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Latest survey results from Pulse Asia. Their July Ulat ng Bayan results:

Nationwide, 56% believe impeachment against the President should be reactivated; 43% think otherwise. The range per region is 53% to 68% for impeachment, except for the Visayas, which is 64% against impeachment.

Quick news items:

More political murders.

Administration too busy to go to Senate (but not too busy to hold a press conference).

No gold-digging going on in QC.

Gawad Kalinga and Eggy Apostol bag Magsaysay Award.

Esperon pulled a switcheroo?

An interesting online debate on the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government.

OK. Now I’m getting convinced they have someone who copy writes for them who is either insane, or set on destroying them from within.

Look here:


“This nation will be great again”? As an integral part of their message (never mind what on earth “authocracry” could be, except perhaps authors they dislike? Or another Marcos homage, as I -cheekily, I thought- suggested when I adapted the title of one of Marcos’s books), no less. Even the placement of the captions is odd, the careless reader would think “The enemy” refers to the Atienza wing Liberals in the photo; and that “We rise against the enemy of the state” refers to the guy right above the caption!


We all know who made that line famous. Right? “This nation can be great again,” he said, in 1965. And that the legions, you’d think, would have learned to be careful from whom, or where, they lift quotes from? But apparently…

Well, as Marcos so loved to say, “Aw, c’mon.”

Anyway, word is, the petition for a plebiscite will be filed within the next couple of weeks.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

52 thoughts on “Quoting FM

  1. nakakatawa na siya, di na nakakainis. :p sana lang nage-gets ng marami yung joke. hahaha!

  2. Raul Lambino is not as stupid as he looks. That’s because he is one dumb fuck if I ever saw one.

  3. Re MLQ3’s “OK. Now I’m getting convinced they have someone who copy writes for them who is either insane, or set on destroying them from within.”

    Right on! That’s wonderful news MLQ3. They should keep this sort of ads coming then and they will self-destruct.

  4. Lambino sure looks like a choir boy with a fetish for sniffing nun’s bicycle seats.

  5. They are desperate. They are way behind their timetable. Malacanang must be pressuring them because they have been paid a lot already.

  6. Hindi bloodhound. Cucinada yun kaya cucino siya. Kasi naman hindi ba according to the gospel of Mark yun Legion ay napunta doon sa swineheard ?

  7. heeheehee. what can i say… tsk. push has come to shove. i honestly believe the charter is overdue for change (at least as far as divorce, adultery, gay/lesbian rights and many bureaucratic processes are concerned). a mere inkling of what could the full magnitude of the needed overhaul stuns me. but the labor-intensive effort to practically cheat citizens out of their right to take definitive part in the restructuring of systems of governance just gets my blood up.

  8. heeheehee. what can i say… tsk. push has come to shove. i honestly believe the charter is overdue for change (at least as far as divorce, adultery, gay/lesbian rights and many bureaucratic processes are concerned). a mere inkling of what could BE the full magnitude of the needed overhaul stuns me. but the labor-intensive effort to practically cheat citizens out of their right to take definitive part in the restructuring of systems of governance just gets my blood up.

  9. MLQ3,

    Care to comment? This was posted by Mong Palatino on my site.

    The stories of Garci running for Congress reveals the inferiority of MLQ3, Toots Ople and the rest of the “moral superior”. Everyone of the “moral superior” say Garci should not run because Garci is a crook as oppose to they — the moral superior — can effectively run a grassroots campaign to ensure that Garci loses. The “moral superior” can be analytical and vigilant, and they can blog with each other… unfortunately, the moral superior can not communicate with the voters to get them to vote “morally”.

    Personally, I find this crap, but I’d like to have your opinion.

  10. MB,

    Perfect. Ang bangaw na nakatungtung sa kalabaw. I guess Lambino now thinks he’s some kind of messiah. No wonder they quoted the devil himself. Hahaha

  11. schumey, it’s very simple. i didn’t say he shouldn’t run, or that he can’t run. no one can stop him and it’s the electorate who will decide. garci has tremendous advantages, as one congressman told me, he has a very kind heart. he will have a wealthy candidate pay through the nose if he wants cheating done, but according to the congressman, he will cheat for others without charge if he thinks they represent a good cause.

    the voters will vote as they please, and every voter has a right to express himself -including if he thinks what garci was up to was wrong.

