Garci for Congress!

Ran into Rep. Neric Acosta (LP). He says the administration candidate against him is going to Virgilio Garcillano.

Also, the First Gentleman’s sister is running for Congress, in Iloilo province.

And besides Mikey Arroyo, currently congressman in Pampanga (who will either run for reelection or try for the Senate), the President’s other son Dato Arroyo will be running in Bicol.

Like I said, “bastusan na”.


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Manuel L. Quezon III.

64 thoughts on “Garci for Congress!

  1. Carl, just a gentle reminder: where was progress ever achieved, without dreamers? However lonely they may have been at the time?

  2. Oh, and another observation, Carl. I agree the opposition is riddled with crooks and thugs. Estrada calling for honest government and integrity boggles the imagination. The administration, however, can go toe-to-toe and head to head with any other group as far as thugs and crooks is concerned: with one crucial difference -they hold the national treasury.

    The answer to me, isn’t to keep the kitty in the hands of those dipping in the till, but to prove that to do that has consequences, which can only help underscore what I think everyone wants: that instead of politics being about who can control the national purse, the contents of that purse should go to those who actually try to keep it filled -which is the public. And not with strings attached.

  3. Still, mlq3, talking about reality, the well-meaning ones are not in charge of the opposition. So it boils down to a choice between gangs of thugs. Still wonder why people don’t care?

    When the time comes that the opposition can get their act together and come up with leaders and ideas that can excite the public’s imagination, then we will actually have a choice.

  4. Carl, people like you and me make up the environment in which these politicians exist. Individually, we can do our part to make it just a little bit harder for them to get away with doing the wrong thing. My hope is that given enough of us, we may be able to make a difference. After Gloria, it may take two, three or more iterations to get the leaders who would truly serve the people, but we have to start somewhere. That to me is a better alternative than just accepting the evils of the existing order.

  5. Tama naman kayong dalawa MLQ and Carl! Eto naman ang talga ang talking point ever since eh. Na dapat Palitan is Arroyo ng mas matino. Pero hanggang ngayon wala pa talagang lumalabas ng matino eh.

    Al I see in this blogs are exchange of ugly words. I let it pass before and was hoping it can really achieve something. But then after one year, I see the same crap in your blog cmoing from the same blogger. Eeeewww nakak sawa na rin.

    When are all these blogger going to realized that their style and strategies are not effective at all????Ngawa ng ngawa wal naman ginagawa…

    Tell me, MLQ what have we achieve after one year of throwing mud at Arroyo?

    Dont you think its time for a paradigm shift already? Im really hoping and dreaming for that

  6. luli, i beg to differ. Over the past year, Manolo’s weblog has been a useful forum for the introduction, exchange and clarification of ideas. When the Garci scandal broke out, being an Arroyo supporter, i was first at a lost what to make of it and what to do. His blog pointed me to the right direction and has been a continuing source of guidance. If certain emotions or ‘ugly words’ are expressed, it is often a byproduct of the strength of people’s convictions. Case in point is your entry above.

    As for concrete actions, we’ve read about the various advocacies that Manolo has espoused like B&W and One Voice so it is not true that nothing has been accomplished. True, Arroyo is still there, but expecting a weblog to result in her removal is to both underestimate the magnitude of the problem and misunderstand the capabilities of the medium.

    As for your hopes and dreams, sometimes, i hop over to Bong Austero’s weblog. I suggest you check it out as you may find his paradigm more to your liking.

  7. Garci for Congress? Excellent strategy. Soon he will be immune to lawsuits!No way a congressman wiil appear in the Senate to implicate himself. Bulls eye, GMA. Garci tape is dead.

  8. How about Bolante? Surely Garci needs a buddy in Congress. Two heads are better than one. What do you say Arroyo? If I were you, this would be the best timing for you alipores, heheheh!

  9. Manolo, what is happening to Philippine politics? Its really in its worst form right now. Where is nationalism in every politician? Where is the true “Public Service”? All they do is corrupting the money of the people for their own use and tolerating other people’s wrongdoings.

  10. one voive is peddling lies on charter change says emil jurado..
    Just how a bishop, a former Commission on Elections chairman, columnist, and other well-known personalities can peddle lies with straight faces, I don’t know. Do they really think they can fool people all the time?

  11. In response to Chabeli’s comment (July 27) ” My UK friends tell me that he smuggles things (don’t know what exxactly) to Manila” — if you have the common sense to know how absurd everything costs in the UK you would not make up such irresponsible statements. I am not a GMA supported but cmon, why would anyonoe want to smuggle anything from the UK when everything costs double than they would in the US??! What would they smuggle??

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