Are we?

There’s a poignant article by the late Teodoro M. Locsin, which is as close to a meditation on freedom and resistance as I’ve ever read by that great writer.

Taking his cue from Ninoy Aquino’s famous statement, “The Filipino is worth dying for,” Locsin asks, “Is He?” And he proceeds to catalog the frustration, the sense of futility, the isolation oppositionists felt as a society gloated -even exulted- in the blessings of living under a dictatorship. And Locsin asks -as intelligent people asked, at that time- are a people so stupid that they would avidly embrace dictatorship, worth fighting, even dying, for? As Locsin wrote, still bitter a decade after the event he recounted,

There was no demonstrations of any consequence for years and years. While the Opposition dwindled into insignificance – except the Communist rebels in the hills’ business boomed. With borrowed money much of which the dictatorship stole. National economic growth rose with national foreign debt. The future of the Filipino people was morgaged more and more to foreign banks greedy for interest on their Arab deposits. The children will have to pay, but the parents did not care. The dictatorship was riding high on the back of the Filipino people and they did not feel the weight.

When Ninoy, in ultimate defiance and despair, went on a hunger strike, Masses were held for him in St. Joseph’s Church in Greenhills. A hundred or two showed up. An American Jesuit, Reuter, and a Filipino, Olanguer, said Mass for Ninoy, witnesses to his cause. The currently most conspicuous member of the order busied himself with teaching constitutional law and judicial resignation to Marcos’s “revolutionary” government. A banker showed up. No other demonstration for what Ninoy was slowly, painfully, straving himself to restore: the rule of law, not the rule of one man.

Read the whole essay, its aching bitterness, its skepticism about the capacity of the human condition to even acknowledge, much less comprehend, the isolated cases of goodness people demonstrate.

News today:

Solicitor-General asks Supreme Court to lay off cases questioning Proclamation 1017. Deficit drops by 5 billion and GMA praises GMA. Fr. Intengan gives Palace propagandists a hot beef injection. Congressmen are scurrying to collect each other’s autographs for the big dance.

Emil Jurado defends the President with the same slavish enthusiasm he used to defend Ferdinand Marcos. His column observes,

Let’s take the case of the ANC “breaking news” coverage of the Feb. 26 standoff of Marines at Fort Bonifacio, a very critical and incendiary internal Marine problem that could have resulted in a bloody showdown.

I watched the ABS-CBN coverage, and I must say, as somebody who has gone full circle in print, radio and television, that the ANC coverage could have ignited an already inflammatory situation when Marine Col. Ariel Querubin called for people power after his commandant was being relieved. The questions were leading with so much conjectures and speculations.

Yes, there was a need for people to know what was happening. But, the situation at Fort Bonifacio presented a clear and present danger if bloodshed. And this was made worse with politicians and anti-GMA elements getting into the act “bastardizing” people power and even prayers.

This is what I mean that media should draw the line in the name of press freedom and right of the people to information, not at the expense of national security and interests. In the first place, broadcast media are covered by standards precisely mentioned in their franchise, and as a member of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas, ABS-CBN has to abide by KBP Code of Conduct and Standards.

I have to wonder though how Torn & Frayed (who described the ANC coverage as “exemplary”) and Jurado could have seen the same thing so differently. Anyway, Jurado then goes on to say,

I have some comment over the inciting to sedition charges filed against The Daily Tribune publisher-columnist Ninez Cacho-Olivares and columnists Ike Señeres and Herman Tiu Laurel, who are crying “harassment” against the Arroyo administration. If you can dish it out, you should be able to take it.

Olivares, Señeres and Laurel may not realize it, but the filing of the inciting to sedition charges against them has its beneficial and salutary effects since it draws the line how far press freedom can go.

It’s actually good for media as a whole since press and expression are so sacrosanct freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. But, the question that needs answer is: How far can this freedom go?

I remember telling a colleague when this news broke, that one of the things I can never forgive the President for doing, is reducing media to having to rally around and defend a bigot like Herman Tiu Laurel. But there you have it.

Tony Abaya says the government was correct in many ways, but wrong in others, and suggests the government may be able to look forward to a self-coup come July. Yes, folks, the autogolpe idea is still in play.

In the blogosphere, Philippine Commentary asks lawyers to analyze official documents. Speaking of lawyers, Punzi questions the authority of the National Telecommunications Commission to issue the circulars it has sent out.

Focus on the Supreme Court: Disini comes out blog hibernation, and tackles how the Supreme Court might sidestep some of the more explosive issues surrounding the proclamation of a state of national emergency. OFW in Hong Kong hopes the Supremes will dazzle the country. Kumintang says it’s all about conscience.

Fried Neurons is irked. He objects to the phrase “inciting to sedition.” He says it should be “inciting sedition.” My own view is that the Penal Code provisions are colonial, outmoded, and should be thoroughly revised by Congress.

Alternation 101, apparently, is oppositionist, but blames media.

