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  1. makes one think twice if every comment, perception etc.. contributes to building this Nation or further drowning it

  2. But Rizal was correct. Not only do we have to succeed as a nation, we have to do it the right way and in the right manner.

  3. History will tell whether one contributed to a nation’s ruin.
    (1) Marcos – We know his Martial Rule did a lot of destruction to our society and institutions
    (2) Cory – Not much good there, but was she part of something that somehow wrecked something? Luisita?
    (3) FVR – the PPAs?
    (4) Erap – Still under court proceedings
    (5) GMA – Still being debated (My personal opinion is that she did the most damage, and continuing to do so!).

    As Rizal said, those that did something to destroy a nation will be remembered for the wrongdoing, not the good things they have done. So even if Gloria mends her ways and works for the good of the nation, she still would be remembered for the bad things she’s done(when proven).

  4. Well…the quote is ok as far as it goes, timely and all. But taken on its own, it tends to incite attitudes of self-righteousness. Better if it’s remembered in conjunction with other wise men’s sayings like the one about ‘casting the first stone’.

  5. None of the Presidents, from Marcos down, did any good. They all somehow contributed to the Philippines’ ruin. To me, Cory Aquino could have done the most good. Instead, she did nothing and allowed her family to steal and enrich themselves. She also allowed the murderer (remember Plaza Miranda?) Jose Maria Sison to be released from prison and to continue with the murder of soldiers and civilians. She also made a mockery of land reform, making it her centerpiece program and exempting her own family’s estate.

    As for Gloria Arroyo, the jury is still out. But based on economic statistics, she has been the best President since Marcos. Just ask Tony Lopez, who wrote about it in today’s issue of the Manila Times. You can find the article here:


  6. All the good points mentioned in that article do not in any way affect in a positive way the ordinary man on the street.

    The numbers also looked like a spin on the positive side.

    1. Banks lowering their NPLs? Why, assets just have been bought thru the SPVs. They just changed hands.

    2. Budget deficit lower than the ceiling? What a laugh, it’s still a deficit however you call it.

    To economists, they might be good indicators but to the common man, they mean nothing.

  7. Jon,yes it’s true that economic terms don’t mean much to common man.But also the common man will never stop to think why is he not dropping dead on the strreet because of hunger.in the way the air that we breath we also do not see or fill & yet we are alive.
    My frends who take public transport are better protected when fuel prices go up cuz before fares go up it takes a while.Insted I fill the effect right away when i gas up.
    I think effects are relative to different situations.
    Sadly, things that have a long term effect are not instantly felt.
    Since the peso has appreciated.Surely that must be reflected on our electric bills to & how I wish.But I learned that there is a proceses to it & will take time.
    Maybe by trying to explain to those who care to understand economics in the simplest terms we can make a positive contribution.
    I have an impression that in a way people don’t really care to understand for the starngest reasons.As if ignorance will protect them from the harsh realities of life.But not even ignorance can protect you when your running away from things.
    Was watching a Tv news item who wanted to be considered poor cuz he was jobless.When the TV crew went to shoot in his modest room.he had a modest home entertainment system & yet he said he does not eat 3X a day.I’m sure his among those who do not fill economic changes.But he can afford to treat himself well.

  8. Many things don’t mean much to the common man. Maybe only the next meal does. But there always has to be something to start on. Statistics at least give a reading of things that could come. It’s like the peso-dollar exchange rate. Although it may be too early to rejoice over it, if it holds, it should ease inflationary pressures in the future. Sure, the peso-dollar rate may not mean much to the common man right now. But it can mean the start of better purchasing power tomorrow. So let’s give thanks for tender mercies and small beginnings.

  9. Im sure all presidents have done their share to ruin this country.In the same breath everything has 2 sides to it.that side is US the electorate who voted them in.
    The times when elections was brought down to a “popularity” & “name recall” contest w/ so many candidates that makes it possible to win w/ a smaller number of votes.
    I remember months back Manolo mentioning that we should have adapted the system done in the States.
    It happened again last election that leadership of this country would be decided by “popularity”.
    Nobody complained then that elections where being brought to such a low level of movie idols.
    The candidates prepardness & compitences was the last thing to consider.
    We actually brought down eleaction to a “free for all the more the merrier”
    I don’t know if we are just slow learners.But we seem to be more concerned of the excitment then thinking of the consequences of our action.
    The rutteness of our electoral system has always exsisted but we still place our blind faith on it wishing for miracles.
    It’s like we want to achive something but never get down to doing our homework.
    Or maybe we just like the system the way it is cuz it allows so many escape routes to responsibility.
    Just like presidents have ruined this Nation so did we also when we did not consider the consequences of steps taken.
    don’t get me wrong guys.But in any job I do the last thing I think of is finger pointing.It is more fulfilling to look for solutions.

