Palace spin challenge: charter change to kick her out

As my Arab News column for this week, Amending the Constitution:Where Do Filipinos Stand?, points out, Survey shows thinning anti-charter change lead (story from Malaya). Malaya’s story puts forward interesting numbers:

48% of those surveyed are against charter change.

43% are in favor of charter change (up from 36% in October and 29% in March of last year).

9% are undecided, less than last year’s 16%

Of those in favor of changes:

27% say it will solve the political crisis
26% say it will push economic development and progress
24% say it will reduce politicking between the executive and legislative
11% say it will be easier to change an administration no longer trusted by the people
11% say many provisions need to be changed

Furthermore, with regards to those in favor of changes:

52% say President Arroyo is not the most acceptable person to lead the country, regardless of whether the Constitution is changed or not

Of those against changes:

17% are opposed because changing the government would not be enough unless politicians change
16% are opposed because they think charter change is just a ploy to divert attention from the political crisis faced by President Arroyo
13% are opposed because they think there is no need to change the Constitution at all
11% are opposed because they think that politicians want it because they want to be in power
  9% are opposed because they think that the country is not ready for a parliamentary government
  8% are opposed because they think it is a way to give Mrs. Arroyo a graceful exit

Furthermore, with regards to those against changes:

41% say President Arroyo is not the appropriate person to lead the country.

However, 66% of those surveyed have little (53%) to no knowledge at all (13%) of the Constitution. 34% say they have sufficient to a great deal of knowledge about the Charter.

The Daily Tribune is more blunt: Majority of Pinoys clueless on Charter-Pulse Asia

But the show must go on! Gov sees 12M signatures for Cha-cha (well, where they’re at is “within striking distance” of the 5 million signatures they need. After that, it’s on to our incredibly credible Comelec. Money is no object, as the Inquirer reports: Arroyo ally says there’s fund for Cha-cha.

The Manila Standard-Today reports, Initiative requires law, Comelec says. Also, Comelec split on Charter change: Legality of signature drive in question says the Inquirer, in a story contradicted by the Manila Times, which says Comelec nominee Romeo Brawner’s done a somersault: Brawner flops on people’s initiative. Before the Commission on Appointments, he said if a people’s initiative were to be filed before the Comelec, it should be dismissed. Then he changed his mind, and has now taken on a position in conformity with the Comelec Chairman’s. This suggests Malaya’s story, Cha-cha seen as dead, is also outdated, like the Inquirer’s. Incidentally, Newsstand, in his blog, thought that Brawner’s statement might give administration congressmen a pretext for rejecting him; or did Brawner independently realize what Newsstand did?

In other news: Rape trial moved to Makati. The March of Democracy continues: Mayor Bans Rallies During Arroyo’s Visit to Panabo City

The question of immigration reform has legal and illegal immigrants to the USA worried. The American media has been covering the issue, while the blog Ignatian Perspective has a pretty thorough discussion of the issue.

In the punditocracy, the Inquirer editorial says a Constitutional Convention is the rational choice.

Dan Mariano tackles the interesting history of one charter-change booster. Patricio Diaz takes a dim view of the whole people’s initiative effort. Amando Doronila suggests that the amendment debate, if framed in terms of a 2007 exit for the President, just might end the impasse.

Billy Esposo (who applies for bail today in the libel case filed by Atty. Mike Arroyo), explains how government advertising can be such a useful political carrot.

JB Baylon runs down the list of the President’s promises.

Mary Dejevsky dissects the Oraqng Revolution.

Ambeth Ocampo on Portuguese sardines that used to be canned especially for the Philippines (we’re an important market in all sorts of ways; someone told me recently the Philippines is the third-largest consumer of brandy in the world).

The blogosphere has Concerns of a Bystander using the Socratic method to examine questions used against people with particular political views like himself.

Sassy Lawyer puts forward the view that bloggers are a threat to journalists and so they’re lashing out at her.

Philippine Commentary and blog@AWBholdings both seem to have been bothered by the discussions between Atty. Edwin Lacierda and Solicitor-General Eduardo Nachura on ANC. The Solicitor-General seems too confident for comfort about the prospects of the Supreme Court upholding the ongoing “people’s initiative.”

An OFW in Hong Kong is aghast over officials defending patronage as a means to entice support for Constitutional change. Kumintang is ticked off with the proposed changes.

