 Elections.

But now I’ve come across Campaigns Wikia so I’m tinkering with creating a Philippines page for the site (eventually, to be able to add the midterms to their election calendar).

Apparently one useful rule for Wikis is, if one exists covering your area of interest, instead of creating yet another wiki that might die, simply go and identify the most relevant wiki already online, and add to it. Here are some pretty nifty ones that I didn’t know about before:

JurisPedia which covers the law, and legal and political sciences. Adding an entry on “constructive resignation” would be useful here, no?

If you have a primary source, why not consider adding it to WikiSource? Some people have put the Absentee Voting Bill, as well as the statement of the Hyatt 10, the President’s February, 2006 State of Emergency Proclamation on it. There are also the documents on the surrender of Japan, for example.

An exciting one is Wikocracy, where people can post a law or even a constitution, and ask others to revise it. I recall discussing a similar exercise with some readers. Perhaps this wiki is the place to do it (an anti-terrorism law proposal, or revisions to the Philippine Constitution).

Were you part of history? Share your eyewitness accounts with the world. MemoryArchive is a wiki precisely for that purpose. See this account by a veteran describing his experiences in retaking Corregidor in 1945.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

56 thoughts on “Wiki madness

  1. Realist, did I say anywhere that she (C at) was inconsistent?
    Does she (or anybody) have any right to pry on Pacquiao’s privacy and inquire whether he has acknowledged his love child and asked forgiveness from his wife? Who does she think she is, an arbniter of “morality”, a judge of human behavior, or of “right” and “wrong” values? And, by the way, did I ever say anything about her personal life, her family and her “accomplishments”? Please, if you will Realist. Be the judge.

  2. bencard,
    right there where you wrote “there is no inconsistency between…
    ” You need some eyeglasses or your fingers need one.

    That’s no privacy that I pried, it’s all over the news dude. Wake up. When you are a celebrity, you are just like fish in the aquarium. The more if you are going to be looked up as a hero. Eh paano nga kayong mananalo niyan sa debate, pilosopong Tasyo kayo.

    Oh yeah, when you advise me about getting a perfect partner, that’s getting personal.

    In the debate, stick to the issue.
    Palusot pa kayo.

  3. isang ispektakul ng mga nagbabagang opinyon! 😀
    ang sakin naman, kung iniidolo natin si pacquiao, wag na siguro tayong mag umasa na pumasok pa sya sa politika, lalo kung wala naman talaga syang balak. malagim ang mundo ng politika… at si manny ay di (pa) nasanay para sa ganitong laranga. ang pagsasanay at husay nya ay sa larangan ng isports, sa boxing.

    mapanganib ang pangako politika; pano kung (dahil sa kakulangan ng karanasan dito) magpadala lang sya ng mga dikta o payo ng mga “trapong” nanggigigil na masamantala ang kasikatan nya? baka masira pa imahe nya!

    isa pa marami namang paraan para makatulong sya sa ting bayan e, ngayon pa na sobrang yaman na nya. sana lang marunong syang pumili ng mga taong papakinggan nya, maging sa bisnes o kung san man.

    salamat po

  4. Right on, Ca t ! !
    I’m a Filipino (Fil-Am), but had never heard of Pacquiao until I went to a Pinoy Party! Pacquiao who? Only popular with Pinoys. Americans never heard of him. Now, he would only get my respect and admiration if he shared his largesse with his many poor kababayan.

  5. Are you Serious guys? Chavit Singson was in the ring with Pacquiao??

    I just hope next time he’s in the ring, someone actually tries to knock him out…

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