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Latest survey results from Pulse Asia. Their July Ulat ng Bayan results:

Nationwide, 56% believe impeachment against the President should be reactivated; 43% think otherwise. The range per region is 53% to 68% for impeachment, except for the Visayas, which is 64% against impeachment.

Quick news items:

More political murders.

Administration too busy to go to Senate (but not too busy to hold a press conference).

No gold-digging going on in QC.

Gawad Kalinga and Eggy Apostol bag Magsaysay Award.

Esperon pulled a switcheroo?

An interesting online debate on the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government.

OK. Now I’m getting convinced they have someone who copy writes for them who is either insane, or set on destroying them from within.

Look here:


“This nation will be great again”? As an integral part of their message (never mind what on earth “authocracry” could be, except perhaps authors they dislike? Or another Marcos homage, as I -cheekily, I thought- suggested when I adapted the title of one of Marcos’s books), no less. Even the placement of the captions is odd, the careless reader would think “The enemy” refers to the Atienza wing Liberals in the photo; and that “We rise against the enemy of the state” refers to the guy right above the caption!


We all know who made that line famous. Right? “This nation can be great again,” he said, in 1965. And that the legions, you’d think, would have learned to be careful from whom, or where, they lift quotes from? But apparently…

Well, as Marcos so loved to say, “Aw, c’mon.”

Anyway, word is, the petition for a plebiscite will be filed within the next couple of weeks.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

52 thoughts on “Quoting FM

  1. Schumey:

    I think the word for this is cloning. I have encountered these multiple personalities way back in 2001 especially after the creation of that communication center somewhere, and when I first encountered the daughter of the criminally inclined squatting at the palace by the murky river at some OFW network where I was invited to participate especially during the campaign for the approval of the OAV Bill that the supporters of the Pandak would not even want to support but were the first to try to get the nod of the OFWs after the bill was passed into a law.

    if you know enough of IT, there is no problem. You can always detect these clones, but the problem is when you are not well prepared for the bugs, worms and viruses they distribute.

    Through the years fighting these clones, I have learned in fact to detect them when I see them, more like wearing some special eyeglasses like in some SF-sci fiction.

    Ingat na lang!

  2. Garci running for Congress? Unbelievable! Just shows the deterioration of morality in the Philippines! What an immoral generation! I hate to make the comparison, but over where I am based, once blotted remains blotted that is why officials here who gets exposed just resort to suicide, not run for another position and try to get rich more!!! Pambihira!!!

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