  12. MLQ3,

    Thanks. A cheat will always be a cheat, whether for a fee or for a cause. Call me a moralist but black is black and white is white.

  13. schumey, i have never blogged about garci and i fully agree with mlqe’s points. i also have no claims to being a “moral superior”. however, i simply cannot be a part of the Legion. if that makes me “inferior” in Mong’s eyes, then so be it. how sad that in lieu of cogent arguments, people like him prefer to resort to labels.

  14. mlq3,

    “I’m getting convinced they have SOMEONE who copy writes for them who is either insane, or set on DESTROYING them from WITHIN. … And that the LEGIONS, you’d think, would have learned to be careful…”

    Do you still need convncing that the SOMEONE is the LEGIONS it/themselves WITHIN that is SET ON DESTROYING any one into whom it/they enter and stay within?

    Who ‘you think, would have learned to be careful…’??? They? Us? Each and everyone???

    What’s common with “This nation will be great again” and “This nation can be great again,” ? A common source of inspiration or ‘authocracy’? A temptation to collective narcissism that is
    the work of the LEGION within? A temptation to Collective pride disguised as nationalism?

    ‘Ressurecting FM’ seems more apt than merely ‘Quoting FM’, but ,really, IT’s not about the man but within … (whom?)

  15. ‘Ressurecting FM’ seems more apt than merely ‘Quoting FM’, but ,really, IT’s not about the man but WHAT’s/WHO’s within whom(?).

  16. I find it exceedingly funny that less than a week after my return, I should be the subject of an erudite writer’s journal ( someone told me that it was called a blog, but what an awkward word!).

    Less funny is how this Sigaw ng Bayan seems to want to create a subliminal association between their organization and my mythos ( it would be false modesty to call it otherwise). It would seem that they are gently conditioning the people to accept authoritarianism once more by evoking the symbolism I activated and the rhetoric I used back in the day.

  17. “The Voice and Face”..?


    “shout a battlecry”..?

    “bondage of authocracy”….?


  18. mlq3, may page ba sa site na nakalagay kung sino na yung mga signatories sa One Voice? may hinahanap lang ako

  19. My apologies to Momg Palatino. It seems that he is being used by someone else. I’ve done some reading on his site and I was surprised to have gotten a comment from him that seems to contradict his views. I tried clicking his homepage and it directed me to Mong’s site.

    I have received yet another comment and it came from “not Mong”.

    “mong did NOT post that item about Garci/”moral-superiors” on schumey-blogspot. The point remains — it will be a tsunami of a political expression if a cohort of “do-gooders” can dare Garci to “bring it on”, then for the “good-guys-and-gals” to organize, coordinate, (agree on a cause – defeat Garci) AND execute if only on a small scale a grassroots campaign so that voters of XYZ-locale can be motivated to deny Garci a congressional spot. I can tell you this — it will take money (for advertisements), people-volunteers (to walk the streets and distribute flyers), money (to truck in and out the volunteers), intelligence (to know how to get the message to the voters), not just priests mouthing platitudes from the pulpit, or bloggers blogging their nights (and days) away.”

    This one directed me to Europe-Solidarie Sans Frontiers. I’m well aware that some bloggers had somehow been hacked. This happened in Ellen’s and I believe in Uniffors’ where somebody posed as another using his username.

    Anyways, just to clear things up, I hope I didn’t cause Mong any harm. Pare, I apologise if I doubted your conviction.

  20. Now I’m convinced there’s really going to be an election next year.

    That Singaw ng Legion ad is one big election campaign ad not for Singaw but for Lambino. The Voice and Face..then immediately to the right is the guy’s face.

    Bet my last Pacquiao five peso bill. The guy is running. Any takers?