My Liberal Times discusses what he considers conservative people power: pitting forces that view themselves as representing modernity against more traditional, populist, forces. caffeine sparks blogs on French barricade power.

Neoblogger covers city council proceedings in Vigan: the topic? An ordinance covering beerhouses and videoke bars.

Disini on why the National Telecommunications Commission is not the right forum for intellectual property rights complaints.

Unlawyer on politicians as product endorsers.

Pine for pine collates the literature on the ongoing debate on the next person to be proclaimed a National Artist for Literature.

Thanks to a comment he left on this blog, I found out that noted cartoonist Roby Villabona has a blog. I remember well one of his cartoons from the snap election era. He continues to comment on political events such as Dinky’s arrest, and the rumored assassination plot against the President.

Tristan Cafe tackles future presidents.

chizjarkace writes on what it’s like to be a graduating student. desert view prays for the beatification of John Paul II.

Kwentong Tambay takes a hilarious look at dieting. McVie Show Season 4 recounts a funny story on bathroom lighting.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

61 thoughts on “Palace spin challenge: charter change to kick her out

  1. Once again i must stress that the futile attempts of the opposition are in fact due to a lack of policy, and grasping at each idea wildly.

    Without a policy on political reforms, economic reforms, the court systems, charter change.

    People who oppose the government keep trying to re-invent or grasp at any idea available. We can see that the people power did not work the Black Friday protests did not work, the coup plots did not work. so now they grab at this idea, if we go back some months here in this blog we can see people proposing solutions to problems which actually require action, such as the children in prisons, prison reforms.

    Working with the public at a grass roots level and finding solutions to each problem identified at this stage is what is required. If they do get into power they will need some policies and ideas thought through, If it takes until 2010 to get to a election. Then they will have a solid plan and policy to present to the public.

    It is like the CHA-CHA if you don’t like it what is a better change, what should be changed.Is there some things that should be changed what should stay and why? Other than Ramos I have not heard of any other group with a proposal that has been shown to the public.

    Politics is about policies and plans for the country, even in the last election we did not have any group come out with a plan like they have in the UK, US.

    We as a people cannot make an informed choice without a clear debate about the policies, and without a policy we cannot have debates.

    Last election only ROCO had a real plan but it only really covered education and he was unwell, therefore could not get more people involved.

    FPJ just lined up professors and others and said they were on his team. As we all know being a professor does not actually give you lifes experience. So would any of that have worked?

    If the opposition and other groups such as the Black and White, really want support what they should be doing feverishly is putting together a comprehensive plan which they can present to the people and even get the government to try to attack it. By doing this they will show who has the pulse of the country and the ideas to move it forward.

    Using the information from the budgets, Statistics office, and COA they can get the same information that the government has and provide a plan.

    A plan which outlines month by month Rules, Regulations, Targets, Costings and having slippage areas where they can define national disasters, and other items.

    If this is provided we all will vote for the opposition, but without it we can only look at past records and the only two we can look at are Estrada and Cory who did not have a great track record.

    If we all continue to argue and attack each other for the next Year or Years we are not going to be any better off.
    Look at what they say United Opposition, Nice name but other that being opposed to GMA they have no other thing they are united about or can offer the people.

    This is the underlying reason of apathy and disgust by most, that you ask for support for what….


  2. Sleeping, again you are forgetting that the issue is Ms. Arroyo’s legitimacy. If she is legit, she can continue serving as president and the opposition (whoever they are) will be happy to wait for the next election. But since her legitimacy is challenged, she has to face up to issues, not sweep it under the rug.

  3. Why we all agreed in 2004 she won and that everyone cheated to a level..

    Who cares they are going to have to wait but if they dont have a plan they will lose again…..

  4. Jon,

    Good job of trashing those long-winded and stupid rationalizations for keeping GMA in power.

    Settle the legitimacy issue first. Then we can proceed with prosecution for kickbacks, malfeasance and misfeasance of public funds, coddling smugglers and jueteng operators, money laundering and all that.

    Then we can go and sleep with whomever we want.

  5. Sleeping said “Why we all agreed in 2004 she won and that everyone cheated to a level..”

    Sorry, I for one didn’t agree. From the postings in this blog and others, many more believe as I do. As proof, even the late FPJ protested that he was cheated. So what gave you that idea?

  6. We are how many months down the same track..

    In business if your Product sucks you change it in the case with the legitimacy, this product does not fly with the public.

