Political ostracism in Thailand

The Manila Times headline says it all: New war erupts over assemblies. Davaotoday.com has a similar report, based on local allegations: Arroyo Scored for “Buying” Signatures in Cha-Cha Drive; DILG, Comelec Wash Hands. The Daily Tribune screams Poll officers bribed to “verify” Cha-cha signatures. There are pluses and minuses aplenty. The Inquirer reports, Ramos supports signature campaign, the Manila Standard-Today says FVR supports initiative: both say Ramos is behind the people’s initiative effort in principle but is unhappy with the way the Palace refuses to take center stage (the former president is still prickly: Walk the talk, Ramos tells Arroyo, according to Malaya). Senator Santiago goes on “indefinite sick leave” amidst speculation the Palace wants her to disown her having previously derailed the Pirma scheme during Ramos’s presidency. And in Nueva Vizcaya, Crop planting postpones ChaCha drive.

Sad, even scandalous, news: Because of collapsed ceiling: Airport’s Cusi postpones March 31 opening of NAIA 3. See also, Terminal 3 ceiling falls; test run scrapped. At least no one was hurt and the airport wasn’t in operation when the accident happened.

An interesting article: 1935 law blocks drive against colorum buses. Authorities want to limit the number of buses on Edsa to about 1,000. The present law covering bus franchises allows franchise owners to sub-let their franchises, so to speak, to other bus owners. Personally, while i’m all for capitalism, I’ve always thought our public transport represents free enterprise at its worst: chaotic, unregulated, unresponsive, and dangerous. Buses, and jeepneys (which should really be replaced by more modern vehicles) should be either a state or local government monopoly.

The Nation of Thailand today has Society is the loser in Thaksin’s high-stakes gamble and Silom Soi 5 is only the tip of the iceberg: Perhaps Thaksin will finally have a clue about public sentiment, now that citizens are confronting him in public. The latter article seems to echo points raised by Randy David:

Is it all coming down to social coercion? After weeks of vociferous calls by tens of thousands for Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to “Get Out!”, the first time he appeared publicly rattled was yesterday, when, lunching at a food court in Silom Soi 5, he came face to face with three – yes, three – hostile shopkeepers. The well-dressed but stern-looking ladies shouted the same words that have been the hallmark of the present campaign for his resignation, and the effect was surprising. Thaksin looked stunned, then turned a bit pale. He cancelled plans to shop in that area and, whether or not it had anything to do with the incident, abruptly decided to fly back to Chiang Mai, saying he needed a break.

Throughout his present crisis, the prime minister has spent much of his time in his personal comfort zones. While Thai Rak Thai political rallies, with enthusiastic supporters shouting “Go, Thaksin, Go!” can be very soothing, they can also delude him. His recent belligerent speeches have not shown Thaksin to be aware of how widespread public sentiment against him has become. He has described protesters surrounding Government House as having been organised or being stupid “mobs” who plan, plot and conspire.

When confronted with an impromptu reaction like those of the three lady shopkeepers’ when they saw him, Thaksin deemed genuinely taken aback. Shoppers who shouted back their support helped very little, and one reason could be his wife and children experiencing a similar ordeal at The Emporium recently; if the family considered that a one-off incident, then Thaksin’s first-hand experience yesterday must have changed that assumption. Those opposed to his rule seem to have found a new way to deal with what they consider his stubbornness: “Okay, if you think you can handle the political pressure, let’s see how well you cope with social measures.”

In the punditocracy, Scott Mcmillan writing in Slate reports on the first free parliamentary election in the Ukraine since their “Orange Revolution.” A familiar story: the depression and dissatisfaction that comes in the wake of People Power; and yet, the genuine restoration of freedom that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Filomeno Sta. Ana III writes in BusinessWorld that the fight against the President will be a long, drawn-out struggle.

Tony Abaya is firmly for extraconstitutional solutions -apparently his objection to past ones were that they included socialists and communists.

Juan Mercado bats for more writers to focus on science and technology (“S&T”). It’s not easy; a decade ago I did one on historical S&T and it was tough to do.

In the blogosphere, Mediashift discusses how, going into the 2006 campaign in the USA, email remains the most effective means for political action online, while blogs appeal mainly to the converted. As one expert he interviewed put it,

“The political blogs we read will echo the moves of campaigners and big [email] lists: sometimes to amplify a campaign message, sometimes to jam it with nasty feedback,” Cornfield told me via email. “Bear in mind that while bloggers get most of the media attention, to campaigners the blogosphere contains a much smaller, if more active, population than the population which receives campaign emails. Email remains the main channel for online politics.”

Online Journalism Review describes how Blogburst is trying to syndicate blog content for newspapers.

BuzzMachine points to a speech by the editor of The Guardian newspaper (“Newspapers in the age of blogs”), explaining how newspapers should adapt to blogs and online readers. He (BuzzMachine, that is), also presents this great description of what a blog fundamentally is and requires:

What is a blog? Well, there’s the most frequently asked question of the age. But the answer has nothing to do with the tools and technology that make this phenomenon possible. No, it’s quite simple, actually: a blog is a person in conversation. In this age when every message is manufactured, metered, spun, filtered, and flacked, that is precisely what makes blogs so refreshing: their humanity.

Cyberbaguioboy weighs in with his views from a Philippine journalist’s perspective.

Bloggers weigh in on the people’s initiative: Brains and Hands, as well as Alleba Politics don’t necessarily reject the idea of a people’s initiative, but wonder if a government-initiated one can be properly considered as coming from the people.