  10. I cannot quite understand why high remittances by ofw should accrue to the performance of the president. The fact that most of the citizens of this nation would opt to find job abroad for lack of respectable ones at home, must reflect as weakness of the president. Jose Salceda failed to mention that our foreign borrowings doubled courtesy of GMA. We do not produce much items to sell abroad. We are a net importer of goods.

    Statistics? whatever that means to people leaving the gutter of NEA and BIR road.

  11. It must be pointed out that anybody sitting in power has the opportunity to do good and evil. Sometimes even if one means well, the outcome is the opposite. There lies the difference between a good and bad leader. Taking credit for things you have not done is also common, like putting one’s face in billboards for projects funded by the people’s money. The things pointed out by Salceda could be achieved even with Eddie Gil at the helm I guess. It’s a case of there’s no way but up since the bottom has been reached.

    Going back to Jose Rizal’s quote then, even if Gloria makes a complete turnaround and brings in a lot of good things to everybody, she will be thanked, but would still be remembered for her sins. And I would really be glad if she will be made responsible for them.

  12. Like I said, the only thing that has meaning to the guy in the gutter is the next meal. But call it coincidence or call it good fortune, the fact remains that OFW remittances have never been higher. And to think that the Communist front, Migrante, had the gall to call on all OFW’s to boycott remittances to the Philippines. Never mind if the OFW’s relatives back home starved. Well, there goes the people’s response. It’s the same response the public has given to the opposition: “Up yours!”.

    But the remittances may not be all coincidence. The banks have certainly done their part in improving remittances.

    And talking of coincidence and good fortune, GMA had more than her share of bad circumstances. Not the least were the skyrocketing oil prices the past couple of years. Surely that couldn’t be blamed on her. And for a country that is almost entirely dependent on foreign oil for its energy, such a withering blow on the economy would have knocked the air out of any government. So, considering the performance of the economy under such difficult times and circumstances, the girl deserves a lot of credit! Lesser mortals would have keeled over due to the strain of tough economic conditions and political fire from the opposition.

    And by the way, Tony Lopez is generally critical of GMA. If he gives GMA some credit, it is because he is convinced by the figures.

  13. lets face it guys.one can hate, curse pgma but she is also lucky.she was in the right place in the right time during edsa 2, her closest rival passed away befor he can file any protest, just when fuel prices where hiting the sky last year then it suddenly went down, it even went down just when the rvat was imposed,just this year rimmitances went to a record hight.just when things where getting really dramtic last year the cbcp backed-off w/ it’s pastoral letter & fvr gave his conditional support.
    i don’t wanna say this cuz i know jon m. will get inis w/ my logic but it’s either she must be doing something right that luck is on her side or the opposition is just a lot of hot air.
    don’t know if you guys remember.the garci tapes came out to exploit pgma’s downward rating due to her unpopularity because of the rvat (strange why they where not released when pimentel was filibustering as if waiting for something to happen).the same rvat that caused her unpopularity was also a magnet to attract more investments in the country when it was imposed.
    i’m just stateting facts.
    i don’t think it’s about taking credit.let’s just take things as they are & just be glad & learn to appreciate the good things that come our way & hopefully make it work for us to improve our lives.things could have gone differently but it didn’t.

  14. translated: “hindi kay gloria ang pagsagip sa bayang kaniyang niyurakan.”

  15. Sure, we should be thankful that we are alive. Thankful that there are some good things amidst the difficulties of the common man. Thankful that even with leaders whose ideals and ways are questionable some good things still filter out.

    Let them do their job and and let them finish their term of office then we will try them in our courts. We will give thanks to the good things they bring, but they should be made responsible for the crimes they’ve committed.

  16. The pre-December 1989 coup GDP growth rate during Cory’s time averaged 5.1% which is as good as the GMA Admin’s current record. In 1990 to 1991, it was 1.2%. Gringo and his financiers share a large portion of the blame for the anemic economic performance during this period. Those in the military who contemplate following in his footsteps should be mindful of their potential for contributing to the country’s ruin.