    There is three ways to make it fly
    Massive concerted effort and advertising, (Tried that).
    Change the product. (You don’t look like your going to give up.)
    Give people a reason to want the product.

    Now the third one is exactly what i outlined above. You don’t even notice when some one gives you some constructive advice.

    I have not told you to give up your fight but to place effort where effort will pay off in the long run.

    By saying you will wait and not plan for the day when you do get a chance to run the country, then you will not get the chance as, the Administration will put all it energy’s just before the election to win votes for its chosen person.

    Yes, you will all claim that it was stolen away from you but that will be untrue, you will lose due to not having a plan and united force..

    Look at the numbers in the house and senate at the moment, if you do not have a plan these numbers will not change.

    In other democracies such as the US and UK they have planned well in advance of the election. In the UK Blair is going to step down, they allready have ideas who will lead them to the next election, What about here.

    If the resources were placed behind someone today and make that person and the policies clear to the public, then you will have a three year head start on the administration.

    If also that person picks through all the current policies and brings there ideas to the public such as how to reform the comelec, Exact details, if the Administration goes ahead with your reforms you are 3 steps ahead of the Administration. If they don’t every one will be able to review your plans over the next few years.

    Same with other parts of the country by suggesting things before the administration does it then once again you can use that against them at the next election.

    Placing all your money behind a unproven actor at the last minute, in the political sphere was suicide, and we all knew that but they did it anyway and broke up the votes for the main opposition group, maybe they really did not want to win?

  7. Sleeping, I think that Gloria Arroyo has great credentials. She must be the best educated president we have so far. Because she’s so qualified, I could have been very happy to have her as my president.

    The problem is, I also believe that she is a cheat, that she is a bully, that she is a micro-manager. She might have been a good teacher or economist but I think she is a poor president. From these things, the reason why I want her to step down is the first one. It has nothing to do with her performance at all.

    I am debating the principle that our president should be clean. And you are changing the subject to what should be done to have an effective protest.

  8. On the issue of journalists ganging up on a certain blogger and bloggers being a threat to paper journalists, that’s what I call “persecution” complex. The more important question to consider is: How come? and why?

  9. It’s very clear now that the congressmen who keep on nagging and banging the Senate for not approving their road conversion bills have managed to shoot two birds in one stone. They are blaming the Senate for its inaction on their proposed bills and that our country does not need the Senate anymore because of the delays. Thus, the unicameral is the right system for us thereby the need to amend, rewrite or revise our Constitution is indeed imperative according to thesehonorable (sic) members of Congress.

    How in heaven’s name the Senate would approve proposed bills like the mountainous barangay roads to be converted into a national road? Barangay and sitio roads leading to farmlands to be considered a national road? Barangay roads whose dwellers count to less than a thousand people with no major seaports, airports, ferry terminals, and tourist destinations to brag about be converted into a national road?

    Here in Metro Manila even the busy Mayon St., which borders Manila and Quezon City, is not a national road. There are hundreds of roads more in Metro Manila with over 5,000 in population are still classified only as city or barangay roads because these are not meritorious enough to become a national road.

    Most, if not all of these congressmen are proponents of charter change and they are chanting the unicameral-federal system as the most fitting form of government for us. Yet, they are asking that their roads be converted into a national road. What federalism they are talking about? Why? Is it because the national government would provide a five percent allocation from the total road maintenance fund to be set aside for the maintenance of local roads? Is there a so-called SOP available for grab then? Is the current pork barrel still not enough? Just asking.

  10. the great mystery: the “who” in sleeping with who is…

    i don’t want to name names, kaya itago nalang natin sa initials na: G.M.A.*

    *not the TV station

  11. On Charter Change and Illegitimacy

    Hasn’t Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s and her allies’ intensity of self-interests in the proposed constitutional reforms so poisoned the air of debate such that it has fatally damaged the credibility of the chamber’s charter change proceedings? Such that the legitimacy of the new charter would be as questionable as the legitimacy of the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? And such that this compounded illegitimacy question would serve as an open invitation for all-out and all-options-open confrontations? (Is it not, therefore, more prudent and even honorable for the honorable representatives of the people to just say and do, ‘Out muna si Gloria bago cha-cha?)

  12. Re #2: “If she is legit, she can continue serving as president and the opposition (whoever they are) will be happy to wait for the next election.”

