Mass bloodlettings and alarmed doors

What is a Cardinal in pectore? Whispers in the Loggia explains. Cardinal Kung was one ( read about the treatment of Catholics in the People’s Republic of China).

From Madame Chiang: the frustrations of being sent books by parcel post -and why mass bloodlettings can make you want to see red (also: the politics of cocktails).

From McVie Season 4: alarmed doors.

Blag! on elevator music.

Expectorants on birding. On a sort of related note, Now What, Cat on how to avoid the bird flu at airports.

Pulsar takes the train.

To the Tale, and Other Such Concerns has advice for people undergoing job interviews.

Philippines for Men comments on a study of the sexual behavior of Filipino men.

Open source type design. Yes, please.

It’s mango season. Yum, yum.

Pun-tastic entry of the week: Hopia like it.

Krispy Kreme burger??

And finally I met the tech guru of my blog, Yuga.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

51 thoughts on “Mass bloodlettings and alarmed doors

  1. MLQ3,

    On bloodletting and armed revolts:

    There is a myth that during the last 40 years countries in Western Europe hadn’t entertained the idea of an armed revolution believing that Western Europe had gone past that.

    Not at all! Two of Europe’s most well-known, very grown-up democracies went through social-political-economic armed upheavals 40 years or so ago!

    France faced the violent student revolts of 68 culminating in the bloodiest of all – in May 68 – coupled with a brewing military coup d’état that Charles de Gaulle quelled not only in 68 but also in 69.

    Great Britain’s Harold Wilson’s government faced exactly the same problem – that if he hadn’t resigned, there would have been a military coup d’état. Yes, the British military was poised to topple the British government by armed violence! This is part of British contemporary history that few know; not even today’s UK military men knew about that.

    The Philippines is in infant stage for the moment.

  2. It is funny that authors of open letter earlier voted for Raul Roco and now supported Ate Glue.

    It is even funnier how I go the other way.

    My parents voted for Osmena while I wore Marcos pin when I was 2. I strongly supported martial law until I understood that our gold reserves was revalued down (looted for Swiss account) after a rare IMF audit of Central Bank, the 2-to-1 peso/dollar conversion became a memory, later I joined EDSA to topple Marcos.

    Somehow, I went on morbid rerun again when I pinned my hopes and voted into office a doctorate of economics only to learn that P35 billion worth of Agrarian Reform chest and premier institution of hybrid rice technology can only translate to rice importation.

    You donot need a rocket scientist to figure things out.

  3. This is a response to the wrong idea posted previously that our bank secrecy law is unheard of and worse than any country.

    Like any democratic country, Philippines enacted RA1405 to protect the basic right of a person to privacy as guaranteed under the bill of rights in 1987 constitution.

    The right is not absolute and can be set aside by order of the court or prescribed by law.

    RA1405 allowed disclosure of privacy by (1) the court, (2)the BIR Commissioner, (3) the Ombudsman and (4) the Treasurer of the Philippines.

    Interestingly, the court, the BIR Commissioner and the Ombudsman can examine bank records in an unexplained wealth.

    Our problem is not the law. It is always the implementation of the law.

    The court can only initiate after the case has been filed and adjudicated. Considering cases backlog and high powered defense attorneys, the process is tediously frustrating.

    Rooting out corruption rests primarily in the Government. Hence, the BIR commissioner and the Ombudsman are empowered by law over privacy right.

    The basic problem is that both BIR commissioner and Ombudsman will not touch top officials (government and military) without consent from the President. This seriously undermine government fight against corruption as nothing more than good propaganda.

    If the government refused to do its job, tell me who will implement the law.

    Instead, Ate Glue effectively shielded her top officials and military with EO464 from any inquiry outside the administration.

    This leads us to wrong notion of worst secrecy law instead of skillful government interventions and manipulations.

  4. Going back to the Cat’s blog

    No wonder bird flu is now an epidemic in Europe;It’s because of the damned shape of the planes!

  5. Nice to hear and nice to know Manolo na magaling ka na!

    pasensys na pero di ko matiis ito….

    Langya naman sleeping migraine lang papa Cat scan mo na!