Reader vic has posted his questions concerning the version of parliamentary government proposed by the Palace. He lives in Canada, which has a functioning parliamentary system, and wonders why the Palace version doesn’t seem up to par.

Connie Veneracion debuts on Global Voices Online. The other regular Philippine observer there is Jose Manuel Tesoro who points to a discussion on rent control in Another Hundred Years Hence.

The Idiot Board describes crowd behavior in Iloilo Bacolod.

My Life as a Nursing Student discovers a Filipino blog on theology: Philippine Theo Law Gee.

Blag! has a marvelous little observation.

Fun, fun, fun! Check out Overheard in New York (real conversations people overhear in New York City: an example here, and here) and Overheard in the Office (which has contributions from around the world; here’s an example).

More wit and wisdom from captainaqua:


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Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. I was browsing over the internet and typed the word eric jon phelps from the philippine pages. I am glad that when i browsed i saw this website by Mr. Manuel Quezon III containing quotes regarding the jesuit order from i believed mr. eric john phelps. We should also give attention to the input on this subject on new world order (NWO) by Mr. Bobby G. Limeta. We Know from Mr. Eric Jon Phelps that Unesco is controlled. I only know of Mr. Eric Jon Phelps through the internet and his interview with rick martin of spectrumnews. I think that we should also do a research on the Aglipayan Church founded by Mr. Gregorio Aglipay because this is the church in the Philippines that opposed the temporal power of the Pope. We can see this Information on the book of Mr. Theodore Agoncillo (Philippine History). I believe that the problems encountered by our countrymen whether it be crime or poverty is attributed to them(jesuitism). The current problems we face about extra-judicial killings in the Philippines is indeed alarming but this does not only happen in our country it also happens in other parts of the world.

  2. The Philippine Marine Tragedy 07-15-07

    Who fired the first shot? Who Beheaded Who? Who Kidnapped Fr. Bossi. What is the Big deal in Mindanao? Who controls Mindanao? These are just some few questions. The wealth of Mindanao is rich. The land mass bigger than Luzon. Without Mindanao, there is no Philippines. It is the Promise land because it yields a land mass for cultivating rice and other crops inside Philippine perimeters. It is probably the backdoor of Pirated Dvd’s and Cd’s. Could be? Remember Filipinos came here through boats and multiplied. I’m a creationist and not an evolutionist. I believe that the world is still young and dies every 33 years. Now going back to the last to the latest incident it is reported that the enemy(MILF) had plenty ammunitions thats why the gun battle went for several hours. They were on their way home when this happened,furthermore, the peace process between the Philippine Government is on its course. I smell something fishy and my conclusion is this. Be ready for the greatest shock of your life. I tag Fr. Gian Carlo Bossi as a jesuit. Just see the way he smiles while they took a picture of him(published in the broadsheet). The media says that he is kidnapped when in fact he is in the cradle of his supposed to be kidnappers, evenmore, terrorist kidnappers. There was no ransom being asked by the kidnappers which lead me to conclude that this is a religious Psywar to make us think that romanism and islamism has no blood relation(this is the point of view of us independent protestants)for proof read the comics by chick Publication The last Prophet by the Late Alberto Rivera ex-jesuit turned Bornagain Christian. He has lots to say about islam and it’s relationship with the vatican,yes the vatican. I would like to say them myself but time constraint us. In reading history books i usually disregard the bizarre dates. I only follow the date from 4,000 BC to 2000 AD. And so, in reading history books this is what i do. I do not disregard the National Geographic Magazines because atleast they offer something, namely pictures. Now we cannot deny the fact that certain monks in the past is credited for recording our floras and faunas. Their architectural contributions, but for this, the well meaning portuguese and spaniards if there be some. Our early civilization here in Asia started near the Indus, Ganges and Yangtze rivers. Why? Because of water(basic need). Now to the War going on Mindanao, I say a halt. (for comments and suggestions please forward it to my email address [email protected]). Thank You.