  21. Letter to sigaw ng bayan

    I can’t quite comprehend what Antonino and Alvarez are talking about. The last I heard the Philippines is supposed to be a Democracy and in a democracy anyone within the law can do anything they want. So is Sigaw ng Bayan can support and lobby for the chacha, others could oppose it too. And if they want to audit the financial account of One Voice that is normal to do for any association, any taxpayer including themselves. And I believe there is an Agency or responsible service of government that exactly do the job, without telling them to. So to all involve, let us stop being holier than thou and let’s just work for the betterment of mankind as a whole. Let’s stop pre-judging others motive and present ours as the “right” one and only one. In simple term, let stop being selective and be fair and just. And maybe, just maybe we will all get out of this rut, that we ourselves created.
    I posted this letter in Sigaw ng Bayan site and checked the box that says “allow us to reply”. And of course they may not like the contents of the letter. no reply yet.

  22. Vic,

    Aside from starting a class war, Sigaw had also resorted to mudslinging and labeling. I am not a member of One Voice, but Sigaw should stick to issues instead. I’m waiting for someone to sponsor a debate between this two organiztions. I would like to see them both debate on the issues and see what they have to offer. I like to get involved with how my country is run and I support direct elections.

  23. It’s déjà vu time again. Same scared-stiff Malacanang talking heads saying again that they won’t allow their people to attend the Senate hearings on the OWWA mess.. Busy daw looking after the OFW’s in Lebanon. To add insult to injury, the mere Press Secretary Bunye calls the Senators names…muckrakers and grandstanders”.

    So, to hell with the Senate. Malacanang will invite their own selected favorite Senators to the Palace, using their own favorite gofer Vice-President as host and shock-absorber.

    No time for the hearings, huh? But time for their own press conference, huh? Simultaneous pa with the Senate hearing, huh?

    The arrogant ones want a list of the questions to be asked by the Senators before they ever attend a hearing. Idiotic. But okay, here is one very simple question that OWWA Administrator Marianito Roque should answer. And it doesn’t take a Senate hearing to answer this. Just fax the reply to the Senate. It will take no more than 15 minutes to do this.


  24. The one and only “Original Certificate of Title” to the 7,169 Islands known as the Archipelago of Philippines also (and more properly) known as MAHARLIKA the Wealthiest Nation On Earth. any comments on this ladies and gentlemen.

  25. this is troubling news about mong. he is a person of standing among activists and the youth -and now someone is going around impersonating him?

  26. why are you so mad at sigaw eh you are all the same anyway? Same bunch of people who think the same way ..create a thread of say 120 and soon they believe they represent the vast majority but when you look at the real number they comprise of only 4 to 5 people exchanging opinions..my GOD for once please graduate from your partisan thoughts and just work for the Good of the people and the bottom line is the constitution stinks!

  27. funny thing about the link to the screen name emilie points to various links sometimes its yahoo,sometimes to another.Last night during the comment section of the Explainer, a comment was flashed by iniduro ni emily,at first I thought that meant pointing your finger at;t but that is idinuro,then suddenly I recall the link pointing to bathroom wares,inidro pala is inidoro or toilet seats.
    I never could have noticed this here,but when it was shown on tv I did not if I should laugh or scratch my head.

    Concerning the show ,one thing made me fuming mad; was that when I learned that Consultative Commission was uselezs as a toilet paper.

    They spent nine to ten weeks of tax payers money on their trips, hotel accomodationas etc,etc, then everything was for nothing because the congress can not receive anything from the president except,for the SONA.Grrrr!

  28. singaw’s/malacanang’s agenda is the threal “stinker”.

    if at all possible, flush that toilet called the pasig and the palace along with it.

  29. When Marcos declared martial law, the U.S. was reeling from the Vietnam war and their worst economic crisis that people say instigated the massive increase in the price of oil. Shah of Iran who was trading with the Europeans more than the U.S. saw his oil export receipts in dollars wither as the dollar lost a lot of its value versus the Japanese , German and French currencies. Nixon unilaterally repudiated the dollar debt in gold and canceled the Bretton Woods agreements. A few years after his reelection Nixon was forced out of office.