  6. re: Madame chiang’s post

    Buti na lang nagtyatayaga ako sa mga bookstore natin…

    Mas mainam pa yata irelease sa pier kesa sa post office..
    kasi dun pag ayaw mo pa inspect mag hire ka lang ng forwarder to claim your stuff…(they only inspect pag me timbre)(for fees sagot na ng forwarder ang sakit ng ulo, sanay na sila)
    or go for couriers..
    kaya nga ang AIR21 ngayon under Bert Lina and Willy Parayno is doing think that Mr. Lina allowed Fedex to relocate to China.

    Do the math and see if my proposal is feasible.

    Re: Inquirer editorial

    It is time to look at the root cause…
    IN BOC, there are name droppers, In the Optical Media there are name droppers, NBI lalo na…

    I know pre Gloria pa ito pero kailangan na ba talaga maimplement tong”Blue print for transitional Government”
    para mag bago na ang mga susunod na admin…

    with the friends you have gathered here and around..prepair for a daily migraine because time will come when we will ask you to run for office….I am not using your name in vain!

  7. Wrong spelling na naman

    nauna pa ako ke Joey o Joselu ha sa wrong spelling..

    Correction Prepare not prepair.

  8. Interestingly, the court, the BIR Commissioner and the Ombudsman can examine bank records in an unexplained wealth.

    But you have to file a case and have evidence of unexplained wealth before they can do that, and a fiscal just says no because it is another fiscal – judge – police, It is an ever revolving circle..

    We all want clean Government and Public servants..

    Notice that word Public Servant.. Servant to the public..

    They are no longer Private individuals as you said that is why the Media pries into there lives at times.. This can be part of the Public Service..

    You want to Serve the Public you must let the Public see you are serving them and not another entity like drug dealers – Smugglers – or even not the public but yourself..

    What is better a little less Freedom, for a few or greater responsibility for and to the masa..

    With freedom comes responsibility if they can not handle the responsibility to act correctly and not be corrupt then the Freedom should be taken away…

    Just like in Business your bosses give you the responsibility to do a job properly and the freedom to do it your way. If you do not do it responsibly and properly he takes away your freedom to do it your way and imposes his way on you.. (If you don’t like it you resign.)

    If you don’t like it, don’t be in Public Service.

    Seems too many people are Afraid to this idea..

    As Lacson would put it BE Not Afraid.

  9. In the Case with Open Source Fonts..

    Push for Open Source Anything..

    Two Reasons..
    Cheaper For everyone..
    You can be involved in the Process..

    Don’t like the Font, Program for some reason you can change it, or can send requests for changes to the developers..

    Join the computer revolution Open Source, on windows – Mac – Linux – Unix.

  10. You see sleeping, I like you better explaining techie stuff than anything political.
    My turn to blabber…

    I forgot where I read it, that we are a low trust society, we have the commission on audit,ombudsman,sandigan…

    wait recalling..Essays on Political Economy yata..

    even in comelec,we need a watchdog…to many watchdogs because we don’t trust..

    ewan ko lang kung anong mangyayari sa gateless homes na prinopromote ng mga developers ngayon..

    Speaking of that book another thing I rememember is that we have to many laws that are not feasible like
    minimum wage law for the maids and enrolling them to SSS

    Ang dami sigurong kaso sa barangay ngayon na inaangal ng maid ang mga amo nila…

    Let me find that book and reread it.

  11. Mangoes..

    Why can’t we make it big in exporting mangoes…
    aside from the 35 layers of signatures before even achieving it…
    Mexico already got the US market even if they label it Manila Mangoes..and we allow them to..

    Japan,Australia and the rest have inconsistent quarrantine laws(kala nyo dito lang ganun)

    di tayo na lang kumain ng mga mangga natin.. ayaw nila wag’s mango season again , yum,yum!

  12. What is a Cardinal in pectore?
    As I now understand that it is the practice where the pope recognizes a cardinal without the committee vote (college of cardinals)because the prospective cardinal might be in danger if he goes thru the process.

    Cardinal Kung who now risks the ire of the chinese government by utilizing the internet for appeal to support the underground open secret, which is the chinese catholic church.

    I hope The Cardinal does not give in as easily as google does to do the biddings of the communist government.

  13. karl, cardinals are created, not elected. the pope alone decides who will be a cardinal. and cardinal kung is dead.

