Mass bloodlettings and alarmed doors

What is a Cardinal in pectore? Whispers in the Loggia explains. Cardinal Kung was one ( read about the treatment of Catholics in the People’s Republic of China).

From Madame Chiang: the frustrations of being sent books by parcel post -and why mass bloodlettings can make you want to see red (also: the politics of cocktails).

From McVie Season 4: alarmed doors.

Blag! on elevator music.

Expectorants on birding. On a sort of related note, Now What, Cat on how to avoid the bird flu at airports.

Pulsar takes the train.

To the Tale, and Other Such Concerns has advice for people undergoing job interviews.

Philippines for Men comments on a study of the sexual behavior of Filipino men.

Open source type design. Yes, please.

It’s mango season. Yum, yum.

Pun-tastic entry of the week: Hopia like it.

Krispy Kreme burger??

And finally I met the tech guru of my blog, Yuga.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. Lumagay ka sa lugar in a pig’s eye !

    Di por que puro politically dominated itong blog na to puro ito na lang ang content….

    Look at the back issues every weekend it is time for fun and relaxation….

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