    I find this such a narrow-minded view of the role of the opposition. Worse, it presents the opposition as merely hungry for power with no alternative platform or advocacy.

  13. Hi, MLQ3, belated thanks for the link to my blog a couple of days ago.

    The funny thing with my discussion with the barangay captain last Saturday was that he was actually saying that it would be easier to remove the president/prime minister under a parliamentary system, thus one of the virtues of charter change.

    There was also a bare-faced attack on the senate as a useless body, focusing particularly on the pork barrel allocation.

    In a nutshell, it was a simplified pang-masa explanation, painted in terms of “good” and “bad.”

    I don’t know if this was the overall strategy of the campaign, or just the captain’s way of explaining things. I think the pop sheet he read from showed the signature drive for what it was.

    Oh, and instructions from our governor, George Arnaiz, to the barangay captains: “If you encounter stiff resistance, don’t push it.”

  14. Hi confused, pardon also my ignorance but why indeed has a gma (Garapal na, Magnanakaw pa, at pa Astig-astig pa) clinging in Malacanang?

  15. Re #15: that’s the principle of bicameralism. The senate is supposed to balance the interests of smaller regions with fewer representatives as opposed to larger regions with more representatives. Why indeed? Check and balance.

    My mini-report was not to advocate either, but just to say what transpired in the Barang-Ass.

  16. Confused, Try search for bicameralism. A unicameral parliamentary system as proposed would concentrate power of entire gov on the Batasan basically our congressmen/dist reps, dominant parties practically dictate.

  17. Sleeping, don’t mind them. Let’s TALK about
    your favorite subject POST-GMA Scenario.

    in contrast to what MALACANANG kept on saying that
    there is NO ALTERNATIVE.


    Arroyo continues to boast that she is the best, God-
    chosen leader to lead the Philippines. With 65% of
    Filipinos now wanting her to resign and with the lowest
    public trust rating among all presidents since Marcos, it
    behooves Arroyo (and partymate Noli De Castro) to spare
    the country of unabated political instability by
    resigning and allowing a special election of new

    The list includes :

    Ramon Magsaysay Jr
    Mar Roxas
    Manny Villar
    Dick Gordon
    Alfredo Lim
    Franklin Drilon
    Ping Lacson
    Fransisco Nemenzo
    Nene Pimentel
    Juan Flavier
    Teofisto Guingona
    Randy David
    Eddie Villanueva
    Bayani Fernando
    Oscar Orbos

    Honest Leadership is the cornerstone of national success
    without which political stability and oppurtunity
    for progress cease to exist.
    Our people have suffered enough !!!
    It’s time for GMA Administration to relinquish power !!!

  18. For once the Supreme Court did something of value and with due speed.

    I think pressure is really mounting on the SC because of the pending issues that has been waiting its resolutions for so long, like the EO 464, Proc. 1017.

    The court’s quick say on the signature campaign, which has killed it, is sigh of welcomed relief.

  19. Re #13 “I find this such a narrow-minded view of the role of the opposition. Worse, it presents the opposition as merely hungry for power with no alternative platform or advocacy.”

    I would rather consider it as respect to the rule of law. As the platform of government is presented during election campaigns, the assumption on the role of the opposition is wrong. Comment #2 is a response to comment #1…

  20. What is detestable in the ongoing debate is not so much on the contents of chacha, but the motives of the proponents. Its transitory provision speaks for its motives. We should remain focus on the main issue of GLORIA’s legitimacy, otherwise we’ll fall into their trap and that is to legitimize the illegitimate.

    With due indulgence from mlq3, we can now post comments on hillblogger’s blogsite (

  21. #1 sleeping on lack of policy by opposition

    Sleeping is having amnesia that Ate Glue as the president is dictating the policy of the whole country.

    Any policy by an opposition senator or congressman is articulated in how one voted in resolutions or bills. The bill could have been initiated by an opposition senator but Ate Glue always get the credit (or she can veto the law).

    Opposition legislators wanted electoral reforms but Ate Glue’s majority is protecting Abalos and Co of COMELEC.

    There is the illusion of lacking opposition policy when Ate Glue is running the show. Plus Ate Glue is clamping down any intrusion to her policy with infamous eo464.

    How can one be looking for opposition policy but blind to failed government policy of Ate Glue?