  17. yes jon for any real provable wrong any public servant does then throw the book on the person.
    garci did wrong.how come nobody steps forward to file a case against him?
    bolante did wrong how come no case is being filled against him?
    i understand anyone could go to the dept. of justice or ombudsman & file a case.how come no one ever does?

  18. yes jon it’s the crazy thing about our culture.it’s a lot of hot air but when the dust settles we realize we really don’t have anything except for the forever perceptions.although there will always be those ah’s atempting to get away w/ things.
    the recount of the cebu votes seems to be going in favor of pgma.
    so at the end, what will the opposition impeach pgma for?cuz they don’t like her guts!!!!

  19. It looks like you’re jumping to conclusions Joey. These issues are still ongoing. Whoever is proven to be saying the truth, it’s alright with me, as long as the proper procedure is followed (at least).
    1. Garcillano – The hearing in congress is not yet concluded. The questions raised by the tapes are not yet answered. Biazon said something about new tapes. It will raise further questions. Once the hearings in both house and senate completes, i think is the right time to follow it up if nobody in those two bodies makes a move.

    2. Bolante – This guy is still at large and by his running away (just like Garcillano) make people think poorly of him, and might indict him for the things he’s accused of (regarding the DA funds). Again, when the hearings are done, proper court actions could be done.

    3. Legarda’s case – The last time I checked, they’re not done yet. But you’re right to mention that it looks like Noli is winning. GMA’s and FPJ’s votes are actually not being re-counted. Technically, ang silip nila doon sa ERs ay hindi pwedeng maging basehan. Also there was a point raised by Loren’s camp about disparities between copies she holds and that from the Congress. That too needs to be explained. If Noli wins the recount, di ba may closure? That could have been a good way for GMA to clear her name, but she chose to win by technicality. If Noli wins, does it automatically mean that GMA also won? Most probably yes, but not necessarily.

    That has always been my stand, let our institutions do their task, don’t undermine them. If you do, people will think the worst of you (e.g. railroading of the impeachment process). And whoever is proven to have done wrong, should serve time in jail.

  20. Jon that’s why I said “it seems…”.
    Do you really think the garci things will ever go anywher?
    We seem to be more concerned w/ the pinning the victim of an illegal activity then looking for those who actually did the the act.As I have always said.Nothing good will ever come out of an illegal act.The only purpose of the tape was to ruin, divide & create doubt & saw so much confussion & take advantage of the confussion.The only “truth” about the tape is. technology makes it eassy to fool many people.
    besides if anyone has a case aginst Garci then go file it for heavens sake!
    Same w/ Bolante, file a case.The Senate hearings are a political act filled w/ agendas & interst to protect & grandstanding to do.If they really are smart they can find a way to file a case.And stop giving people false hopes for a political manuver that will profit the alone.
    Your right Jon, w/ the recount it supposed to bring a closure (in the normal world),lam mo naman dito sa atin no losers but only the chaeted.Seems like nga if Noli wins PGMA does too, if I understood well,since it’s the same ballot anyway.GMA-FPJ ballots will never be counted since the interested party is in a better place then us!
    What is the comon thing between a death sentence convict & a politician? They will both never confess to have done the crime or to have lost.They will always make you leave in doubt forever.
    And I hope tose who made the tape burn in hell because they certainly hit the jackpot making a lot of people leave in doubt forever!
    I have no wish for Loren to win.I know her.I know she is a terribly ambitious person.If she where the VP at the time of the scandal & not Noli.It would have been an entirely different ballgame.
    Why don’t we just build a tall wall around the Phillipines because everybody is guilty anyway of ommission or commision of a crime.

  21. Just an update on the ongoing activity by the PET. This is Loren’s side published by the tribune (an opposition paper), click here.

    Let the process continue. Let the institutions do their roles. Let the losers cry to high heavens with their protests. Let the accused defend themselves. Those proven guilty should be punished. That’s the essence of democracy.

  22. thank Jon again,i have alway been of the opinion that we have always had the penchant of shooting ourselves in the foot already as a matter of cource.just like we tend to create monster & even beleave in them.
    im sure lorens lawyers have their own side too.
    but if they has something to expose,by now they would have been making so much noise na

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