The grand inquisitor

In the news: three members of TV network ABC-5 die in the line of duty. Everyone is sorry for ABC’s loss.

Garcillano lieutenants promoted.

Newbreak on military rebels that changed sides, and the political dexterity of Manuel Villar.

Palau prepared for border talks with Philippines.

In the punditocracy, my column is The grand inquisitor. A reader responded with this criticism, which I answered here.

Amando Doronila says ethical questions hounding congressmen won’t go away.

The Inquirer editorial condemns the New People’s Army for attacking the Army on Mayon Volcano.

The Business Mirror editorial says Philippine authorities have (typically) overreacted in response to the London terrorist bombing threat. Read Slate’s commentary on how even American authorities are confused and unclear about their own regulations for airlines.

Billy Esposo optimistically hopes Bolante’s cutting a deal to spill the beans.

Bong Austero on the perils of multiculturalism: how to enforce dress codes at work?

The Nation of Thailand points to Thaksin’s divide-and-conquer strategy. Sounds familiar.

In the blogosphere, Ricky Carandang takes a poke at a bigot. Other bloggers who also did: maharhar and Leaflens and salamangkiero. Also, Out of my mind.

RG Cruz ponders talk of the President’s being a dipsomaniac.

Iloilo City Boy: political quarrels over tourism pork. Peryodistang Pinay: gerrymandering revival in Cebu. a nagueño in the blogosphere on what dismantling Imperial Manila really requires. Istambay sa Mindanao on freak waves.

Coffee With Amee and Uniffors are both impressed by Patricia Evangelista’s Sunday column.

Another Hundred Years Hence begins what should be a highly thought-provoking analysis of the defects of Philippine democracy from a design perspective.

Other stuff: E. San Juan, Jr. on re-mapping the National Democratic imagination.

The Golden Apple Tale: it remains unsolved; the rumored author died, possibly taking the solution to his grave.

Raskln Center for Humane Interfaces attempting to develop the next big leap forward in computer interface design.

Colbert has fun with Wikipedia.

The Rapture Index: creepy stuff!

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