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I remember what one senior citizen told me, a few days ago as I set out to join the Ayala Avenue rally.

She said, “that woman is not worth dying for.” She was referring to the President.

Setting aside the obvious reluctance people feel, for being seen in the company of notorious oppositionists such as the Ernesto Macedas of this world (someone recounted that even the enraged and indignant lawyers who protested at Edsa the other day made themselves scarce the moment the Macedas and Co. appeared to pose before the cameras), and obvious attitude of some (though obviously all) whose attitude towards the President may be “she may be a sonofabitch, but at least she’s our sonofabitch,” could it be that one of the biggest reasons behind the disjoint between public opinion (largely opposed to the President) and public action (largely absent from the field), is that everyone knows that this is one President unafraid to harm her own people? And that as a consequence, this a President who won’t respect even the limits imposed on themselves by her predecessors, even the infamous ones like Marcos and Estrada?

Her husband, after all, made it clear they were quite willing to shed blood to get into power. What more to stay in power?

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

54 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. Joselu…you know what your doctor told you…easy now, calm down…or he might put you in a straight jacket again…

    With your brain gone crickety clink clank bonkers, your vision hugely impaired (seeing left, left and left again and again), your morals in zigzag, I reckon, I’m in a much much prettier shape than you are. So, dontcha go worryin’ your little head about me now kiddo!

  2. Joselu, I think the priests and the bishops would know best about their duties are. Among those duties is the need to effect social justice. There is a large body of work, among them papal encyclicals, which deal with this issue. I know that they are not barred from making their position known on the issues of the day, as long as it is grounded in Catholic Christian principles.

    You keep referring to a bigger picture, having a more rounded point of view, as if trying to pursuade me that — aside from absolute right (white) and wrong (black), there are “gray” and “dirty” things that people in authority do in order to pursue the “greater” good. I don’t believe that — it’s that simple. And if you’re a Catholic Christian, I think it is time for you to talk to a priest about this.

  3. a de brux,
    i can see you have no problems w/ words.
    i’m just so interested to find out how a person could be so full of hate.so full of venum.makes me wounder what has the world done to you.

  4. JCastro,
    yesterday i read an article in the philstar where archbishop cruz commented about pgma’s mentioning in one of her talks that she felt that she has a mission from god to face all these problems, or something to that effect.cruz commented among other things that he said that – there are many who think like gma who are in the mental hospital.i remember that when i saw inq. headline glorias words the other day whereus philstar also put in in the lower right front page.it was like inq. was using it to drive a wedge between the church & pgma.after reading cruz’s comments my fears where confirmed.
    i’m sorry to say that in the church just like in goverment & the private sector there are those who bring down institutions because of irreponsible actions & words.church people are more prone because unfortunatly they think they are “good” already.i would like to beleave that the church would do it’s role more by reminding not only the others but themselves first of the christians values of faith hope & charity.pope benidicts latest encyclical speaks particularly about charity.
    as i write i never think of persuading anyone.when i say bigger picture i refer to think of consequences of actions, not only immediate but long term.i did not say round poit of view but i think what i said is to be a well rounded person in order to have a wider understanding of things.because maybe in our simplicity we may tend to over exaggerate things & make it appear as everything & all that counts.
    Jc, don’t worry a priest will be the last person i would go to for advise.maybe for a confession if ever.just that i’m never empressed by what a person wears or his title is.

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