Garci for Congress!

Ran into Rep. Neric Acosta (LP). He says the administration candidate against him is going to Virgilio Garcillano.

Also, the First Gentleman’s sister is running for Congress, in Iloilo province.

And besides Mikey Arroyo, currently congressman in Pampanga (who will either run for reelection or try for the Senate), the President’s other son Dato Arroyo will be running in Bicol.

Like I said, “bastusan na”.


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Manuel L. Quezon III.

64 thoughts on “Garci for Congress!

  1. Mlq3,

    Your news is flabbergasting.

    I remember your “bastusan na” tag to post of yours and I agreed then as I agree today; this family of thieves going under the shadow of Jose Pidal, is a family of bastos.

    They have no respect for the Filipino people. Why should the Filipino people have any respect for them.

  2. ipadala si garci sa lebanon – sama mo na ang si-raulo gonzales at ang matapang na si palparan !!! sama nyo na si gloria at mga alipores na nagpapayaman sa kaban ng bayan !!! mga bwisit, sinungaling !!! mandaraya !!! mag-takipan na lang kayo ng baho at bilhin nyo na lahat ng tao !!! lalabas din sa huli ang mga kagaguhan nyo

  3. So marilou jacinto is going back to iloilo to reestablish her grandfather’s jueteng empire? And dato is going to bicol to open a new branch?

    what about luli? Now we really have to find a man for her.

    But did u see Luli at the Sona? Now I know why it’s so difficult to find her a man.

    They say that sexual position does not affect how a child will look. I don’t know about you but I’m willing to wager she was conceived when Mike and Gloria did it doggie style.

  4. I don’t know very much about dogs but I do know what a dog is when I see one.

  5. Schumey,

    Sounds like you’ve just described a Pug to me; you know the dog that is very thickset in appearance with huge eyes sprouting from their sockets, a terribly flat nose and a muzzle that looks like it wants to laugh but can’t. That is, she’ll look like an odd Pug if she is a combination of a chihuahua and a squirrel.

    The squirrel will make the chihuahua aspect of Luli ‘s piglet Arroyo features exciting because of the way the squirrel’s nose and teetth move.

    And you reckon Luli resembles a combination of those animals?

    Beeeh! How unfortunate for the poor animals!

  6. Congressman Garci. Tsk, tsk, ang kapal. Bastusan na nga talaga. Nakakatakot isipin. Nakakatakot dahil with gloria anything is possible.

    Eto na naman tayo, dadayain. We know it and they know it. Even the ipis knows it. Helpless feelings na naman.

    Sa kabilang dako:
    Ang salitaan sa lansagan ay ang apo ni gloria. Pinauusukan na raw itong parang manok. Hinahanda ng maging pinuno ng mga apo ninyo, ala glue rin ang pasok.

  7. I once said,Garci may opt to run for the senate.
    Eh kaso mawawala naman daw ang senado dahil sa chacha,Congress na lang.
    kawawang Congressman Acosta,lutong garci na.

  8. NOW, Inang Bayan has become a country of crooks, fakes, and thieves!!!

    Garci has earned prominence…..errr…notoriety pala…thanks to the master planner, pidal couple et al….

    Popularity is the name of the game, remember?


  9. you’re all pathetic! If all filipinos are like you then we are truely a damaged culture. Fortunetly you are but less than 1% of the population. tna to MLQ- for your name’s sake ,how could you allow these comments in your blog.

  10. what is pathetic is this smug, thick-faced administration.

    Cong Dadong I suspect wouldn’t have wanted to see his name sullied by his own daughter’s “by hook or by crook”–or would he…?

    And what of his grandson Mikey? Nuff sed.

    Now more Arroyos in public office? WTF?

    Anna naman, please don’t insult my pug. Have a heart.

  11. guys, why not bring all your anger and frustrations to the streets? bastusan na, then we are not doing anything about it… the signs are there, it’s time to regain the power that GMA and her crooks are trying to get from us… let’s unite and show to these crooks that we will never let them ruin the democracy we have… I was at EDSA 2 for two nights, i can always be at EDSA 4 or 5 or 6…just to remove them in power…

  12. Dato’s running for congress?? I personally know him, and dude, did the fruit fall far from the tree. He’s totally different from his notorious elder brother and their father. One of the nicest, and principled people I’ve met.

    In a way, he’s the only reason i have left not to maim GMA if I see her in person. Perhaps he’s the one who is most like his grandfather; living up to the name passed on to him, Diosdado.

