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It seems this blog was not hacked, though it disappeared for some hours. There was some sort of technical glitch. The thingie that eats spam had a corrupted database, and the whole thing kept getting screwed up (thanks to bloggers like a round world for a square me for noticing!).

Tomorrow on The Explainer: the differences between the parliamentary and presidential systems, with a focus on separation of powers and checks and balances.

House of Representatives announces it will corral and control media coverage of the impeachment complaint hearings.

The thinking of the House seems to be:

1. The majority cannot afford to look as triumphalist and ruthless as last year;
2. They cannot afford to let the charges be aired;
3. They therefore have to kill the charges before substance is discussed, and focus on throwing them out on the basis of legal points that skirt the evidence and charges;
4. They cannot afford even part of the population getting engrossed in the process, considering public interest remains keen for roughly half of the country (a least).

As a smokescreen, the Palace meanwhile beats its chest.

The President informs the nation she is watching CNN.

Godspeed to our ships headed for the coast of Lebanon. This is the same strategy undertaken by India some weeks ago, at the beginning of the crisis. Dan Mariano and Jojo Robles point out, however, the perils involved.

Palace stands pat on not honoring Senate summons. The OWWA says Congress has been remiss in not appropriating funds to replenish its coffers. Fel Maragay on the psychological trauma endured by evacuees.

Newsbreak on how the President lobbied bishops.

Antonino slams Monsod.

How to exterminate cane toads infesting Australia? Beat them or freeze them to death? Keep your dogs away -they could get addicted to licking the toads!
In the punditocracy, Presumptuous legality is my column for today. I don’t see the point of questioning the motives of proponents of impeachment when the administration congressmen have made up their minds, anyway. Fel Maragay in his column says there’s a showdown on impeachment, but that the Palace is supremely confident, apparently.

Is Amando Doronila upset he wasn’t invited? Just kidding. But he overlooks how secret meetings may be a means for restoring confidence: but anyway, the leaks have scuttled any illusions anyone had that dialogue can be productive (and the groups he says were left out have been in their fair share of secret meetings -perhaps no one bothered to inform Doronila).

Billy Esposo explains why he’s floated the Belmonte-for-president scheme.

Patricio Diaz says the real and number one problem of many Filipino workers in domestic service is collecting their wages.

Ducky Paredes bats for the parliamentary system.

Bravo to Bong Austero who puts forward the need for an LGBT party-list.

Efren Danao: we need a national insect.

Jim Paredes praises life in Australia.

Read Sorin Ilieusu’s petition on the need for former Communist regimes to be formally condemned as having been illegitimate and criminal.

In the blogosphere, Philippine Commentary vigorously objects to gloom and doom over Filipinos working abroad.

Iloilo City Boy compiles a list of the ten most powerful people in Western Visayas. Some in his list will surprise you.

Peryodistang Pinay delves into an interesting phenomenon: juvenile gangs engaged in theft. It reminds me of a story I once heard on how clever people can be: the propeller of a ship in Manila Bay was stolen and no one could figure out how. She writes about two 16 year olds who were caught trying to steal flagpoles. Then other cases in Metro Cebu, etc. I’d add the cases of phone cables being stolen in New Manila (for the copper content of the wires) and how supposedly, it was done by a marauding gang of youths whose ringleader was barely a teenager.

The collapse of institutions -schools, churches, clubs, government, etc.- their increasing irrelevance to a society desperately ill-fed, uneducated, and the corresponding sense of helplessness and resentment by the disappearing middle class and a beleaguered upper and political class: that’s where we are. The attempts by some from different backgrounds to insist on confidence-building measures has been blocked by the forces of reaction. The electorate is resentful? Abolish the national electorate! People want Federalism? Grant it in name, but make sure it isn’t really established! People want the process to work? Accuse them of mob rule, selfishness, etc., while ensuring that those in power don’t really have to account for anything. and proclaim the entire process as genuine change.

Bulletproof Vest presents an engaging set of theories on what ails the country. I must say I agree with his third point -up to a point. A very interesting new middle class is being born.

Ang Bagong Maharlika explains why there can never be a Fil-Am president.

Walk This Way has an encounter with a Philistine.

Señor Enrique reflects on language.

ExpectoRants on mainstream media vs. bloggers.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

9 thoughts on “Bastusang Pambansa

  1. Good to have your blog up and running again. Indeed, there were some weird glitches in the past hour.

    Anyways, it seems that since Congress, lessening media coverage of the new impeachment complaint hearings is an early damage control measure in case things get out of hand and Waykurat (did I spelled it right?) starts with his antics again. They need this to compliment the strings of pro CHA-cha ads appearing on television screens in the past few days. I must say, I find the ads quite amusing.

  2. This Bastusang Pambansa Rep. Antonino has learned the art of spin from his Circus Master by the Pasig, indeed. Hoy, Antonino, Ang Bayan Ay Di Trompo.

  3. Mike Defensor now says with an air of arrogance “We’re politically strongest ever. Economically, all the signs have been positive, we have the strong support of the business sector, the middle class, the major stakeholders in this country, and I think it is time to reconcile.”

    In approaching the opposition, Defensor said they will offer talking points on issues where cooperation is possible, namely, the Lebanon evacuation; a supplemental budget to give local officials a larger share of their internal revenue allotment; electoral reforms including the budget for the next elections; and the lowering of electricity rate.

    This little Big Defender is laughable. Nice try, Mike. But you’re way off the handle. Those are not the issues. Where have you been all this time, Mike?

    The issues are: Poverty, hunger, unemployment, injustice, graft and corruption, Impeachment, Garci, Joc-Joc, extra-judicial killings, OWWA, etc.

    Hey, Mike, stop the spinning. ANG BAYAN AY DI TROMPO.

  4. If live gavel to gavel coverage is banned, then pro-impeachment representatives should attend the proceedings armed with tape recorders and video cameras. They have to keep their own record. For posterity and historical accuracy. The real minutes of the proceedings will be altered or misplaced because Mrs. Arroyo will not allow a historical record of her crimes, dismissed without grounds by her allies, to sully the historical revision she will undertake as soon as she consolidates her power. Mark my words.

  5. Missed the blog for 2 days.

    Singaw and Malacanang can always rely on low-life worms like Rep. Antonino

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