3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. there will always be politicians,sadly.
    and politicians are the most boring too.they are the same in every corner of the world.
    i’m sure a dictionary def of poltics is not anything negative.
    i guess just like humans tend to ruin anything they touch.from nature to institutions.maybe it’s more real in the philippines.
    but the last thing we need is an overdose of politics.
    we are a country w/ so many problems that politicians have exploited for ages.
    in the real work it’s hard work that brings results & never agenda & interest.
    working is a way of ignoring politocos.

  2. There will always to politics and politicians.

    If a politician is a crook, he must be unmasked and thrown to prison. If a politician has a very good agenda and deemed good for the people, he must be supported.

    Working for ourselves is a good thing, but letting crooked politicians continue with their crooked ways is also a crime.

    So work hard, play it fair, do your part. At the same time, do not condone bad acts of leaders by keeping mum.

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