    Today the U.S. is faced with a massive imbalance of trade and savings which once again has caused a massive shift to safer havens like gold and commodities (including oil) and they have to consolidate and isolate the newly emerging industrializing econonmies of India, China Brazil and Russia and are movng heaven and earth to dollarize the developing world ionlcuding the Philippines. We may have a slickly planned shift to authoritarian rule. This time the U.S. government under Bush believe they are already fighting the early stages of the Third World war. “The War on Terror”

    From the Financial Times of London
    World War Three without the blood, sweat and tears

    By Gideon Rachman

    Published: July 24 2006 19:05 | Last updated: July 24 2006 19:05

    If you are looking for reassurance at this time of international crisis, do not consult Newt Gingrich. “We are in the early stages of what I would describe as the third world war,” says the former speaker of the House of Representatives, who is currently a member of the Pentagon’s Defence Policy Board. Mr Gingrich is not alone in his diagnosis. Dan Gillerman, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, said last week that: “The third world war, I believe, has already started. What we’re seeing today in the Middle East is a chapter of it.” Even President George W. Bush has casually endorsed the idea. He told a television interviewer last May that the passengers who fought back against their hijackers on September 11 2001 had staged “the first counterattack to world war three”. Symbolically, Mr Bush has placed a bust of Churchill (a gift from the British), in the Oval Office.

    Any argument simultaneously associated with Newt Gingrich, the Israeli ambassador to the UN and President Bush is likely to be dismissed on those grounds alone in much of Europe. But the “third world war” crowd deserve a careful hearing. Essentially, they make two points. The first is that Islamist extremists are already waging a multi-front war. Fighting is under way in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine – and a confrontation with Iran is looming. Those inclined to dismiss this multi-front war as essentially a broad regional conflict are reminded that Islamist terrorists have also struck in New York, Madrid, London, Bali and elsewhere. The second argument is that these conflicts are all linked because Islamism is a “seamless totalitarian movement” – in the words of Michael Gove, a British Conservative member of parliament and author of a new book on the subject*. Mr Gove and many neo-conservatives in America argue that Islamism is a direct descendant of the totalitarian movements of the twentieth century because, like them, it is implacably and violently hostile to western, liberal democracy.

  30. Concerning impersonations.
    You have seen how it is so unfair to Mong.
    So there wuld not be any biasses why not refrain from using handlses or screennames that attack other commenters like Sleeping with Joselu,Carl Joselu,Sleeping corny and of course that mentioned iniduro ni Emily.

    I am no body’s big brother.It is just a humble suggestion.

  31. if you want to see what cha cha would look like, then look to Zimbabwe. a corrupt President, whose Zanu-pf party wins in the rural areas, lets the opposition MDC win the seats in the cities, and goes on in power forever. and the Zim $ which used to be 2 to US$ is now in the millions to the US$. at least Mugabe made every Zimbabwean a millionaire

  32. When I met Manny Pacquiao in Tokyo last year, he said he had plans to run as Mayor of GenSan City. He was in fact quoted in the magazine where he was featured. (I translated for him as a matter of fact for that interview, and so I kept a copy).

    Ironic, but his idols are in fact barring non-collegiate like him from running for any position in the government,and yet he bragged that the Pidals were going to help him. That is one reason why he is singing their tune.

    Poor guy!

  33. Yup, when I first heard Apo Marcos said, “The Philippines will be great again,” I wondered when the Philippines had ever been that, except perhaps in the imagination of many!!!

    With the Pandak, it will be more a complete hallucination, not even an illusion!

  34. Time will soon come that it will shock the whole world when a Gold Bullion Bank will build here in the Philippines. I tell you the Philippines is the wealthiest nation on earth.

  35. mlq3,

    It has been happening for so long. Even in the egroups, a single person creates many accounts. This is really bad, I have received several emails regarding this. Some bloggers are now trying different methods to combat this. I too have experienced this and my ISP had to create a new account for me. My IP is now locked and I have to login everytime I surf the net. I tend to believe the rumors about the government “listening” on the net. One even pinpointed the location of a listening post down south. This is scary. This impersonation of Mong is very unfair. And what’s worse is the poor guy is getting the brunt of it. Just be vigilant. Thanks for accommodating my post.

  36. Hmmm….. somebody give Mon Tulfo a job..

    And I’m not trying to be funny, too… =D

  37. Can hardly wait for monday’s senate hearings…

    So will the president’s men be there ?

    or not ?

    Anyway, there is a star witness who will expose yet another scandal they say.

    The senate must flex it’s muscles and use all powers vested in it as an institution to compel an uncooperative and brazen executive department to comply.

    Seems Malacanang is suffering from a 464 hangover.

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