  13. george, because in a country where people are being persecuted for writing and saying much tamer things, it’s better to let someone say stupid things than try to imitiate the palparans of this country. so my tolerance for comments is high. but you have a point, i will be deleting all comments that call for murder or assassination as a rule from now on.

  14. frustated incorporated I guess is why I’m here.

    Going to the streets? Useless, imo.

    But maybe we should dispense with getting personal vis-a-vis some members of the royal family and stick with the really rotten eggs instead like Mike, Mikey, Gloria and Jose Pidal.

  15. “so my tolerance for comments is high. but you have a point, i will be deleting all comments that call for murder or assassination as a rule from now on.”

    That’s good. These people making comments in your blog are hiding in screen names, thus the courage to write such stuff.

    Ate Guy,
    why not lead the civil disbodience yourself by writing your real name first. Words are nothing.
    Tatapang lang ninyo sa comment.duh.

    Ana ,
    Your desperation shows. Tabloid na ang labas ng blog ni mlq sa mga comments mo. Pikon talo palagi.

  16. Some people may want to live in an idealized world of their own. Unfortunately, reality often jars them from their ivory towers. I will be flamed for my candor, but it speaks of the hard facts on the ground. It is not to rationalize its fulfillment, but a prediction based on exposure to the harsh realities in our country. I have said it before and I will say it again:

    Should elections occur next year, more than 90% of incumbents or their proxies will be elected back to Congress. Tangible projects and services carry far more weight than rhetoric. Unless the public imagination can be ignited, the majority will still vote for those whom they think can best deliver public services. Concrete results, not words, will carry the day.

    So far, nothing and no one has fired up the public’s imagination. The phrase may be overused, but it still is an apt one: the opposition has to think out of a box. They seem to be stuck in a mental rut and have consistently been outsmarted.

    Tony Abaya, no admirer of the President, is honest enough to grudgingly admit this in his column today:

    “Having survived the strongest challenge to her political life last Feb. 23 to 24, she is self-assured and confident—even if no one else in the middle class shares that assurance and confidence—that “Our Lord put me here” or that Pope Benedict approves of her governance.”

    “She is able to nimbly navigate through the minefields of Philippine politics, knows what buttons to push and what levers to pull and who to buy off and for how much. She knows when to step back a little to absorb a blow, and when to counterattack with added fury.”

    “For better or for worse, this Little Girl has parried the thrusts and blunted the challenges of such machos as Erap, JV, Jojo, Ping, Gringo, Peping, Boy, Tita Cory, Frank, the Hyatt 10, Lolo Abat, Dinky the Dink, Oscar, Rene, Boy, Dodong, Randy, Danny, Querubin, the White Ribbon movement, the Black and White movement, and the entire communist movement. She has managed to sow discord and division in the ranks of both military adventurers and Catholic bishops. She has even survived the machinations of Uncle Sam and Uncle Dick to remove her from power.”

    “Anyone who still dreams of overthrowing her must go back to the drawing boards and analyze what they have been doing wrong and what she has been doing right. But they have to do it soon, before she can put something tangible in those empty Christmas-in-July gift boxes.”

  17. 27 July 2006

    Oh yeah??? the gull on the arrovo-pidal family, hehehehehehe…..talaga naman, if that happens, why do we have to include in our basic law “NEPOTISM”??? Garci running for congress???tsk, tsk, tsk….if he wins the election, I dont know anymore, and the fatso’s sista is also running for congressional seat??? yahoooooo!!!!!!! buong pamilya na yan. I f they win, san ba po pwede mag migrate??? ayawan na. Pwe!!!!!bastusan na nga ito.!#@$^?)*&!!! talaga!!!!


  18. In a country where freedom of expression is equated with destabilization and dissent is punished by the penalty of extra-judicial death by motorcycle-riding assasins, it is no surprise why people sometimes hide their real identities.

  19. Mlq3, I understand it is your prerogative to allow the comments you want to get posted in this blog. However, your blog has somewhat become a venue where people can interact and say what they want to say on issues, political or otherwise. Why would you “prevent” them from “freely” expressing themselves? If their comments are libelous, then by all means let the aggrieved parties file the necessary charges in court but please allow them to express their OUTRAGE against people in government who engage in lying, cheating and stealing. For all we know, these people are just plainly FED UP and FRUSTRATED with what is happening.