Concerns of a Bystander has grim forecasts for the future. Red’s Herring says we are in a state of war. Tambayan ni Paeng discusses apathy, and how a taxi driver’s prepared to join rallies -once he meets his daily quota.

Overseas, interesting entries about the Thai PM’s political troubles. Never Trust a Hippy compares the Thai and Italian PM’s -and points to media’s emergence as a force even stronger than the state. The World of Fat4 defends the Thai PM. Meanderings has a good roundup on the situation. Keeping the red flag flying is an intriguing article on an economist critical of Thaksin.

In what might emerge as a regular epistolary department, some Rotarians send an open letter to fellow Rotary member Joc-Joc Bolante (emphasis as in the e-mail original):


Dear PDG Bolante,

Over the past 100 years, Rotary International has been been involved in humanitarian work dealing with various socio-civic advocacies such as poverty and hunger, illiteracy, violence, and environmental degradation. As a result of this humanitarian work done throughout the century, the name Rotary has become synonymous with the words “volunteerism”, “socio-civic consciousness”,  “humanitarian work”, and “leadership.”

The one constant theme that defines Rotary from all other socio-civic organizations is its commitment to service, as contained in the Rotary motto “service above self.” This service is defined by the high ethical standards embodied in the 4-way Rotary test: truth, fairness, goodwill, and benefit to all.

It was because of these lofty ideals and values that we young Rotarians chose to become Rotarians. In doing so, we made a solemn commitment to uphold these ideals and values, and to protect all that Rotary stands for.

Our Club was chartered a few weeks after you wrote your Vision for The Philippine Rotary; and your patriotic essay was one of the early reading materials that affirmed us and our hopes as a new club during the first conferences that we attended for planning our activities. You ended that visions statement with a strong if “we as Rotarians shall move toward a coalition of forces to bring back the basic principles and tenets of Rotary into action”…the answer lies in our hands as Rotarians. It therefore pains us that you, a long-time Rotarian, a Past District Governor of Rotary District 3830 in the Philippines and now an esteemed Director of the Rotary International – have been allegedly involved in the controversy surrounding the “anomalous” disbursement of the Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Fund which was allegedly used to peddle influence and buy votes to ensure the election of a Presidency that is now accused of massive cheating.

You were given the opportunity to express the truth in scheduled senate hearings, but you chose instead to have your time available for ROTARY MATTERS SUCH AS THE ROTARY INSTITUTE more than national interest. ARE WE TO BELIEVE THAT YOUR GESTURES ARE – _EXPRESSION OF THE FOUR WAY TEST?

We, your fellow Rotarians, expect nothing less from you as one with such a lofty vision statement. The answer to the controversy surrounding the fertilizer fund of the Department of Agriculture lies in your hands. We have watched and waited for you to reveal what needs to be revealed for several months in disappointment. Your refusal to reveal the truth is, to us, irresponsible and cowardly. We believe that such a position has prejudiced not just Rotary but the entire Filipino people. Know, as we know, that your silence adds to our people’s suspicion and paranoia in the present administration. See, as we see, your accountability in this social unrest we have reached and whatever socio-economic/political divisions our country will face in the future. May you find no blood in your hands should violence erupt in our precarious state now.

As fellow Rotarians and as fellow Filipinos who care deeply about our country, we urge you then to step up to the challenge as you challenged every Rotarian in your vision statement. Do the right thing with no further delay and make that vision a shining moment in our lives as it becomes a mission accomplished by a heroic Rotarian. We beseech you to come forward and speak the truth, instead of skulking in the shadows. Do what is right and what is fair and beneficial to all.

We are at a critical juncture of our nation’s history, and what you choose to do or not do will forever be etched in the memory of young Rotarians such as ourselves. WE CHOOSE NOT TO FORGET! Let it not be said that we did not do our responsibility to care for the Rotary and our country when the power to speak up and do something were in our hands. Let it likewise not be said that we have been betrayed by our elders by directly violating the very first principle of Rotary–speaking and living out the TRUTH.

As one of our leading Statesmen, Jovito Salonga, said…”You can only unite a country based on TRUTH and JUSTICE. You cannot expect unity when there is no TRUTH “…

We await the truth to come from you!


Members of the Rotary Club of Mapasan
(the first ever club in the Rotary World organized by TRF Scholars Alumni)

Floro Francisco – President 2005-2006

Jun Bernad – Charter President

Sed Candelaria – Past President 2004-2005

Del Domingo – Past President 2003-2004

Oscar Bautista – Vice President and President Elect
Cristy Fuentes – Secretary

Miel Reyes – President Nominee 2007

Gina Resultan – President Nominee 2008
Irene Besido-Garcia,
Belay Ambrosio,
Nanah Herce,
Vibien de Guzman,
Mari Blardony,
Iya Santiago
Susan Bautista

Dennis Maximo

Mike Magpily

To close up today’s blog roundup:

World Famous in the Philippines points out the era of telegraphy is dead.