  3. The Caloocan Slay
    by Jose C. Dakiwas
    July 27,2007

    Just recently the other day we heard the news about the boys peppered with gun bullets while conducting their own celebration. they were singing karaoke as part of their enjoyment when suddenly without clear/right reason they were killed. Just what reason have they done this(the killers). Well my instinct tell me of the dictum during Queen Elizabeth’s time in England it reads “Semper Eadem”, which means ‘always the same’. During her time there were many assassination plots made against her life. She was also pro free speech and made a magna carta for her people protecting their happiness. The council of trent anathemazises free speech solely based on maintaining status quo. Accursed all of those who believe what the protestants believe. Alter their king james version bible and replace it with our own rheims douay. Should we not also condemn them that kill the innocent? Are their people here in the Philippines like Oliver Cromwell of England when he withstood France’s enemies to protect the poor Huguenots who said of Cromwell ” Cromwell is our saviour next to God”. Upon reading this i said Wow what an honour a godly man like cromwell deserve. I met a british man whose name is Tim and said that Cromwell was the man that gave England education. His title Sir Oliver Cromwell Lord Protectorate, a loving father and a dear son to his mother. If you read his story you’ll be emotionally touched like i was. History is a beautiful story. Dr. Jose Rizal Philippine National hero of the 19th century expressed the value of education. He was a pacifist and was deeply affected with the flight of the death of 3 Filipino Roman Catholic Priests who were hanged in the Gallows by the Spaniards and Spanish Friars because of racial prejudices when Jose Rizal was still a little boy. This stuck to his heart and mind and gave him inspiration that one day he’ll avenge the deaths of all the people that died in the darkness of the night(philippine cruel system colonizer imposed dark ages 400 years). Let us not let them be educated or they might revolt against us. Let the old deluder keep them deluded. Prior to the arrival of Portugal and spain the filipinos composed of negrito, aeta, malay, indonesian stock (all of which are descendants of Ham Noah’s son like the rest of the papua new guineans and africans and Oceanians( who recently multiplied). The filipinos are Nusataos or islanders. It is recorded that some have yellow eyes and traded with the chinese for silk with betel nut. Filipinos before were betel nut chewing people that kept their teeth red. But because of the jesuits and their evil doctrine of regicide and probabilism their natural God given qualities were stripped from them. Peace Tribes started fighting each other brothers through the efforts of the evil jesuits to control the outcome namely material gain to take as much as they can take from the east. Yes Professed jesuits and masons fulfill a bloody oath for their promotion in their hierchy ( i shall exclude them that departed by heart). Whenever we see crime we cannot exclude the higher culprits namely the evil system and chains of Babylon or slavery and bondage. Babylon represents inhumanity and unequality and elitism(others are superior than others). I just wonder if there is a conspiracy to tag Limahong as a notorious pirate while in fact the meaning of his name is the opposite. Lim feng or “limahong” means good man in chinese. He went here in the Philippines to keep the nation from spanish colonizers having established beach head in Manila. Other accounts say that Lim feng was wanted in China by the Ming Emperor because of his piratical activities. Some say that that this is recorded in the official records of the empire called Ming Shi Lu (Veritable Records). But the magazine where i read this employs bizaare datings like 1 million years. Well i believe that Limfeng was a good man and a hard working peasant that founded a dynasty in the Philippines. The igorots are descendants of limahong’s followers as well as those chinese looking people of Cavite,Intramuros,Lingayen,Pangasinan,Cervantes Ilocos Sur and the rest of the present day Cordillera. But after a long period of time there was a report of the so called pirates beheading people in Ilocos Sur and extortions in Dumaguete(“dumagots-pirate”). There maybe a written record somewhere that tells that when there were still many trees and the the country side and beaches there were many ships freely coming and going. going back to Europe, the Soldiers persecuting the huguenots were called french dragons. Like wise we can say that the perpetrators of killings riding in motorcycles are called philippine (double dead meat- a recent issue again) that should be cut in pieces and thrown to the caymans.

  4. Hello Jo :

    I will attempt to write my historical article that millions of our countrymen, government officials, high-intellect politicians, top-caliber political analysts and many investigative journalists are practically unaware of :


    1). The original quantity was 720,000 metric tons of gold bullion.

    2). The original owner is King Luisong Tagean and his wife Queen Lamayan Bowan. The parents and grandparents of Rajah Lapu-Lapu, Rajah Soliman, Rajah Gat Mauban, Rajah Lakandula, Rajah Baginda, Rajah Kolambo, Rajah Lacan-Tagean and others.

    3). King Luisong Tagean died in December 17, 1764 who left nothing but his noble teachings and his bounty of gold bullion amounting to 720,000 metric tons.

    4). The famous people and monarchs who knew the existence of King Luisong’s dominion are :
    Chinese Emperor Yung Lo during the Sung & Ming Dynasty, British Lord Alfred Dent, British Governor General Downsonne Drake and King George III Of England.

    4). The Philippine Gold reached Malacca to secure it against the Muslim invaders.

    5). Emperor Hirohito sent his emissaries into the Vatican to gain Pope’s favor to maintain its land it
    conquered. To sweeten this bid, Hirohito’s emissaries moved US$ 45 Million into the Vatican Bank.

    6). The Philippine Gold reached the Vatican due to escalating World War II and to secure it against the invading Imperial Japanese forces that occupied the Philippines.

    7). The Philippine Gold is DEFINITELY & ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from Asia’s looted gold. The Asia’s looted good are those plundered by Imperial Japan in various parts of Asia during World War II. The Asia’s looted gold was headed by Prince Chichibu “Prince Of Plunder” (younger brother of Emperor Hirohito of Japan). Together with Prince Chichibu is his brother Prince Mikasa and their cousin Prince Asaka.

    It should NOT be called “Yamashita Gold or Yamashita Treasure”, Yamashita is not a rampant plunderer, he is a military general so busy in war operations. Yamashita only received orders from the above mentioned princes who were the real plunderers. The correct term is Asia’s Looted Gold.

    8). Asia’s looted gold was buried in the Philippines when Japan sees her position loosing in war against
    United States and Great Britain. Approximately 172 various burial sites where made in accordance to the Imperial Japan’s “Project Lilly”. Prince Chichibu transferred his H.Q. from China into the Philippines.

    9). After World War II, the Vatican immediately dispatched their Opus Dei secret agent Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz alias Col. Severnino Santa Romana who declared himself as an OSS Operative (OSS the forerunner of the present day CIA being manned by the Catholic Brotherhood known as the Knights Of Malta). OSS Chief Wild Bill Donovan was a Papal Knight Of Malta. Fr. Diaz worked closely with Wild Bill Donovan and Major Edward Lansdale. They fiercely interrogated Major Kijomi Kashii (Yamashita’s personal driver) to disclosed the exact burial sites of Asia’s looted gold. Both Fr. Diaz and Maj. Lansdale successfully recovered thousands of tons of Asia’s Looted Gold. Fr. Diaz and Major Lansdale also questioned Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita personally. Gen.
    Yamashita may never think that one of his interrogators was a Roman Catholic Priest (Opus Dei).