  14. Mlq3,

    Thanks for the correction.
    That is why I came back to catholicism after being a christian back in college..because there are lots of things I have to learn about the Catholic church…still lots to learn!

    I just hope the followers of the good Cardinal continue to survive in communist China.

  15. Manolo,

    i was asked in Ricky’s blog by a commenter why do I shy away from rallies if I am anti Gloria, then a followup to that, how will the situation will be resolved…

    It was a tough question, I just told her there are other ways of supporting like by simply passing the message…I was in a defensive mode so I have to tell her that I even told Helga in your blog that she is asking about the International women’s day rally…

    I don’t know if it is just another excuse for her.

    Now I ask you Manolo,
    Is this a situation where “You are either with us or against Us”??

  16. The BIR Commissioner and the Ombudsman can intrude into your bank records in an investigation before any filing of a case. Once the investigation is done, a case is filed in an appropriate court for recovery of ill gotten wealth.

    The Ombudsman was created to fight corruption and can suspend or dismissed public officials (elected or appointed). It is powerful with exception on members of legislature and judiciary, or any impeachable official.

    That is why, the government of Ate Glue is vested with powers and responsibility to fight corruption. However, Ate Glue is hesitant to use her Ombudsman on her top honchos in public office and military for obvious reason.

    The Ombudsman is flawed. It should have been under the office of Judiciary since it carries the symbol of justice.

  17. I hope you don’t mind if I weigh in, Karl. If you are an activist who agrees with them, by all means.

    It depends on the consensus of your group affiliation, since rallies are, in essence, group affairs. For example, I’d go to a rally with “leftists” if church groups similar to mine joins. Though I once went to a rally because of my barkada — sometimes it can be as simple as that.

    Hence the need, I think, for consensus building in the groups we belong to, and dialogue with other groups.

  18. dOdOng,

    Re: comment 2, just wanted you to know that I voted for Roco in 1998 and 2004. We even started his youth group in 1996 and MANY OF US IN AKSYON ARE STILL VERY MUCH AGAINST GLORIA AND HER GOVERNMENT.

    I just want to make sure people who read your earlier post don’t think all Roco supporters are now GMA apologists.



  19. Thanks JCastro,

    Thanks for replying…medyo nakakapang hina kasi,kahit sa blog ang me mag question sa iyo..

    actually her question was how will gloria step down if there are perople like me who do not go out..sabi ko there are other ways of supporting.

    at itong blog comment threads ang outlet ko..pero kung pati ba naman ito icensor ng gobyerno..ibang usapan na yan..

  20. Hi Karl. You’re right in your point of view: there really are other ways of supporting. It depends on what your role is in society — your work, family, group affiliations, circles of influence, even what extra-curricular activities you participate in.

    I don’t think other people are censoring you — they just want to advance the discussions happening in the blog. Think of it as part of what makes these blogs serious, interesting, and fun.

  21. Darwin,

    Not at all. It is intended only for authors like Bong who particularly admitted he is.


  22. JCastro,

    another miscommunication that needs clarification…

    What I am saying is that one day a law maker might include in his anti child porn censorship bill a rider(4 lack of a better term) that includes censorship of anti gma blogs…..

    with all the goings on, some wise guy might think of adding it in the final reading or bicam conference of the said bill…
    the point was mentioned by political junkie in one of his blogs and it is not far fetched…

  23. karl, as in any issue, there are pros and antis. my personal view is that clinging to a middle path should be understood as actually being pro, even if you say you are actually anti -but also anti against the antis. if you don’t like the antis, reclaim the ground from them, but you can’t do so by saying you are anti anti so you will stay in the middle (because that makes you just as pro as the rabid pro people).

    i personally believe things are headed toward a situation where people will eventually lack the option to be a critical collaborator with the pros. not because of anything the antis do, but rather, because the pro position is basically total subservience or nothing.

  24. Point well taken, Manolo!
    It was your anwer I have been waiting for…

    But did I give the impression that I am anti the anti?…

    What I wanted to say I will support you even with out going to the rallies….if that is still not enough then…..

    Alright , I will do a lot of thinking regarding comment 28

  25. Karl, rallies are only part of public participation. If we are all the milk, then rallies are the butter -a lot of churning has to take place before the butter’s there.