Paolo rants about podcasts. In his first podcast.

Poor Jove is grappling with being the last Filipino left in the Philippines -among his group of friends.

And latest to link: thank you to Trix Unmixed

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

81 thoughts on “Are we?

  1. I notice you did not mention that before this happened the media here was already being said it was irresponsible..

    And not a single group in the media has said that yes it is overboard and taken any steps to cool off.. The Lawyer for the Broadcasters group last week did say that the ANC coverage was, in his words unproductive and was helping to inflame a situation which needed cools heads, and that the reporters were getting in the way of the military doing its job..

    But once again ANC dismissed it like the Deaths at the Stadium. Willie and the head of the show just said they were not involved in the organization, maybe they should have been involved to protect the lives of others..

    ANC will not head any advice from anyone as it is ITS FREEDOM to do this..

    And without the government in power they can install their own person and put up power and utility prices, which they have tried many times before..

  2. i was watching anc too that afternoon.i even bloged RG suggesting to him that riza h. was getting to excited. it’s good that gma7 & qtv covered it to w/ less emotion.
    i appreciated more the gma7 coverage because i saw that it was enough to have one anchor on tv ccordinating the events as it happened.
    the down-side of anc is that they tend to have anchors who because they have to fill-up the dull monents, they seem to talk to much & get to excited & tend to thread on conjecture.
    i remember the part about that emotional soldier who remarked about clean elections.the anc people immedialtly jumped on it & started making so many connections.last night ces drilon even had a report on the same issue as if trying to resurect the election cheating issue.
    i also remember how RG was very carfull & prudent in describing the situation so as not to alarm people.insted pia h. keep on getting nervous uttering state of emergency endlessly.

  3. No i agree but that’s not what i said i said they were irresponsible and do not help not government but anyone do their job properly..

    Look at the crime scenes on TV in the morning with the reporters walking up to dead bodies.. Obviously making the solving of the crime much harder.

    In other places in the country they can attack anyone and make baseless accusations without being prosecuted as to take them to court you need the money..

    In the case with the TIME Magazine article they were not saying that they should agree with the government they said they we plainly irresponsible..

    In the case with criminals paraded on the TV in the morning are they guilty until proven innocent..

    Every day we see the same tired old accusations against people who cannot defend themselves..

    Look at the ANC broadcast yesterday on Nicole she is now being used as an-anti US, propoganda tool.

    Not while the Troops were trying to get survivors out of the rubble but after once they have finished their job and unable to get their side..

    OH ANC has so much to answer for.. THOSE INDIVIDUALS were there to help not rape, They were not the charged ones..

    GET a big BRUSH and paint everyone else with it.. BUT DON’T DARE DO IT TO THE MEDIA.. That’s ANC’s Line…

  4. To the members of the Rotary Club of Mapasan:

    Mabuhay kayo!

    There is hope yet for this nation.

    May you and the brave likes of you increase!

    Btw, Sleeping..

    Matulog ka muna..

    Bumabaluktot nanaman ang Ingles mo..

    Konting tulog pa at baka sakaling dumeretso uli..

  5. sleeping, are you awake?

    “In the case with criminals paraded on the TV in the morning are they guilty until proven innocent.. ”

    Di ba so Gloria ang mahilig magparada nang supposedly criminal on tv. if you remember years back mahilig syang mag pa photo ops sa mga nahuhuling “allegedly” criminals.

    bakit ngayon ito yung mga punto de vista nyo para suplahin ang media samantalng media have served you well in this manner.

  6. I prefer to distinguish. The FREEDOM-LOVING Filipino is still worth dying for. Gloria and her cabal are undoubtedly also Filipinos, but never will I lift a finger or even wink an eye when that day of reckoning comes.

  7. manolo, just woundering, so who is the person behind torn & frayed.
    funny, how so many people see the same thing but make different conclussions.
    i think jurado is being fair.
    if someone wants to give punches.that person better be ready to receive some punches too.
    and avove all not act like a “cry baby sumbugenro” when he gets hit.
    the tribune should be glad.their circulation went up.although their advertising went down.
    some newpapers are smarter then the others.
    it’s the tibune who chose to be “pure venum”. look where they are now.
    they where always free to do what they wanted.
    but their barins where to small not to think of the consequences.
    there are other newspapers too that make their “hits” on the administration but as much as possible try to be balanced too.
    moral of the lesson: you use your freedom wisely, you leave to eat your cake too

  8. Presenting the “accused” in national TV is terrible! I remember Gloria Arroyo’s picture with so many of them; not yet convicted in courts, but already punished by presenting them in TV and printing the pictures in newspapers. Who’s at fault here?

    When Gloria Arroyo presented Acsa Ramirez(whistle blower from landbank presented as a suspect), who was at fault there too? Was that responsible journalism?