    10). Fr. Diaz deposited the vast majority of recovered gold bullions to the Vatican Bank and the rest to other banks in Portugal and Spain tied-up to the Vatican. Fr. Diaz alias Santa Romana uses various names in different foreign banks where he deposited the gold bullions worth approximately US$ 112 Billion. His various names were Ramon Poirrote, Clemente Santiago, Alfredo de Ramos and others.

    The US$ 112 Billion is a mere fraction of what Fr. Diaz deposited directly into the Vatican Bank.

    Those who are highly interested to have a documentary photographed of Fr. Diaz alias Col. Santa Romana’s Bank Account of gold bullions worth billions of dollar are welcome upon request. Send your request via e-mail to : [email protected]

    11). Many said that Fr. Diaz alias Col. Santa Romana is a fictitious person, the answer is NO. Fr. Diaz alias Col. Santa Romana is known by : President Laurel, Maj. Lansdale, OSS Chief Wild Bill Donovan, Gen. Yamashita & Maj. Kijomi Kashii (revealed to them as Col. Santa Romana as OSS Operative), Ferdinand E. Marcos, Pasay City RTC Judge Enrique A. Agana and Atty. Cesar Paras
    and of course Manila Catholic Church Archdiocese. Also known by ex-catholic priest from Bataan Marcelino Tagle, who was also one of Ferdinand E. Marcos associates. Another person who knew Fr. Diaz alias Col. Santa Romana were Baron Arndt Krupp and the late Jaime Cardinal Sin
    (Archbishop of Manila). Baron Arndt Krupp was Fr. Diaz alias Col. Santa Romana’s bank account watchful keeper. Baron Arndt Krupp was welcomed by Jaime Cardinal Sin.

    12). The Vatican is a cunning entity that will always assure that their covert operations will not fail. Since Fr. Diaz is getting old, the Vatican groomed and put a young attorney Ferdinand E. Marcos into pinnacle of power from congressman, to senate president up to president of the republic for a single mission “To recover the rest of the Asia’s Looted Gold buried in the Philippines”.

    Ferdinand Marcos did recovered Asia’s looted gold and was transported out of the country by the help of Michael Hand of the Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia. The secret destination of recovered gold was flown into Alice Springs in Australia (CIA’s secret base). Michael Hand was a CIA agent.

    CIA is manned by the Vatican’s Papal Knights Of Malta like, James Jesus Angelton, William Casey, Henry Luce, William F. Buckley, Jr., Allen Dulles (the uncle of Jesuit Cardinal Avery Dulles of Jesuit Fordham University in New York), John McCone and others.

    Ferdinand E. Marcos was also a secret Papal Knight Of Malta, he received Grand Cross – Cross Of Merit Sovereign Military Order Of Malta (SMOM) or simply Pope’s Knight.

    Those who are highly interested to have a documentary photographed of Ferdinand E. Marcos Bank Account of gold bullions worth billions of dollar are welcome upon request. Also, Ferdinand E. Marcos hand written last will “Marcos Vatican Trust Arrangement” is also available upon request. Send your request via e-mail to : [email protected]

    13). Then, both Vatican’s agents Fr. Diaz alias Col. Santa Romana and Knight Of Malta’s Ferdinand E. Marcos focused their attention to the Philippine Gold deposited inside the vault of the Philippine Central since 1949. Both men forcibly brought out thousands of metric tons of Philippine Gold originally owned by King Luisong of Maharlika (now Philippines). The original quantity of 720,000 metric tons was reduced to 617,500 and later it was reduced to 400,000. The total missing is 320,000 metric tons (approx. worth 3 to 4 Trillion United States Dollar). The 400,000 metric tons is approximately worth today around 4 to 6 Trillion United States Dollar.

    But unfortunately, the Philippine Central Bank could not publicly declared openly that the remaining 400,000 metric tons are still intact inside the vaults of the Philippine Central Bank. The question is, will they ?

    14). The wealth of the Filipino people was stolen by the Vatican of the so called Holy Roman Catholic Church. Judge Enrique Agana’s final court decision to return the missing Philippine Gold and thousands of pieces of Diamond stones (still owned by King Luisong).

    So, aside from the original 720,000 metric tons of Philippine Gold there was another thousand of Diamond stones.

    15). The wealth of the Filipino people is missing, nowhere to be found, because of Vatican’s covert operations. The Philippines and the Filipino people nowadays are :

    Impoverished Nation

    Overseas Contract Workers

    Domestic Helpers

    Millions are languishing in poverty

    So many beggars in the streets, sleeping outside the gates and doors of the Holy Roman Catholic Church in Quiapo, Manila. Philippines. They never realized they are rich people and their ancestors King Luisong & Queen Lamayan left bounty of 720,000 metric tons of gold bullion.

    Millions are living in squatters while the Catholic Church is the biggest landowners in the country, owners of prestigious schools, colleges & universities, big hospitals, huge hectares of lands, seminaries, convents, huge cathedrals, comprador of the Bank Of The Philippine Island. Past, recent and present day government officials, politicians, few military officials, president(s) of the republic businessmen, including the Catholic Spanish-Filipino Super Rich like Ayala-Zobel were all educated and trained by the Jesuits at Ateneo University and other Catholic owned universities.



    Here is the excerpt from the testimonies of Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz, alias Col. Severino Sta. Romana, taken in an open court room on 10:35 A.M. of May 5, 1972, before this Court and Amicus Curae: [Ed: We note the inconsistency of this date being AFTER the February 4, 1972 date of the DECISION WITH COMPROMISE AGREEMENT, from whence it is taken as a direct quote from the Certified True Copy.]