    Like Ate Glue’s agrarian reform policy with 35 billion pesos and premier hybrid institution equals world’s top importer of rice.

    Another failed example is Ate Glue’s policy of upholding the independence of comelec by asking Commissioner Garcilliano to protect (pad) her votes and she had guts to admit in public.

    Somehow, there is huge disconnect like hear no evil, see no evil.

  22. it’s very clear who’s sleeping with whom here. it’s also obvious who’s getting enough sleep even with all the lying, the thieving, the faking, etc.

    uhhmm…the faking…i can see why he’s still in his long-drawn slumber (contented only with gloria’s tight embrace)…for it’s better for him to sleep than to make out with a fake.

  23. “Arroyo is confronted with the classic problem faced by a liar. A liar can try to cover up the original lie with another lie. That would, however, only firm up perceptions he or she indeed is an inveterate liar. ” (extracted from “The Liar’s Dilemma”, Malaya’S Opinion section)
    —>Agree! gma’s lies make her (spiritual) life more miserable. She was self-extolling when she said: “God put me here”. For that, the good lord may put her ‘in-contempt’…

  24. rego, your ‘middle ground’ favors the status quo which leaves GMA with the upper hand. while you express no preference for either side, the end result is still the same as if you are endorsing her regime, which means for all practical purposes, passively endorsing her brand of evil.

    In previous posts, you stated that you “…find it very healthy for a nation if its people are vigilant…” so that means you do see some value in the opposition, but despite this, you still do not choose to join in. Don’t you see this as some form of free riding? You let the opposition do all the nitty gritty work while observing from the sidelines, while acknowledging that you also reap the benefits of their vigilance? Since it seems that kind of attitude is a popular among the middle class, then don’t you see such free riding among supposedly responsible members of society as a large part of the problem today?

  25. The Manila Electric Co., the country’s largest power distributor, said Wednesday the possible shutdown of the 230-kilovolt Sucat-Araneta transmission line will have dire consequences for its customers.
    Elpi Cuna, MERALCO vice-president for corporate communication, said cutting off the line will affect the delivery of electricity to its franchise area, particularly southern Metro Manila.
    The National Transmission Corp. (TRANSCO) warned that half of Metro Manila faces possible blackouts for at least a year if the Supreme Court orders the National Power Corp. to shut down the transmission line and relocate it.
    Residents of Dasmariñas Village in Makati City had petitioned the Court to have the line relocated, citing possible health risks from radiation.
    The case involved NAPOCOR, but since its transmission functions had been transferred to TRANSCO, the transmission firm will bear the brunt of the problem.
    The shutdown and relocation will have to be carried out once the Court issues a final and executory ruling.
    TRANSCO said the line’s shutdown will paralyze the Metro Rail Transit and the local and international airports.
    Cuna noted that the electricity produced by MERALCO’s independent power producers such as the First Gas Power Corp. needs to pass through the transmission lines operated by TRANSCO to energize its franchise area.

    Now where will they move it because now the supreme court has made a ruling anywhere else they move it it will cause harm as well. This is a case where the Supreme Court has now allowed for the Entire country’s electric Grid to be shut down..

    The Villages will have a riot on their hands if this goes through.. This will get the entire Metro Manila out and don’t expect your houses to be standing if we are without power and you are living in houses with Generators in that village..

  26. More like some of them live there or a nice payout..

    No one will not be able to place any Transmission lines over any houses or businesses and what about farm land?

    It could hurt the animals and then we eat the animals?

    The Entire Country will be affected this is worse than 1017

    All other lines will have to be reviewed for there location else they will have to buy all the land that they go over..

  27. CVJ @ #13,

    I know cvj, i know….as amatter of fact this teh very reason why the pro opposition bloggers hated as so much for that and would easily shout at us as paid hack of malacanang. (oh well they are very much entitled to their own opinion…)

    mmmmm i should i put all of these….

    I have been going to different forum aside from our very own exclusive forum. I wanted to really understand whole picture. I participated on the discussion and argued feircely with some.

    I have given my self enough time to really discern everything what the opposition was saying. Spend so much time really understanding the ideas being presented. But to no avail, cvj. I just can canot convince myself to trust the opposition. It was even worsened by the senseless name calling. (everytime i see those name calling my conviction is instantly urging me not to read them) And one thing i observed, almost all of them are coming from the opposition

    I must admit there are indeed some acceptable ideas especially those coming from you. But then if you put faces on those ideas. wala na…..