    I personally would say the media just did its job of reporting. Whoever presented the suspects was the one in the wrong! (Here in Hong Kong, they put a black hood on the head of the suspects to protect their identity).

  9. It’s good one Rotary Club has finally said something about JocJoc Bolante. What about Rotary Club Makati? Sige nga and we’ll see if your sense of decency is also dictated by Mike and GMA. What about the rest of Rotary Clubs? If you can’t denounce Jocjoc, you must at least be supportive. It’s time the people hear where your sentiments go, Rotarians of the Philippines. Thumbs up for Jocjoc or thumbs down? Or are you gonna let him reduce you all to being joke-joke…

  10. Yes the government is also at fault but when the TV cameras race into a police station in the evening and take video footage when the person has not been even charged yet and then they watch – help the “Victims” beat up on the suspected criminals..

    IF Gloria or any one displays some one is it not the media that could then draw the line and say no, Put the Fuzzies on.. Yes it is all for attention but media goes along with it for more of the entertainment value.. Like the DEAD Bodies.. Come on.. ..

    Where has the media once draw the line in the Sand and said no more.. YES we all want to see some one arrested show them but not the faces.. Like in HK.. With the Most Wanted well we have all seen their faces before on the posters but the petty criminal?

  11. Hey Sleeping, there’s something wrong with how you perceive things…

    The media just reports (just like a mirror reflecting what’s happening). If you see your image in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, is it the mirror’s fault? I don’t think so.

    In the case where the police allows the media to get footages, it is the police’s “call”. If you need to find fault, give it to the police…

  12. i SAY bOOOO, SLEEPING. how could you possibly be so judgemental on media now about sucking for entertainment value. How do you suppose media should report about say,the disappearance of jocjoc bolante – that he is just sleeping. how about the standoff in the marine corps – that they were merely standing and the people who happened to be there were praying their rosary because they chose to pray the rosary, period.

  13. It’s heartening to read of Rotarians finally speaking out on one of their own, make that ‘against’ one of their own, the Rotary Club of Mapasan.Joc-joc Bolante, an internationally-recognized Rotarian himself, really needs to speak out now, and speak the “truth” as conceived in the Rotary four-waytest, so he can free both a nation in angst and a civic club in inner turmoil. That is, if he’s really a true Rotarian.

  14. If they didn’t let the TV camera men in what would they then be saying.. OH Censorship… OH the police must be beating up the person to get a confession…

    We cant have it both ways someone must draw the line.. IF the government does they say it is censorship or cover up.. And the media does not CENSOR here..

    As you said they just report..

    It is the way you report that makes the difference.. If they report with dignity then i am sure they would have more people on their side.

    It is the same as the Nicole incident wheres the dignity, the rapists took it from her and the media then run it up a flag pole to get more, political points..

    But all it does it take more from her, the NPA, the Communist Party, the Politicians all used her for their own purpose.. Then the Americans who tried to help, not a word while they help.. But once they are finished they walk on their attempts to help..

    FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS, it’s called. when it suits you, you will be their friends and as soon as they turn their back for a second you will start stabbing..

    This is exactly how the Media works here

  15. If you don’t like the way the mediamen do their business, then don’t patronize them. But if you’re blaming the media for the bad things happening to the Philippines, that’s a different story.

    If you have a problem with the way the field reporters do their job, then don’t watch them. Or better, you lobby your congressman to sponsor a bill that will regulate their reporting. But i’m sure that when your congressman does that, the press will “kill” him. My point is, in order for your “preferences” to become law, they need to pass thru congress. Maybe putting a black hood on suspects?

    As for those with real problems against the media, there are already laws that they can use to get back at media (libel).

  16. OK, OK, I’m here.

    Joselu’s point, which he also made in a comment on my blog, is that Pia H was over-excited, while the guy in the field was calm. That’s the way he saw it and there is always a large subjective element in these things.

    I agree about the guy in the field. As for the anchors, Pia and Ces, I would say: (i) I do think you need two (otherwise what is one anchor going to do during the long periods of inactivity that are a part of any crisis?), and (ii) it’s all relative, if you think Pia was agitated you should see some of the hyper newsmen on British or American TV.

    I honestly think PIA did a good job. Sure, she didn’t try to play down the drama but who would? It was very exciting, no one can deny that. As for the marine who was striding around the place muttering about elections — wasn’t that important? Isn’t that what this whole thing was about? And he was the former army commander in Lanao del Sur. I think that’s significant (but if Ces is still flogging that particular dead horse over the airways as someone above said that seems a bit weird, I agree).

    As for the other excesses that sleeping is so disturbed by (cameramen filming corpses, exploitation of the victim, etc) I agree with him/her, but that is really another issue.

  17. Yes but only the rich can use libel..

    And that’s what allows them to do it, to the rest of us..

    Self-regulation is a good thing as it can more rapidly with the times..
    EG: Gay people on TV in the 60’s would be outlawed but it is ok and that shows how the people and their perceptions change.