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: With your permission, your Honor, supplemental to my cross examination to Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz, vital witness in connection with the illegal transport of said gold bullion of my client, the Royal Family, Tagean-Tallano Clan, which caused the sudden collapse of the value of Philippine peso, may I ask some important questions, your Honor, relevant to the Sworn Affidavit he executed before a notary public.

    Court: Yes, you may, provided the questions are relevant to the subject matter.

    Amicus Curae: What is the purpose?

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Yes, your Honor. To clarify matters in connection with missing gold reserves.
    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Do you own this typewritten Sworn Affidavit, Reverend Witness and how did you come to know about the illegal transport of the deposited gold bullion from the Central Bank Vaults and that of its exact date?

    Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz: I was the one who signed this affidavit, Sir, and being the caretaker of the Royal Family, I was the authorized signatory for the withdrawal of that deposited gold bullion from the Central Bank Vaults and I used it to withdraw the same as instructed to me by then Honorable Senate President Ferdinand E. Marcos on September 8, 1963. Besides, I was the one who accompanied Don Esteban Benitez Tallano in transporting the said gold bullion around 617,000 metric tons to Vatican City, your honor, sometime in 1939, to protect the item from the fast escalating world War II, then, your Honor.

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: How many kilos did you withdraw that time?

    Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz: Based on my arrangement with then Senate President Marcos, we will withdraw only 3 tons or 3,000 kilos but when I and Senate President Marcos were already in the Central Bank vaults, Central Bank Governor Andres Castillo and Senator Marcos convinced me to sign the withdrawal document containing 35,000 tons that time, I have no choice but to sign.

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Reverend Witness, after signing the withdrawal document you mentioned, what transpired next?

    Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz: Right at that moment, Senator Marcos withdrew the gold bullion from the vault and loaded these on four (4) trailer trucks escorted by Philippine Army members led by unknown colonel and 4 members of the Philippine Constabulary and were driven toward the departure area of the Manila International Airport, then, Sir;

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Reverend Witness, when you were in the MIA departure area, what follows next?

    Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz: I witnessed the unloading of the gold from the trailers, Sir, which were packed in 70 pieces of wooden crates and they loaded these in the belly of the KLM airline that time.

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Reverend Witness, you said you were there when the repacking of the gold had been done, how long did it take?

    Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz: Because when we arrived in the Central Bank, the time was 8:00 o’clock in the morning. When they finished packaging and loading to the trailers, the time was 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, so approximately Sir, it took seven (7) hours long when we finished.

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Being the caretaker of the Tallano-Tagean family’s gold bullion, can you tell to this Honorable Court how many and what is the exact number of kilos do the Tagean-Tallano Family had deposited in the vaults of the Central Bank?

    Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose: Exactly around 617,500 metric tons that the Tagean-Tallano had deposited to the vault through me in the year 1949 which we transported from the Vatican city in the year 1948 the same were lent to the national government to meet the required gold reserves of the newly organized and installed Central Bank then. But lately, when I went to the Central Bank along with the heirs, Don Esteban Benitez Tallano and Prince Julian Morden Tallano for verification and inventory recently, we found that the only exact inventory remained intact in the vault was 400,000 metric tons, while, what I withdrew that time beyond the knowledge of the owner through instruction of then Senate President Marcos, now President of this Republic was 35,000 metric tons leaving a supposed inventory balance of 482,500 metric tons, but this was inconsistent to our findings where the last inventory balance was only 400,000 metric tons. Definitely, Sir, they used fraudulently my signature to withdraw such 82,500 metric tons.

    Solicitor Guttierez: Your Honor, I wish to call the attention of the Honorable Court to strike … the words as follows: but this was inconsistent to our findings where the last inventory balance was only 400,000 metric tons. Definitely, Sir, they used fraudulently my signature to withdraw such 82,500 metric tons.
    Amicus Curae: For what purpose?

    Solicitor Gutierez: The answer of the witness was not responsive to the question profound by the counsel. Beside, his statement about the withdrawal of 82,500 metric tons is merely more on hearsay because he was not there when the alleged withdrawal of 82,500 metric tons took place.

    Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Objection, your Honor, the witness has the right opinion which is valid based on his authority designated to him by my client that he is the only person that has an authority to withdraw said gold bullion deposits.

    Court: Alright, just maintain the record, eventually, we will cross the bridge when needed.

    Enough over such testimonies that that we can no longer deny the veracity of the Reverend Father’s Statement and in as much as no opposition from the government except they signified their conformity to issue this DECISION WITH COMPROMISE AGREEMENT between the Republic of the Philippines represented by His Excellency President Ferdinand E. Marcos and his Solicitor General and by the party in interest, Mr. Benito A. Tallano and his son, Prince Julian Morden Tallano, represent by their Legal Counsel, Atty. Cezar Paras Sr.
    [END Quoting]


    I profess my faith……. of the Child Jesus.

    I have a will but I have not ??? the disposition of the precious metals (gold) which I own and in which in some documents I was a fiduciary as evidenced by the xerox copies of any gold deposits in the different depositories and banks in different countries of the world. Some of the original documents were left behind in Malacanang Palace, Manila Philippines last Feb 25, 1986. I have no way to get back my original documents now. So that the Filipino people will be benefited I now would like that a foundation be established now so that it could function ??? and as seen my designated trustees will accept the Trust.

    My trustee is the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church (Holy See) with its reigning Pontiff. I am submitting the pertinent documents to the said trustee and co-trustee.

    1. Execution & implementation according to the several laws ?????
    2. Authorization to withdraw the metals
    3. Documents, certification of ownership both original and xerox copies of which I, Ferdinand E. Marcos is the sole owner and signatory of said deposits of gold.