    Of course i strongly believe that vigilance is very healthy for the country. As a matter of fact, we need it if we wanted to be a progress nation. But the key here is “productive” vigilance. The kind of vigilance that Joker Arroyo did on the Venable contract. Wag naman yung wala kapararakang panguungkat ng baho tapos wala hindi rin naman isasampa sa korte para maparusahan yung mga may direct involvement.

    You know after so many things that were said about apathetic sector, I still believe that the apathetic sector are the most composed and most sensible sector after all those grueling and confusing moths. As matter of fact I am happy that our sector never ever badge on thier stand until now when there is no clear and effective alternative in place…. I am happy that opur sector never ever entered any compromise with the Marcoses, the Estradas, the extrem left and the extreme right., just to stand firmly on our ground….

    Call us free riders, call us fence sitters, call us malacanang paid hack, call us what ever names you want…. But I will just have to assure you we know what we are doing.

  28. re # 34 not at all francis. we have to think in terms of decades, though, and not just months or years. the plan is too well orchestrated and advanced at this point to derail. it will make things better for her in the short term. it also means, active opposition may have to give way to simply waiting a bit until the self-destruction starts.

  29. Hey sleeping w/who, this time SC i’m surprised me. I’ve just read from pcij’s blog that the SC has affirmed just now it’s 1997 ruling on People’s Initiative.

    “The Supreme Court made it clear today that sans an enabling law that must first be passed by Congress, any move to allow charter change via the people’s initiative or referendum mode is dead in the water.”

    I’m not rejoicing yet, we should not let our guard down.

  30. dwarf @21

    I checked the link and did not find the name of Orbos as you mention in your comment. Also why is Joker Arroyo not included in the list.

    I did not vote but checked the results though. It scared the hell out of me. Ping Lacson is going to suceed Gloria if snap polls is held today???? God forbid. He is even more evil that Mrs Arroyo. Hell, no way!!!!!!!!!!!

    No to snap election then. I ‘ll stick with Mrs Arroyo.!!!

  31. What you think that is going to stop the people wanting the change, they could get the supreme court to force the issue with congress in the end, Tell them to make the law, since it was meant to be done previously.

    It is like saying red lights are to stop at but not giving anyone the power to enforce the law.

    I don’t understand how the Peoples Initiative works, We have 80+ million people here, Take half as underage. In any other country you need 50 or up to 75% to change the constitution..

    So that would mean 20 – 30Million signatures..

    But I agree it does need to get some changes…

    Just put it as a vote at the next elections 2007 like other countries do, Lay it on the table. and let the people decide.

    YES or NO..

  32. Ah OK great! I thought you’ll be going for a hibernation for the next 20 years…

    I just can’t imagine our future right now that GMA have institutionalize corruption…

    Maybe a North and South Philippines?

    Nahh… I’ll be living in Australia by then or Malaysia or any country with an annual F1 venue will be fine.

  33. re#9, bystander, i didn’t quite get your point. who is being “persecuted”–the journalists or that particular blogger?
    The blogger can’t rise to the level of veteran journalists who have made names for themselves due to integrity and hardwork. And it’s downright disrecpectful to insinuate that she’s better than all of them combined. she has yet to prove herself, i mean everyone can write what she’s writing, but if you think about it, all of that is just lip service, up to now, i can’t figure out what her stand is, it seems that she’s maintaining a neutral stand which is the safest thing to do. Which reminds me of a passage from Dante’s inferno that says something to this effect…”the hottest place in hell are reserved for people who in times of great crisis cannot make up their minds…
    my two cents..

  34. Francis,

    GMA did not “institutionalize corruption”. don’t let hatred for her block our sense of history. power has already been corrupting the Filipino culture since time immemorial. well, at least before this present administration. think Marcos era.

  35. Speaker JDV and his minions in the House of Representatives are now salivating (laway na laway na talaga) and moving heaven and earth just to revise the present Constitution no matter what it takes.

    The 195 votes of members or three fourths of Congress is all they need to change the Constitution. Meaning, JDV and company are treating the revision of the Constitution almost like a simple motion such as changing the House rules or approving a simple resolution giving tribute to a former colleague who passed away or declaring a certain committee in the House vacant.