    But when self-regulation becomes no-regulation, and once again the person who would regulate would get “killed” as you put it..

    Someone has to make a stand and this is my stand.. Many may never agree with me..

    Black hoods is like the prelude to the Death Penalty and would and could be fought in the Supreme court..

    So far no one has come up with a valid reason why they do it, with no respect..

    Treat others as you want to be treated is that not one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS..

    It is the same as the Ultra Tragedy nothing will come out of all the investigations, because more laws is not what they want.. IT is FREEDOM..

    Look at the International Media, CNN, BBC.. At times we may not like their views they also push but at least when it comes to the news or the live events.. They don’t step across the lines that have been perscribed to them, either by Regulation or Self-Regulation..

    CNN is Regulated.. BBC is Self-Regulated..

    Big difference in the way they report on events and the way ANC does. You cannot disagree there..

    And you cannot say either of those two channels have less freedom.. CNN Attacks bush at times and BCC attacks the British Government..

    Even their TALK Back programs are more level… One on One.. Real Interviews. or TWO on TWO..

    I watch the news to be informed, not brain washed..

    Some Programs are great like the Guy that runs about uncovering all the Crime in the city. Real down and dirty news coverage, uncovering things with a bit of entertainment value (The chases, and arrests..)

    Remember the courts are only there to protect the rich when it comes to libel… What would you get if you won as a farmer, a shoe maker, 1000 Pesos even 10000 Pesos.. How much would it cost to launch a libel suit..

  18. I think that much of media abuse stems from the fact it is run as commercial concerns by its owners, and hence would have to be saleable to its customers. Sensationalism is an easy sell, since pinoys from all walks of life like to be titillated, and entertained. Even I kinda find it interesting in small doses.

    This is one aspect of how media works here, and I wouldn’t be so surprised if there are problems with regards to privacy, and, uhm, bad taste among media outfits here. I only have to sit down at our neighborhood barbershop and read the accumulated tabloids that my favorite barber has accumulated over the past week.

  19. There’s no question that in all sectors of society, there are always those who abuse their power. Same with the media, there are abusive men and women who abuse their position for personal gain. When that happens, it is the abusive person who must be penalized or disciplined not the whole institution.

    Detailing policemen in a newspaper office is to me, an abuse of police powers with tacit approval from the highest office. Telling mediamen how to do their job with a hint of pressure (will be charged of inciting to sedition) is also an abuse of power curtailing the freedom of the press.

    It is no excuse that only the rich can afford to follow on libel cases. Again it is not the media’s fault that it is such.

  20. But I think that the government has no business trying to modify the way news is presented, and editted, for as long as what is presented is factually true and correct. I think that the way ANC or PhilStar or PDI today sequences the facts and events of the news it presents provide a sort of context to the news that I do not find in Bulletin or the Philippine Daily Express when I was younger, during martial law days. News, after all, do not happen in a vacuum. There are reasons why these things happen. And when the government tries to influence the editorial process of papers, I think that is patently wrong.

  21. Plain reporting of facts is different from editorializing. It seems that ABS-CBN/ANC reporters just cannot keep their opinions to themselves but have to inject their bias into their news reports. Not only that, but they don’t seem to take any more trouble beyond sensationalizing the accusations of the Arroyo administration’s enemies, as well as portraying instances of conflict between the authorities and protesters as if they were the norm in this country and blaming them all on the police.

    Jon Mariano, the issue here is sensationalism. It’s the overdramatization of events. Newcasters and radio announcers are fond of injecting their personal opinions as if these opinions are facts, forgetting that one shouldn’t instantly analyse a news report without seeing the big picture.

  22. And who’s to be the arbiter of what is sensational or not? The government?

    Journalism is about presentation, context, and I think that overall, ANC has done a pretty good job of doing just that.

  23. Strictly speaking, though, other media channels do tend to be sensational, but that is the nature of the market they serve. Example: AM radio programming.

  24. JCastro’s question “Who’s going to decide what’s sensational?” is a good question.

    In countries where the media is mature, the sensationalized news are found on the “sensationalized” papers, the tabloids. Which one is selling more copies? Who determines where an item is published? In the end, it is the market that dictates. If nobody buys the paper, it’s just going to die.

    If you think that ANC’s coverage is sensationalized. Then that’s your opinion. If you want them to change their style, you’re telling them how to do their job. What is your reason? Because it does not help in nation building? Because it adds to the difficulties of the nation? Again, that’s your opinion. As Sleeping said, she reads the news (maybe listens to the radio, and watches TV) to be informed. It’s for you to decide what to take in. Again, media is just the messenger. If you don’t like it, change it. But you can’t tell and force others to do the same.

  25. MLQ3,

    Media won’t sensationalize what’s happening if the government did not proclaim 1017 or issued general order no.5.

    In an ideal world, press sensationalism is not the ideal way to convey a message but this is not an ideal world – so much less ideal with Gloria, the most sensation-hungry political harlot there is today.