    15). The officials of the Philippine Commission On Good Government (PCGG), present day government officials and politicians should read the entirety of Philippine & World History.

    So that, they will see the how holy is the Holy Roman Catholic Church with H.Q. in the Vatican in Rome (Italy).

    16). To further prove that the Vatican (Holy Roman Catholic Church) was involved in other covert operations looting the gold around the world. We will also need to know the VATICAN – NAZI GOLD happened in Europe during and aftermath of World War II.


    Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Briefing Schedule
    April 29, 2001 News for Immediate Release


    On May 25, 2001, the Honorable Judge Maxine Chesney will hold a hearing on the issue of “Political Question.” The Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order have asked the court to dismiss the class action on grounds the court does not have jurisdiction over “political” matters. On behalf of plaintiffs we will be vigorously opposing the defendants’ motion.

    All plaintiffs and potential class members as well as other interested parties are encouraged to attend this historic court hearing.

    Hearing Date: May 25, 2001
    Time: 9:00 a.m.
    Place: United States District Court, Courtroom 5, 17th Floor, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA

    No.9 ~ August 1, 2000

    Dear Friends:

    We are pleased to announce several interesting development in the case as of August 1, 2000:

    1. We are asking the court for permission to add the Swiss National Bank to the list of defendants. The Swiss National Bank accepted deposits of Ustasha loot during the Second World War but has never accounted for much of the gold and other stolen property. As you may know, the Swiss National Bank recently settled claims against it and other Swiss banks for 1.25 billion dollars, however that settlement did not address the Ustasha treasury.

    2. The Franciscan Order has been quite aggressive in their denials of collaboration and participation in Ustasha atrocities. We have submitted additional details of the Franciscans complicity in genocide to the court.

    3. The nature and ownership of the Vatican Bank remains a mystery, we have asked the court for an order requiring the Vatican Bank to supply us with this key information about itself.

    4. We are pleased to announce that David Guyatt of London, England has been retained as our expert in international banking. David has twenty four years experience as an international banker and is now an author specializing in plundered WWII assets.

    5. We welcome two new individual plaintiffs, Dr Daniel Pyevich of Hillsdale, IL (whose parents were born in Citluk, near Gospic, Lika, and who lost many relatives there in WW2) and Koviljka Popovic of Smederevo, Yugoslavia (daughter of Bozo Kolak, a farmer of the village of Tulje, Trebinje, murdered by the Ustashi), as well a new organization, The International Union of Former Juvenile Prisoners of Fascism which represents Nazi victims in the former Soviet Union including Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

    Dear Friends:

    The scope of the class action lawsuit against the Vatican Bank and other defendants is worldwide. Any person or organization that lost property or was a victim of the Ustasha regime in Croatia is eligible to participate, this includes heirs. Since the lawsuit process is at its very beginning, the Court has not yet decided if this matter may proceed. Therefore it will be important to demonstrate to the Court the worldwide class is both numerous and diverse, we need potential claimants to come from forward from all groups of victims in as many states and countries as possible. We especially need claimants from Yugoslavia and California.
    We are STILL gathering the stories of WW2 Ustashi atrocities. We anticipate that the defendant Franciscan Order may deny its participation with the Ustasha regime despite the well documented historical evidence to the contrary, any stories or testimonies about the Franciscans or Catholic Church in Croatia during 1941 to 1945 would help our case. Indeed all stories are important because they demonstrate to the Judge the importance of our cause.

    What is this lawsuit all about?

    In 1998 the US State Department issued a report implicating the Vatican in the 1945 disappearance of the Treasury of the Nazi Puppet State of Croatia. The purpose of this lawsuit is to obtain legal accounting of the missing funds, recover assets and distribute them to survivors and their descendants.

    How much money is involved?

    Nobody knows for sure except the defendants but estimates have run from several hundred million dollars to sums as high as two billion dollars.

    Who are the defendants?

    Currently the Vatican Bank and the Franciscan order are named as defendants. Investigation is continuing into the involvement of other banking institutions in Europe and North and South America. The Franciscan Order of Monks in wartime Croatia were militant Catholics and led pogroms against Orthodox Christian Serbs, Roma and Jews. Franciscans in Rome helped smuggle the Ustashe Tresury and assisted Ustashe war criminals in escaping justice.

    What are the Ustashe?

    The Ustashe were the Croatian Nazis who ran the puppet state of Croatia between 1941 and 1945. After 1945 they fled Croatia with the help of the Vatican and others. The Ustashe continued terrorist activities from bases in Spain, Argentine, and the United States. Ustashe front organizations like the Croatian Liberation Movement were involved in a series of terrorist operations in the United States 1976-1980 including an airline hijacking and several bombings in New York. Internationally, Croatian terrorists are alleged to have assasinated the Swedish Prime Minister, plotted the assasination of President Nixon and the Australian Prime Minister, and committed a string of crimes in Sweden, Germany, Australia, Paraguay, and many other countries.

    What are the Crimes of the Ustashe?

    The crimes of the Ustashe are too numerous to list here but they massacred over 700,000 Serbs, Jews, Roma, Partisans, and others between 1941 and 1945. The Ustashe leader Pavelic was given refuge by the Vatican, Spain, and Argentine. The Ustashe Minister of the Interior, Artukovic, lived openly in California from 1949-1986 when he was finally deported to Yugoslavia and convicted of murder. Thousands of Ustashe escaped justice for their crimes due to their wealth and influence and the backing of the Roman Catholic Church and who along with certain rogue elements in the US government portrayed these war criminals as anticommunist freedom fighters.