    They knew all along that bicameral system of legislature, that the Senate and the House of Representatives always vote separately on all bills and resolutions. Even the renaming or conversion of streets needs the two houses voting separately. The Constitution, ratified by the majority of the Filipino people during a plebiscite is the fundamental law of the land and that by rule of implication can only be changed by a like or greater number.

    This argument finds support not only in law but in science or natural law as well, which postulates that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. The amendment or revision to the Constitution should not be treated like a simple motion requiring only the House of Representatives to approve. It would affect the future of the Filipino people and this is not simple.

  36. Ronnie,

    I don’t hate GMA, I was taught in school (St.PaulSchool) not to hate people.

    It’s the method of how she reach her current status that I despise so much.

    I personnally idolize her mastery of Philippine politics, the way she commanded those political alligators, her impecable strategy of doing things, her courage to raise tax rate.

    Definitely the Philippines is moving forward to her vision, inspite of everything.

    She’s running the government like a corporation, everyone in government rake in profit without individual liability.

  37. BIM #49:

    You said,

    “re#9, bystander, i didn’t quite get your point. who is being “persecuted”–the journalists or that particular blogger?”

    –I arrived at that conclusion from a reading of her entry. The “persecution complex” refers to her, not to the journalists. She feels that journalists-turned-bloggers are ganging up on her which I can’t quite agree. That was why I asked: how come? and why?

  38. rego, thanks for clarifying your stand as you have defined clearly the views of the apathetic sector. i will take your pointers as well meaning advice and i hope the others in the opposition will do so as well. it’s a tragedy that our generation is split between those who like austero proclaim the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and mlq3 who seems resigned to the inevitability of us entering into another one.

    you do realize that with her legitimacy in question, GMA is on tenuous ground. she may currently be lucky but no one’s luck lasts forever. one of these days, she will fall. when that happens without the participation of the middle forces, the spoils will go exclusively to the victors.

    so i suggest you think about where you and your sector will be when that time comes. will you then choose to take a stand to protect GMA when the adversary is no longer Cory and her prayermates nor Dinky and Enteng? Will you choose to maintain your principled apathy and come up with another manifesto urging everyone to ‘move on’? It’s never too early to think and reflect on these eventualities.

  39. cvj,

    i strongly believe that our sector is not dependendt on Mrs Arroyos presidency. we are independepent people who can always go on with our lives no matter who is sitting in Malacanang. we woudl always adapt with who is in malacanang . After all we have gone through many president, from Marcos to Mrs Arroyo….and we survived so many 2 or is it 3 people power revolutions. Our sector believe that everything does not rely on the president

    Now how about your sector? have you also discerned everything about post Arroyo scenario? Who are you going to put in place of her. How sure are you that that person will meet your expectations? How sure are you that that person will behave exactly how you want him/her to behave? Can he/she really assume that position emaculately and everybody will be satistifed? How sure are you that he can work well on all the problems of the country? The economy, the election system, the military, etc etc

    I can only see a never ending story…. a new president take over and another sector will just begin throwing mud and stones at him/her. And im sure that new opposition will be coming even from within the dissatisfied group that were once a part of the coaliton that help installed that president. Most probably the insatiable leftist and the civil society groups. And new issue will be openened and will be debated endlessly until that person step down….Another call to people power….

    And throughout this never ending cycle, our sector will always be called fencesitters, free riders etc etc…. it will always be us who will be prodded, who will be warned, threatned with fear of worts thing to come once the sitting president will continue to stay.

    I bet!

    And i hope you and I are still here in mlq3 blog so I can tell you, ” I TOLD YOU SO”…..

    If we really wanted to to put a stop to these cycle, the only solutions is to come up with a new constitution, and ban all elected officials who already served under teh previous consitution and governemt. he banned shodul cover aup their the second degree of affinity.

    Now that to me is the real change.

    Now the change that the opposition has bitterly showving on our faces.

    Sabi nga ni Bong Austero interview nya sa ANC, ” Hey I am a consumer and I dont like your product”

  40. Rego, i don’t represent a sector, but i can tell you my personal view. No one can predict what the post scenario Arroyo will be or how it will come about. The best we can do is to project the likely implications of our present actions in terms of how it will influence the behavior of our (1) future leaders and our (2) fellow countrymen.

    With regards to our future leaders, if we condone cheating, then the odds are, the next batch of leaders will be also tempted to do what GMA did. We have to teach our politicians to respect the people’s will. It’s as straightforward as that. The cycle may seem never ending but we have to start somewhere.