    To me, media must exercise their right to freedom of the press, they are the guardians of the ordinary man’s freedom of speech.

    Gloria and her government are the first to cater to sensationalism when they pose for photo ops with common criminal elements in the country – lest you forget, the Landbank sensationalism created by Gloria for the benefit of the press accusing the poor whistleblower of being the criminal right on TV – , when Gloria goes to talipapas, when she goes on TV to unleash her unjustified wrath on media…need I mention that she is the primary culprit when she’s been caught on tape talking to the most corrupt Comelec election official of our time, guilty again of sensationalism when she made her quip on TV about having a lapse of judgement…that she is promoter of press, TV sensationalism when she led a mutiny against the duly elected president.

    I suggest you throw those press sensationalism accusations against her and see what she has to say.

    Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

  26. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

    Well we have already agreed on that.. That is why the press is now in the heat..

    Should government have a role in the policing of the News Media, Well you and others point to GMA and dragging out people for presentation in crimes.

    So yes they have some responsibility, but the as the word entails responsible. May be also the Media should take on that role and really control themselves.

    Remember when 1017 came out and they yelled that they did not know the rules but the KBP were given the ability to decide the rules..

    So where are the rules from KBP on what is and is not responsible.. The problem comes down to people shooting off just like me at the mouth.. We have to think first about what we say and how we say it.. As i noted to MLQ3 that one of the statements he wrote last week came off differently to the way he wrote it..

    Now is it his fault that the emphasis on the words by the presenter are different to the way he meant to write it.. No.. But the presenter will say it was his fault because it was written that way..

    If i say the word fire softly in the office nothing will happen but if i Yell it people will run out scared..

    Who’s Fault is it now MINE.

    Now if i continue talking about the word fire and how good fire is, this is no longer what you could class as fair as everyone has already made their mind up and run away..

    So with very decisive issues it is best to start always on the level and take a softly softly, approach then tell the full story..

    I know the headlines are written to sell, but once you have purchased the newspaper or changed channel to watch the News. Then it is the presenters responsibility not to make uninformed conclusions or start grabbing at straws when reporting the news.. (REPORTING not editorializing )

    So telling people to go to Fort Bonifacio and saying that the Officer needed civilian body guards to protect him. Is going a bit over board when the actual troops there were on his side, they all wanted to find out what happened to the Commander. The commander was not killed so why would he think and get ANC to broadcast it that he was scared of being killed..

    Then some journo’s were climbing on the armoured vehicle when it had loaded weapons on it, this is not a sensible thing to do, one slip you grab for something a trigger gets fired and bang many dead.. Or you just drop something which gives a nice bang sound once again.. Many dead..

    Reporting with responsibility..

    When you maybe broadcasting to 100 people your responsibility is lower than that when you are broadcasting to potentially millions..

    So Government should not make the Hard and Fast rules.. We all agree on that “Think of Estrada before…” but someone must lay down at least a framework which the Media agrees with and the Majority of the public can agree with. So the people in the media cannot feel threatened and make a bigger mountain out of this than the mole hill it is..

    Think also in the long run if someone else owns ANC or the other media and starts pushing ideas you disagree with how far can they go?
    Against your view?
    Against your Country?
    Against your Father – Mother – Son – Daughter?

    May not happen now but in 10 Years? 20 Years? or 6 Months?

  27. Sleeping,

    Tell Gloria not to shout FIRE (Proc 1017 ang General Order 5) again and there will be less sensationalism.

    Press won’t sensationalize what Gloria doesn’t do.

  28. Emil Jurado calls his column “To the Point”.

    I think a more apt title is “To the Decimal Point”.

    But, of course, if our currency were in dollars,he could call his column “Dollars and Sense”. That is if other Standard columnists and the Philippine Star’s publisher and his columnists don’t beat him to it.

  29. if you say fire softly, it will not illicit reaction from the people where there are no fire. But where there are no fire you shouted FIRE! it is not sensationalism it is craziness. I admit to observing some degree of sensationalism in some sector of our media people here but they can always check themselves. i rather have a free media which tend to be sensational at times than a muzzled media.

  30. sleeping, at the nujp gathering, the pdi publisher isagani yambot pointed out that our beloved president, now gloriously reigning, said, “i prefer a licentious press to a controlled press… that is the policy of this government.” but of course it was prior to her announcing a “lapse in judgment.”

  31. you see, talaga si gloria sinungaling. sinabi nya i rather have a licentious press… tapos ngayon gusto nya i-control por que sya ngayon ang object of possible media sensationalism.

  32. There’s been a lot of talk on human rights abuse committed by Gloria and her government.

    I suggest that victims of human rights abuses by Gloria and her government should file a case against Gloria and her govt in either of the following courts of human rights:

    European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg

    Internation Criminal Court in the Hague

    or to file a case in the European Human Rights Commission in Brussels.

    (Members of media whose rights have been abused I believe may file a case against Gloria and her government too.)