  26. For: MLQ3

    “i personally believe things are headed toward a situation where people will eventually lack the option to be a critical collaborator with the pros. not because of anything the antis do, but rather, because the pro position is basically total subservience or nothing.”

    But is this not what you are saying now? If you are not with us (in the anti-arroyo movement) then you are for them. You are asking for total subservience to your position.


    I will be out of town for a week (March 13 – 18), I don’t think I will have internet access so I am sorry if I cannot respond to your answer right away.

  27. Not really, Roy. If you look at the trend of the previous threads, it is a recognition of the fact that the government is isn’t entertaining questions and is quelling all dissent. In simple terms, the government is acting like a bully. Maybe those in the left are right — what is needed right now are acts of defiance.

  28. DEFIANCE.. there you go..

    -And if the Gen. Lim, the Marines, and the Scout Rangers defied gluemac by withdrawing support, can’t we as citizens do just the same?

    Why can’t the the opposition organize a withdrawal of support from gluemac?

    Why can’t a concerted effort to withdraw support from gluemac by a wide coalition of concerned citizens be made as just as effective as a withdrawal of supprt by the military?

    If we can do this..
    Who needs rallies?
    We can do this from wherever we are on any given day..

    I’d like to see how Luli’s moonies react to this..

  29. How come the Supreme Court is taking SUCH a long time in deciding petitions that question the legality/constitionality of several of GMA’s acts/orders? Such as:

    FLAG’s petition questioning the constitutionality of the calibrated preemptive response (CPR) enforced against rallies and the “no permit, no rally” policy under Batas Pambansa Blg. 880.

    IBP’s petition to declare EO 464 unconstitional.

    The Roque and Butuyan Law Office’s petition seeking to nullify House of Representatives’ junking of the impeachment complaint.

    Has the Supreme Court ruled on any of these yet? I believe we should also task the Supreme Court for the excessively lengthy (and suspicious) delays in the resolution of these cases.

    Based on these previous cases, any chance that they’ll rule soon on the Proclamtion 1017 case? It seems highly unlikely.

  30. #34 “Why can’t a concerted effort to withdraw support from gluemac by a wide coalition of concerned citizens be made as just as effective as a withdrawal of supprt by the military?”

    The question remains, what happens afterwards?

  31. Mr. Random thoughts…(Roy Choko)…you can check this after your out of town thing…

    Manolo,at that time was answering my question.and he did say it is his personal view….

    I never had the impression that he demands subservience to his views….

    In my opinion, he never did ;that’s why people keep coming back to this blog..even to be roasted and toasted by fellow commenters.

  32. On opensource, I’ve always wondered why Internet Cafes (or even small corporation) don’t install open source programs instead of standard Windows. For example:

    Ubuntu (or any other Linux variation)
    Open Office instead of MS Office
    Firefox instead of IE

    They’ll save a ton of cash, not to mention a lot of effort in maintainance and upgrades

  33. Mr. Monsolo

    How sure are you that Open Source is cost effective in terms of maintenance…

    That is the main reason why big corporations insists on Windows and the likes…

    They don’t want to do things themselves..they want to pay for technical support

    Mow for the have nots the down side is the same..not all have nots are that technical savvy…must gustuhin pa din nila iba ang magaayos dahil ang common thinking ay”baka masira ko pa yan”

  34. Mr. Monsolo

    How sure are you that Open Source is cost effective in terms of maintenance…

    That is the main reason why big corporations insists on Windows and the likes…

    They don’t want to do things themselves..they want to pay for technical support

    Mow for the have nots the down side is the same..not all have nots are that technical savvy…must gustuhin pa din nila iba ang magaayos dahil ang common thinking ay”baka masira ko pa yan”

  35. Karl,

    Very sure. When I say maintenance, I mean the regular updates of security and vulnerability patches—not the regular version upgrades that provide additional functionality (which you normally can defer).

    So when it comes to Linux, what exactly does one have to maintain? Practically nothing.

    The reason why corporations “insist” on Windows is because most of their applications have been written to be compatible with Windows and to re-write those applications in Linux is a major deterrent. But now, major companies are considering Linux as their OS.

    And for the have nots, why Windows? All you need is a Linux OS plus Firefox and Open Office and you are set.

    Moreover, the beauty of Ubuntu (and other Linux variants) is the small footprint—you don’t need a powerful PC to run it.

