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  1. agree, entirely. that is suppose to be the purpose of what we call rule of law – to punish and rebuke abuse and not to use the law to conveniently get away with abuse.

  2. we can also win respect by putting our acts together.the world is watching us.when they see us making economic reforms they start to take us seriously.they bring in investments that can translates to jobs.i guess what the world will never understand is the political power play that is a turn off.

  3. joey, i would give the world more credit than that. if they see us Filipinos struggle against evident injustice, i’m confident they will understand. in any case, in terms of priorities, how others view us matters less than how we view ourselves.

  4. i agree w/ you cvj.
    don’t get me wrong but injustice has a certain ring to it always.
    yes there is injustice & there has always been since the spanish time.
    what ever form of injustice we have to day is an accumulation of decades of mismanagment.
    it is also something that can have been self inflicted by the same people crying or talking about injustice.
    it’s like we all witnesed a crime years ago & it’s only now that we are telling it.You no, alla dinky.
    donb’t get me wrong but w/ also could be overstateing this injustice thing can be a bit overstated.maybe we have to much self pity,maybe because the right things to do are the hardest things to do & true to our culture we look for someone to blame.it’s the forever story of the philippines.maybe we are looking for shortcuts as we always do.
    cvj,i’m not a person who stops a face value of things.i have always beleave that problems exsist because there are always 2 sides to things.

  5. Joey, you agree that there is injustice. What should we do about it? I always say that believing or understanding is one thing, doing nothing about it is another thing.

    You also said that you are going to speak out. In this injustice being committed stuff, what is your stand?

  6. jon i make it a point to compensate fairly the people who work for me or do me a service even if i will have a lil less for myself.
    i know that there is injustice & i try not to add to it b y being fair to others.
    form the start i never pretend that i can really do much about it.
    i also m aware that injustice in this country is so deeply rooted & it will take time to address things effectivly.
    i know that in time things will fall in place if only goverment is not continously distructed in doing what it has been elected to do.
    it’s tragic that a goverment has to use up so much time just to defend it’s self from all possible attacks.insted of using time & energies serving the people.
    i’m an impatient person by nature but when it come to long lasting change i beleave that taking things slow w/o shortcuts.

  7. Fair enough. You do your part of the bargain, and of course if everyone else is doing the same then we will have a fair and just society.

    If some people felt they were unfairly dealt with as in the last elections, then I think that it is their right to protest and shout to high heavens that they want justice. It’s not going to be fair if they don’t do what they feel is right, is it?

    As for the objects of these protests, they just have to deal with it as it comes with the territory.

    Truth will come out ultimately. Whichever side it is, it doesn’t matter. Only the truth matters.

  8. personaly, what happened in the last election i would let it slide for now.i always go back to what i have always said.nothing good will ever come out of those tapes.if they where exposed immediatly after the election.it would have made a world of difference.insted it wasn’t cuz the purpose was to divide 2 saw doubt & confussion.
    i’m sure things will fall in place.we have to remain focused & just learn to say no & not go w/ the current.
    i’m sure years from now things will be seen in a different prepective.maybe we will be more mature to understand what the truth is.

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