    As for our fellow countrymen, we have to stop thinking that we as the ‘middle’ form some sort of silent majority. The reality is we are a minority who live in a cocoon surrounded by an impoverished multitude. The message that we are conveying to the real majority is that their choices don’t matter as long as we get to go about our lives in relative comfort. If we persist in this attitude, we are definitely asking for major karmic payback.

    To get a flavor of what’s coming, just ask any old time member of the legal left. Some of their strategists believed in boycotting the 1986 elections since a Marcos win, even if it causes more suffering for the common people, would definitely strengthen their movement. Twenty years later, the left is still in the political doghouse. You can read all about it here:

    Today, we in the middle are committing the same error, willingly sacrificing justice for the sake of ‘moving on’. Twenty years from now, it will be Manolo Quezon talking in place of Etta Rosales.

    Lastly, Bong Austero should stop approaching this issue as if it were some sort of taste test. It’s not a Coke vs. Pepsi situation, and as a citizen of the Republic, his role is not just that of a consumer whose taste buds need to be pleased.

  41. Exactly, cvj, we can not predict the future! So right now one can really claim that they are standing on the right ground. Only history can do that…

    Of course I believe that cheating or any wrongdoing should never be condone. That is why I am pro impeachment. That is why I wanted anybody who has an evidence against any public official to come out and go proper venue. Jun Magsaysay has done this with the fertilizer scam so I dont see any reason why it can cannot be done with rest of the issues.

    We have been seeing in past days that what ever Mrs Arroyo conroversial move can easilly be challenged. We have groups of people challenging the legality of those controversial proclamation in the Supreme Court. We have Joker Arroyo who fought tooth and nail for the “immoral” Venable contract that resulted in its cancellation. Even the people’s initiative is being challenged bitterly in the SC. The eVAT was challenge well in the Supreme Court and when the decision was handed down peopel just follow it. Ping Lacson has filed a case for Garci fake passport issue. And Jamby Madrigal has file a humright cas in the UN…

    So why not continue that mode of fiscalizing the government? Rather than the very drastic move of ouster at all cost. Especially that there is no clear alternative plans in place that has 100% guarentee of effectiveness.

    I dont believe that we will ran out of leaders after MLQ3 and Etta Rosales. And i dont believe that staying in the middle ground and indirectly supporting the status qou would hinder that process ” leader evlolution”. I am still very confident that new breed of leaders will just evolve on what ever situation we are in. And I rather be confident and stay on the middle ground rather that be pessimistic and hastily feed my self with exactly the same vultures that i have thrown out of my system already.

    As much as Mrs Arroyo is setting a bad example, the other side is also has the same impact. That is whay the much anticipated tipping point is not happening at all. There is really no side to tip to right now.

    The message is clear, we are in need of new breed of leaders to break the impasse. And a large sector of the country doesn’t believe or expect that person to be coming from either side of political fence. As matter of fact they rejectected both sides…Only that by doing so they ended up indirectly supporting the status qou.

  42. Also, CVJ, there are lawyers group who filed a disbarment case for Sec Gonzales. And I heard they planned to do teh same for Sec Bunye and Vidal Querol. I like it. This is the kind vigilance that I would like to see more as we go along with this crisis.

    Have you ever wonder if the apathetic group just hastily jump with the side of opposition.And join those people clamoring for the ouster of the president. By this time Mrs Arroyo is already gone. And all other important issues are gone withher two without really a very proper resolution.

    Remember, the Erap unfinished Impeachment? Because teh peopel just went to the streets just like that. It lead to the immediate ouster of Erap. And look what we got, a lot of open issues that until now peopel are debating about it.

    So I strongly believe that those groups of peopel you called free riders have is palying a very important role too just like teh vocal sector. That being the most sober group,they can take so much time in discerning all the issues. That way no unnecessary shortcuts are avoided.

    BTW, CVJ, until now i really can not understand what the so big rush on ousting Mrs Arroyo? And I am not very comfortable with it because when you rush things, you have that tendency to compromis and most probably you may miss so many small things that are just as important.

    I thik that is the very reason why, Cory has to join Imee and the Estradas in the streets. And is even cuddling the coup plotters that she despised so much during her term.
    (A one big and costly blunder for the “pure” opposition)

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