    It doesn’t take much to learn Linux as well. And there are a lot of Linux expertise out in the market.

  36. You see..The beauty of this blog is exchanging views without necessarily aggreeing to someone..

    Even if someone one is so me saying so You’re sure would be enough…

    the point raised by Random thoughts as to subservience to MLQ3’s views must just be a Random Thought by MR. Roy Choko.

  37. Open Source
    To follow up on the Techie side of it,

    Open Office is really taking leaps and bounds the same with firefox.

    Both these products have a downside, People don’t understand then to start with. Once they start using them then the fear is gone and they have saved money.

    With linux Installs yes it can be hard to start at times but there are great communities out there which will help, As long as you are willing to ask..

    Instead of like MS windows where you must be an idiot if you cant install a printer, The linux community is much nicer and will try to help..

    What companies are moving over to Linux,Parts of the German Government, Parts of the Australian Government. The DARPA wants all new technology in Open Source (US Military Research Group). Many small companies and NGO’s are going over to linux, Once they find someone to start it they follow quite easily.

    The Main reason they dont here, is if you go to any computer store and ask for linux, Most look at you and go ANU?..

    Some programs dont work, some games dont work. some hardware does not work…

    So being a small company with no support from the shop, you could buy some hardware which does not work and your stuck..

    Why talk cost when a lot of companies small and medium run non-licensed software.

    So if you take away the license cost all you have is a new thing to learn that may not work with all the devices i buy.. Is that what they want NO..

    If you are looking for help just ask.. Not all costs.. If you are after someone to change your company over then yes it will cost for a consultant to come in check your equipment, check different versions and decide the best version and method to roll it out across your company..

    Windows Vista is coming and a full upgrade of equipment will be required for that and you don’t get all the things linux can give..

    IBM Germany was quoted last week to have canceled their Windows License and are moving fully to linux..

    Last Great thing.. There is a Tagalog Version..

  38. The BIR Commissioner
    Can only do this on the basis of TAX..Once he has filed a Letter of Authority to do an Audit… If he finds the person has paid the correct TAX but is corrupt he cannot do anything with that information..

    The Ombudsman
    public officials (Still working if you leave you are free)
    legislature (Make the laws and we know are corrupt)
    judiciary (Dish out the laws and we know are corrupt)
    Impeachable official. (So cannot look at the top either..)

    If you remember this..

    “The Senate cannot compel the banks because of the Bank Secrecy Law and the Anti-Money-Laundering Act also requires court intervention,” Drilon said. “Therefore the committees, under the law, cannot compel the production of these bank records.”

    14. Senate Bill No. 832
    This bill seeks to exempt government officials and employees, whether elected or appointed, from the coverage of the Bank Secrecy Law in order that law enforcement authorities will be equipped with the tools needed to go after crooks in the government.

    Have they passed this are the sitting on it.. I have not read it all but it should include Past and Present.. (PAST SHOWING ONLY WHAT tansactions happened while they were in the public fine to me..)

  39. What is it with these discussions on open source on MLQ3’s blog?

    Heck, there are a million + 1 other bonafide places to discuss open source..

    Will not the these dodgey tricksters employed by Luli quit this obvious ploy to derail authentic political discussions here?

    Beat it!

  40. ____
    Why can’t a concerted effort to withdraw support from gluemac by a wide coalition of concerned citizens be made as just as effective as a withdrawal of supprt by the military?

    If we can do this..
    Who needs rallies?
    We can do this from wherever we are on any given day..

    Comment #35: Observer asks:

    “The question remains, what happens afterwards?”


    Well, the whole point is to reach the tipping point.
    Do these acts of defiance effectively and we’re well on our way to reaching that inflection point where gluemac is uncovered for her complete incapacity to run a recalcitrant citizenry.

    Remember the noise barrages prior to Marcos’ downfall?
    Those noise barrages were the absolute proof of Marcos’ complete loss of control over the country.

  41. TO In Pigs Eye…

    MLQ3 bought up the topic…

    So i chimmed in with my 2 centavo’s..

    Others did as well…

    I know you have not been following MLQ3 for long but there have been discussions on many a thing which MLQ is interested in…. Even his own personal history..

    If he has an interest in Good food i am sure the Food critics out there would be commenting as well..

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