Impeachment hearings again

Tonight on The Explainer, 6-7 pm on ANC, comparing and contrasting the presidential with the parliamentary system. Guest will be Dr. Kiko Magno of DLSU.

In the news: number of Filipino refugees grows.

Impeachment hearing opens today. Palace is full of bravado: including crowing the Hyatt 10 are on the verge of surrender. From Emy Boncodin: no, my job in Petron is not an accomodation courtesy of the Palace.

Everyone waits for the big show on Mayon Volcano (and it’s not in Indonesia!).

OFW remittances at all-time high.

Mayor Atienza: it is not true Pacquiao is running, he simply wants to help, he is merely loyal, and wants to be a Manila voter, but I will neither confirm nor specifically deny he will run, though he may, or may not, but remember always he’s a good and loyal guy.

Bolante wants asylum hearing moved to Chicago (fewer Filipino journalists there?)

Bayani Fernando says, turn football fields into parking lots. His original idea, stop chauffering kids to school and put them in school buses, was more sensible.

In the punditocracy: the administration’s policy has been to keep the public in the dark, says the Inquirer editorial.

Rene Azurin reminds us of something crucial: what’s on the table is shifting from presidential to parliamentary, and bicameral to unicameral. Nothing else. Any other changes would be step two.

Tony Abaya: sending coast guard vessels is silly; but the offer of a Greek shipping tycoon to help is more practical and should be accepted.

Connie Veneracion: people aren’t a commodity.

In the blogosphere:

Black & White Movement asks House to take impeachment charges seriously, and calls for congressmen who received fertilizer fund scam funds, to inhibit themselves in the Committee on Justice.

That they won’t listen to a reasonable request is what convinces many people there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell we can expect fair or free elections next year, as Philippine Commentary observed on TV.

In ThirtySomething: Indonesia insists on Bahasa Indonesia, although it seems there’s an effort to come up with a common language for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. I wonder why no one has proposed adopting Bahasa here.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “Impeachment hearings again

  1. Re:turning football fields into parking lots runs counter nga to his proposal for people to commute and as mentioned use the school bus.
    In addition to that lalo tayo kulelat sa football,kulang na nga ang field babawasan pa,sige stick to basketball as if di tayo kuleleat dun.

  2. I posted this below at the Philippine Commentary,I hope I made sense….

    Karl M. Garcia said…
    Although many people still think that there would be no credible elections so long as GMA is around,what are we gonna do about it?

    Encouraging registration like what one voice is doing with the youth and like the liikes of Postigo is doing by promoting the continuing registration on his blog.

    Another of course is to support the move that the role of the military is to support the civilian authority and not the civilian candidate.

    and of course vigilance to counter the ever strong political machinery.

    8:26 AM, August 08, 2006

    Karl M. Garcia said…
    If the worry that this year may be another numbers game,it would be wrong to give up the attempt for impeachment and roll over and play dead.
    But with a credible election result the required 78 to move the impeachment trial to the senate would be much easier to achieve.

    So I think the Black and White and One voice will meet half way.

  3. Football fields into parking lots?
    Baliktad dito. Japan has lots of grounds [and almost all are government properties!] free for everyone to use. These are developed, maintained by cities, municipalities even in the remotest area.

    Why not let the school kids to walk to school? The better for the kids to develop stronger bodies; mawawala ang mga obese kids, hence obese adults. Besides, Pinoys CAN excel in football, than basketball.

    Or better still, * impose stricter measures for those who want to buy vehicle/cars: no garage, no permit to buy cars/vehicles. That way, walang magpa-park sa mga kalye. Lesser vehicular traffic pa. Mahal na ang krudo db? Lesser pollution pa!


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