  33. MLQ3.
    She may have said that, I have not..

    What do you want? look to the future.

    Think of the Sons, Daughters, Mothers, Fathers.. Who will be hurt in the future by an irresponsible media, such as the Ultra event.

    Even with other people being partly to blame it does not reduce the level of responsibility these organizations have..

    Controlled i would say is a bad word aswell i would phrase it a responsible media which today in some sectors we do not have..

    You also want midday TV changed WHY? Is it because of the lack of morals, or what..

    Have to go Good Night..

    ….Control by Government is BAD….

  34. yes torn it was in last nights anc news.
    anyway, sice i was switching stations i ended up watching siete cuz they where delivering the news in a way more directly & so much analysing.
    as for pia h. as a talk show host puwede pa siya but for breaking stories it seems she can get to excited. i remember she never stoped uttering state of emergency.
    but my point is about delivering the news w/o out having to paly up the event.not like in radio for what the audience don’t see radio reporter try to make up in other ways so as to in a way create a mental vedio.on tv that should not be the case.

  35. Let’s start from a different premise — the GMA government has been asked for full disclosures on the issues laid out against it: the “Hello Garci” controversy, the fertilizer scam, the Venable contract, among others. What has transpired during the past year? Nothing is clear since Garcillano was not available for a long time, Joc-joc disappeared, and NSA Gonzales got sick; arguably, the government is not responsible for it, since they can’t find Garci and Joc-joc at that time, and Gonzales had health problems.

    Can the truth be ferreted out? Nope, since EO 464 bars civil servants from appearing in any venue to shed light on the above issues. Ok, so media needs clear implementing rules and guidelines so that they can present ideas with basis in actual fact. Ideas are easy to debunk — just knock out the fact that is the premise of those ideas, and the ideas don’t make sense.

    But in an environment where no one is disclosing those facts, no one has a clear idea what’s going on. Just a sense that all dissent is getting quelled, and no questions are being entertained by the government.

  36. If you want to see sensationalism in action, watch the ‘Paglaban sa Kataksilan’ documentary. Turn up the volume though, so you won’t fall asleep.

  37. let’s give the “garci tapes” a naive can we be that we think that those behind the tapes will ever admit to doing it.what investigation can ever happen on a tape that no one will admit too ever.
    i have said it in the past that those tapes where meant to ruin reputations, confuse & divide was ment to tickle peoples curiosity & fears.
    what if the tuth was that there are ah’s in the shadows manipulating our thoughts, using our weakneses, keeping us confussed, dividing us & weakening our institions, exploiting our problems to achive their own ends.

  38. give it a rest folks, i think sleeping… has made up his (her?) minda to hate anc. just a piece of advice to sleeping…- why don’t you just erase channel 27 (and 8 too) from the memory of your cable tv remote control? it will spare you the aggravation.

    as for you, joselu, you seem to be in real good company. your idol gloria just appeared on gma-7’s radio station dzbb today singing praises for the network’s “responsible” broadcasting and canonizing mike enriquez as a “model broadcaster.” “nagbabatikos pero hindi seditious,” was, i think, how she put it. isn’t it amazing how on the same page — or should i say on the same wavelength — you two area? gosh.

  39. tungkol sa Hello…Garci?! tapes: ang hindi ko maintindihan ay kung bakit hindi pa rin nakukumbinsi ang mga tao sa tapes na ito kahit na 1) may authentication sa voice analysis na ginawa ng PCIJ, 2) may confirmation ng mga events na dinetalye sa tape ayon sa imbestigasyon ng internationally respected na Newsbreak magazine, 3) may ethnomethodological analysis na ginawa si Randy David, 4) may NAMFREL report base sa mga election returns na hawak nila na may dayaan na sa mga lugar na sinabi sa tapes na noon pa lumabas (2004 pa) pero hindi lang agad pinansin, 5) may cover-up na ginawa ang pamahalaan (Ruado tapes) na isang presumption ng guilt, 6) may apology ang accused party (I am sorry) kahit na hindi nilinaw kung ano ang hinihingan ng tawad, at 7) may bogus impeachment complaint na finile sa kongreso at sinuportahan ng administrasyon para maharang ang tunay na impeachment complaint.

    kulang pa rin ang ebidensya?

  40. The trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians who believe, with a conviction based on experience, that you can fool all of the people all of the time. – Franklin P. Adams

    As if he was talking about the Philippines!

    Who is fooled? Those who don’t believe that the Garci tapes is the “smoke” and that we’re looking for the fire? Or those who want to look for the fire?

  41. Joselu wrote: “what if the tuth was that there are ah’s in the shadows manipulating our thoughts, using our weakneses, keeping us confussed, dividing us & weakening our institions, exploiting our problems to achive their own ends.”

    What a question! I hope you’re kidding Joselu. If not, you appear to give more weight to the theory that somebody is out there playing with and destroying our minds!