    What is the Position of the Vatican?

    The Vatican has repeatedly denied any participation in Ustashe crimes or the disappearance of the Croatian Treasury yet has refused to open its wartime records despite requests from the US government, Jewish and Roma organizations.

    Why is this lawsuit being filed now?

    Recent victories by Holocaust survivors against Austrian, French, and Swiss banks and German and Austrian corporations to name a few have provided renewed hope that justice will finally prevail against the Ustashe and their allies.

    Survivors have suffered for years while the killers of their families have enjoyed the wealth and power conferred upon them by the Vatican and the Ustashe loot. The US government finally broke the silence about this little known chapter of the Holocaust in 1998.

    Who can be a plaintiff?

    Any person or who was a victim of the Ustashe or a descendent of a victim may participate in this lawsuit if the court certifies a class action. Any organization, which lost property to the Ustasha or has a stated purpose compatible with the lawsuit, is also invited to join. Victim groups include Serbs, Jews, Roma, former Soviet citizens, and others who were persecuted or had assets looted by the Ustashe.

    Another lawsuit was initiated in 2000, Levy v. CIA sought access to US Intelligence files under the freedom of information and in particular the file of the notorious Ustashe-Vatican spy, Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic. The CIA and Army turned over their files in 2001 to the plaintiffs.



  5. hi dear readers. I take this few remaining minutes to blog before signing of. I’ve not yet fully read the above article indepthly, just a careful glance. Thank you for putting such invaluable educational high caliber article on the internet. I plan to download that and print it for me to read soon, as i did the other article above. But i want to focus on this article what was on my mind. The year now is 2007 and if we recall what had happened during the last ten years we might probably have our own stories. For me, exactly ten years ago i saw on tv the news about the murder case of Gianni Versace and Albert Phillip Cunanan. Ten years ago also was the year my cousin died. this was also the year that princess diana and Mother Teresa of Calcutta died. The Bible says that all the things in this world shall pass away but his word will remain. Change happens everyday. People die and new people are born. Just read the obituaries of local news papers many people dying. Personally i don’t want to die, do you? Death is an enemy. But there is another death aside from physical death. That is a life without a noble purpose. The bible says that God placed eternity in the hearts of men. Have you come to the question what was the life on earth like before Adam and Eve transgressed God’s Command. It is a humbling fact that we are just dust and ashes with the breath of Life in our nostrils. Who can praise God out of the graveyard, they cannot. Our life is a precious gift from the creator. God has given me and you this dispensation of time here on earth. The church’s job is to disprove the old lie of Satan ” You shall not surely die”.

  6. Dear Jo :

    You’re right, there’s nothing wrong or bad on what you have commented. I salute you and admire your historical knowledge. You’re my dear brother in Christ as I’m also a Christian. My warning is just a reminder. I just want the reader to know (not you) that the Jesuits really hurt people. in-fact, I’ve already received grave-threat. My wife and two kids begged me not to surface for a while fearing for my life and their own lives too. So I understand them, it’s not their battle but my battle. I’m thanking the lord for I’m still alive. Yes, still alive for GOD is not yet finish with me. I know every inch of Jesuitism, just like you where our countrymen are practically unaware.

    I was the one who discovered that Marcos was a Papal Knight Of Malta. I will later share with you hundreds of my written historical articles and will send it to you directly into your e-mail. These are in Acrobat PDF File

    I know GOD will permit me to see you personally. Soon, both of us (if you like) will join Tour Of Hope. Two U.S. radio station offered me to be interviewed, but my wife strongly oppossed for she’s extremely afraid and I understand her. But by 2012, I will surface to fight them directly. Year 2012 where the NWO will be publicly announce and strongly enforced.

    Respectfully yours,

    Servant Of GOD.

  7. Reprove Me: There are some corrections i have to make on the above article i wrote. The title of that above article is “The Caloocan Slay” last july. This concerns my mention of the Council Of Trent. I should Have said, “that evil Council of Trent”. What status quo? Their doctrine is all Superstition. Take for example Transubtantiation, it is a Bunch of a lie. Please study for yourselves the document, (http://history.hanover.edu/project.html). The council of trent heaps curses on all that does not believe in Roman Catholic Doctrine. Namely, what are these? Infant baptism, The doctrine of transubtantiation(they claim that the wafer bread becomes the literal body of Christ after the priest blesses it), Purgatory,worship of the relics(adoration of pagan roman god Jupiter as St. Peter;) Secondly, the name of Albert, should be changed to Andrew Phillip Cunanan the FBI pinpointed murderer of Fashion Designer Gianni Versace. Fall Guy? It is left for further independent investigation.

  8. I will keep my position clear. With all due respect,even though i mentioned the name of Mother teresa of Calcutta in the above article this does not mean that she is exempted and the institution of which she represented from the controversies surrounding the woman that sits on seven hills that rules over the kings of the earth. The media’s focus of attention on her and her purpotively contribution to humanity or humanitarian work veils the real inside of what this institution represents namely the rule of the world patterned after babylon with a one so called Nebuchadnezzar who will sit in God’s soon rebuilt temple in Jerusalem claiming himself to be God. Her fame to the world seems to suggest to them (the people) that rome is not the reason for all that was slain upon the earth. The present inquisition goes on for the soldiers deployed in Indanan, Sulu. The latest report being nine soldiers killed just recently. I reiterate that the focus of the media to Mother Teresa of Calcutta in the past is a whitewash of the Vatican’s atrocity with their inquisitious council of trent against all heretics.