  20. bystander, i do think i’m very welcoming of all views, but i still have to draw the line at wishing violence on someone. and typing in all caps is simply obnoxious to everyone.

    capitalizing for emphasis is ok, but not the whole message -it really irks me when people do that.

    and if i object to the way critics are being killed, then let’s not give the killers reason to feel justified in what they’re doing.

  21. Carl, Tony Abaya’s essay that you quote above is a classic ode to power. Its shelf life is co-terminus with Gloria’s stay in Malacanang. At the individual level, opportunism as a way of life may make sense, but its prevalence is precisely what eats away at the fabric of our society. A committment to justice and fair play provides a firmer foundation for our future as a nation. That is the reality that many in the opposition are fighting for.

  22. Aye, The Bystander.

    I do find that Gloria’s brigade of supporters, defenders and asslickers are going over the top with their meowing, arf-arfing, belching, flushing, etc. Kinda difficult to focus on issues when Gloria’s monkeys (in and out of Tongress) are all over the place. But, c’est la vie. We gotta be kind to animals.

  23. But I have to object to this statement of yours: “and if i object to the way critics are being killed, then let’s not give the killers reason to feel justified in what they’re doing.”

    The penalty of death Manolo through extra-judicial killing is clearly disproportionate to the offense of libel or to statements made out of outrage, anger and frustration for cheaters, liars and thieves. It never was, it never is and it never will be a justification even if they so feel justified in doing it.

  24. i will abide by your legal opinion, bystander.

    i will not censor future comments (those whose comments were deleted are welcome to post again, if you wish).

    but i just want to express my strong opinion against wishing violence on people as well as using all capitals.

  25. Ana, maybe these people simply want to spread the dirt in Mrs. Arroyo’s face. While they immediately take offense on people who for one reason or another say nasty, derogatory statements against Mrs. Arroyo, I am surprised why they seem so blind to the immoral and criminal acts of their so-called President.

  26. Don’t take it as a legal opinion Manolo. I’m no expert in libel cases. Neither am I “aware” of the cardinal rules of blogging. I just want to preserve the openness and candidness that your blog has been known for. This is the main reason why I always make it a point to visit your blog and read the exchange of views among the pro, the anti and the seemingly neutral.

  27. “Anna naman, please don’t insult my pug. Have a heart.”

    Mille excuses, Mrabello… Please accept my sincere apologies. It never occured to me to insult your Pug nor anyone else’s Pug for that matter.

  28. “A committment to justice and fair play provides a firmer foundation for our future as a nation. That is the reality that many in the opposition are fighting for.”

    cvj you are my new idol.

  29. manuelbuencamino, you say, “what about luli? Now we really have to find a man for her. But did u see Luli at the Sona? Now I know why it’s so difficult to find her a man.” She does have a man: Luigi Bernas is his name. My UK friends tell me that he smuggles things (don’t know what exxactly) to Manila. That shouldn’t bother Luli. After all, smuggling is within her comfort level.

  30. mb, thanks for the kind words. i really wonder how one can choose to ignore a glaring reality and still claim that their’s is the ‘realistic’ position.

    gloria’s deception will only persist if everyone buys into it all of the time. that’s a very unstable state of affairs to be in as it contradicts what is already known.

    in the meantime, it is our institutions that are sustaining damage. if we are truly pragmatic, our priorities would be to arrest this debilitating process and protect our institutions from further degradation before it is too late.

  31. Sixth batch of OFWs back in RP
    the sixth batch of evacuees from Lebanon, arrived in Manila early Thursday night, DZMM reported.

  32. inudoro, I got a consistent top ranking blog and a network of blogs where i have my profile. Besides, I do not write profanities, vulgar and threatening words that only the cowards can write under pseudonyms. So how’s you other screen names?

  33. You only speak for yourself, cvj. And perhaps for a few idle dreamers like yourself. You may be naive and foolish, but I know you basically mean well. The real people behind the opposition are not like you at all. They have their own agenda.

    The majority in the opposition are a bunch of opportunists and thugs. That is why, until today, the only alternative they can present is Erap. There is no one else in the opposition who even comes close to taking over the leadership from Erap. And the likely explanation for that is that “birds of a feather flock together”. If you think you can do better than Erap, come out of the woodwork and try to see if anyone follows you. You will probably lead an army of one or two or three, not much more. That, my friend, is the reality.

    If there were a better alternative, the opposition wouldn’t be stuck in a rut. If the opposition had more inspirational leadership, they wouldn’t find themselves in the awkward situation of calling for a revolution where nobody came. That, my friend, is the reality.

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