    I thought a more reasonable way of understanding the Garci tapes was to keep an open mind and wait for the answers to come out.

    We have discussed it before, the facts are:
    1. There were voices recorded.
    2. The female voice sounds like Gloria Arroyo
    3. One of the male voices sounds like Garcillano
    4. Gloria Arroyo admitted that she talked to “a Comelec official”. She even asked for forgiveness for her lapse in judgement.
    5. The tapes were authenticated (philippine commentary thinks that the mother of all tapes is actually not a tape but digital!)
    6. Some conversations in the tapes talked about rigging of the elections, kidnapping, etc.

    Now that because nobody wants to own up to the recordings we don’t want to pursue it? That’s not very logical thinking!

    More logical and reasonable would be to say, “Okay we don’t know the truth about it right now, but someday it will come out. In the meantime, we move on.”

    You just cannot make people forget something so important as the presidency. Until the truth is known, this issue is not going away. Proof? So many things have happened, yet we still go back and remember and continue discussing it!

  42. The media here is as free as they come. The fact that it suffers form one of the highest victim rates of murder is the ugly, dangerous flip side of the coin.

    The media here is as free as they come. The fact that its own international kin labels it as “wild and irresponsible” is the frustrating flip side of the coin.

    The media here is as free as they come. The fact that Maria Ressa herself said she left CNN for ABS-CBN/ANC becuase she wants to close the huge gap between the domestic and international performance standards is the honest, realistic flip side of the coin.

    The media here is as free as they come. Not long ago it wasn’t. That’s the reality…there are pros and cons already in our midst.

    It is the combination of these facts that underscores the dichotomy of views/felings of today’s Filipino media.

    So while Maria Ressa is right — she maintains that media is either free or it’s not…maybe she is also wrong — maybe this is not a black and white issue. There are shades of gray that ultimately seep in. Freedom of expression faces counterweights like libel, state-imposed war-time limitations and its own industry’s “code of ethics”.

    *Democracy is a messy thing* (registered trademark of Geo Inc)

    What I am personally still digesting is the words of Behn Cervantes (on Cito Beltran’s show today). Surprisingly, he stated how he refused to join the current protests/rallies because he rejects the notion of the media and arts supporting the politicized propaganda of muddled, self-serving ideas. When faced with the accusation that he is therefore pro-GMA, he answered, “no, I’m for the country”.

    I think he was prioritizing knowledge…classical knowledge, wordly knowledge, objective knowledge, educated knowledge, contemplative and unemotional knowledge…as the highest standard there is. He emphasized that the role of media is to educate, not to propagandize or sensationalize.

    In that light, the free press maybe just needs to keep figuring out how it can best live up to its basic role in society: to educate us all.

    Personally, the farthest I’ve ever gotten on this issue is that maybe the roles of field journalist, reporter, anchor and commentator/editorialist should be clearly defined and seperated; an individual should be limited to performing just one of these functions.

    Maybe that would help avoid the potential confusion that can arise when the media is covering developing stories or major issues. Maybe the shades of grey that exists between “free” and “not free”, between “responsible and irresponsible” extremes could be further segmented this way.

    But until then, we have to live with what we have…and that’s a free press…for better and for worse.

  43. we really are a nation of lemmings, to reflexively think of patriotism as dying for somebody. i take the contrary view: the filipino is worth KILLING for, not dying for.

  44. jon, in court of law there always has to be a warm body to own up to something,so how can you persue something that nobody admits too?
    yes jon, you said it, we move on.years from now things will be clear.
    but in moving on we also must not use as a reason the contents of a tape that in reality is so dificult to prove, not to mention other things too.
    the so many things that have happened are all because people are riding on the tapes and if you remember there where many things happening already in the form of the senates investigation in aid of whatever.all in a way for the preparation of what was supposed to be the tape bomb shell.
    yes jon, while we argue & debate there will always be other people to exploit situation for their advantage.
    while we procastinate & try to play it safe & go w/ the flow. there will always be others to take advantage.
    if we really have an open mind, then, our line of reasoning will be to demand who did it & why does not anybody step forward to’s just like a spaner was thrown in machine to ruin’s like a piece of meat was thrown to hungry lion to feast on.
    jon, nobody will ever admit to those tapes.not tomorrow not in a million years.
    because like i have already said.
    they where ment to ruin, divide, saw doubt, create chaos, create oppurtunity for others to grab power.
    even the congress report on the garci tapes spoke of a conspiracy too.
    what if the truth is that we where made suckers?
    what if the truth is that we are being used?
    lets give this truth thing a rest.
    because the truth can also something be that can hurt us & our egos.
    because the the truth can also be that the tapes have turned us to animals & is bringing out the worst in us.
    the truth is also drawing a line between those who can be so affected by it & those who demand more proof before judging.

  45. ellen, eh what did mike e. do naman to get drugged in.
    one thing i know is that abs ego was hurt cuz like it or not pgma rates.

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