  9. I know that this is a political sight for expressing political views. In this connection, i would like you Mr.Historian to suggest a place in the web for expressing views like those written above. I am quite worried that some people might misinterpret us. We wish to say to our dear readers that we are not promoting hatred. A passage in the bible reads ‘love your enemies’. We hate the sin but love the sinner. I am human just like the rest of you. We enjoy life,cry,laugh and triumph. Recently I got interested in bible prophecy by watching videos of sermons on 3abn channel and hope channel. It lead me to realize that the beast of Daniel and Revelations is a political entity.

  10. Whatever we do it seems that evil is still resident. There is such a thing as a devil and there is such a thing as God. There are demons and there are angels. There are second causes for the devil and there are second causes for God. I am just an ordinary person in this world. I do have a faith too. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Personal Saviour. The moment you accept him into your heart as your personal lord and saviour and ask him to forgive you of your sins he comes into your heart and frgives you of all your sins dwelling in there and you enjoy his free gift of eternal life which is his grace[eternal life answering all our questions that all is well and we are on the right path whether we live or die]. I made that decision as a young boy in a sunday school. I believe that the Holy Spirit convicts still the world of sin. Whether because of the fear of going to hell and getting burned in the fire forever. As i grow older the desire to share and witness about jesus somehow battled with rationalization if hell is real. We could brush the issue aside about hell but we can never brush the issue that because of God’s Holy Spirit in whom we live and move and have our being our souls exist. Dear friends i invite you to accept God’s gift of eternal life through his son Jesus Christ. Whatever interpretation we could have of how he gave his life; whether we believe that he was illegally tried just because he claimed to be the messiah for the Jews promptly called judeans [descendant of the tribe of Benjamin and Judah]but he was for all humanity because God[YHWH] choosed the israelites who is descendant of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Abraham was God’s friend and our father because we have faith in Jesus Christ. Abraham earned God’s respect because of his faith in him. Many times Abraham showed faith when he destroyed his Father’s idols because they were idols[ancient history considered to be pseudipigrapha by some http://www.earth_history.org/%5D The ultimate test when God asked him to sacrifies his son Isaac on mt. moriah. Abraham reasoned that God can bring him back to life again [remember that God promised him Sarah would bare him a child in old age]. Will God then nullify his first promise? No it was just to show a picture to us the human race of how God will in likewise send his son in likeness of human flesh born of the virgin mary of the tribe of levi[her cousin Elizabeth being a levite and her husband a high priest]. Jesus’s earthly father was a descendant of David in bethlehem thats why they called Jesus “son of David” because Joseph has a lineage tracing back to him(King David).Some would picture Christ death on the cross with high sounding metaphors but this does not diminish the fact that it indeed happen 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary. This story of the human family is indeed fascinating. As history unveils itself can i not say that God is faithful in his promises. We being blessed by the faith of those who have come before us. When God created man and placed them in his Garden he told them not to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of Good and evil. Of all the fruits of the garden they may freely eat except of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent possessed by satan lured Eve to partake of the fruit thereby transgressing God’s Command. Adam succumbed to Eve’s invitation thereby bringing them both to humiliation. They realized they were naked and started blaming each other. The details of the story is recorded in detail in the book of Genesis. God Banished them out of the garden. Eve was cursed to conceive in labor pains and Adam to toil in the sweat of his brows. Their bodies started experiencing stomache aches. Their eyes that used to see Angels were deprived of that bright nature; their appetites were like that of the rest of the beast. Many times Satan appeared in Apparitions to Adam in the form of an old man, angels, and beautiful virgins. This beautiful story could be seen on the forgotten books of Eden. It was traditionally handed down through word of mouth and finally written down by an unknown egyptian[Forgotten books of Eden;Earth_history.com] It was Adam who first started penance when they drowned them in cold water because of their guilt. God promised them that he would come down to earth and take the sufferings they suffered on himself after 5000 years. If you might be wondering why i am promoting to watch 3abn and hope channel it is because it is where i learned about Historism[a way of interpreting biblical prophecy in light of History]. There might be controversies surrounding Mrs. Ellen G. White’s plagiarizing the work of Dr.Wylie and Her husband’s membership in Freemasonry and other doctrines in contrasts with other protestant denominations like Baptist,Methodists,Presbyterians and Anglicans. Take for example the reverence of Saturday instead of Sunday as a day of Worship which other christians would deem to be legalistic. However, I find Pstr. Steve Wohlberg’s presentation of the Antichrist series fascinaing. He makes a distinction of the person and the office of the Antichrist; the papacy being the seat of the antichrist of Scripture. To understand the subject more better we need to understand the word anti christ. Anti, being opposed against false claims and they being many. The Apostle John the Revelator said that we should count the number of its name because it is the number of a man. Who in history has an inscription written on its crown VICARIUS FIlII DEI meaning vicar of the son of God. V=5 I=1 C=100 I=1 U=NO VALUE S=NO VALUE F=NO VALUE I=1 L=NO VALUE I=1 I=1 D=500 E=NO VALUE I=1 TOTAL=666. What about the ten divisions of the roman empire(ten toes of the great statue whose head was made of gold chest of silver stomach hip of bronze feet of iron and toes made of iron and clay in the book of daniel. Sir Isaac Newton wrote a treatise describing these ten divisions of the roman empire as the ten kingdoms of europe[check this out Teachinghearts.org]. I believe that not all popes have been bad although almost all have been. How about Pope John Paul I[interesting also is what is written on his crown it doesn’t bear the triple tiara at least this is according to an American author].(

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