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  1. A timely reminder to the never-learning Pinoys abroad. Another proof that we don’t learn from past mistakes, that we have short memories.

  2. Never mind the expats. You don’t have to look farther. Look at the Philippines. There is endless squabbling whoever sits as president. Every president is demonize. Today, it is Gloria, tomorrow history repeats itself.

  3. i remember when I was abroad.the last people i would like to hang out w/ where the pinoys because of their penchant of sticking their nose in things & so on.I felt that there is more to learn hanging out w/ people of other cultures and in the end it has been always a very good learning experience for me.not that i descreminate but time & again Ii have seen that there is something very wrong in the pinoy character that creates more problems then there are already.it’s enough to see how our country goes or probably does not go anywhere.but don’t get me wrong.i still have faith that there are pinoys who are really free from all our cultural baggage.

  4. When we were in the primary schools, we were taught to love (1) God, (2) Country, (3) Family, (4) Self.

    It seems to me the sequence has been reversed. Not only in the expat communities, but in all communities. Me first is now the norm.

  5. On the matter of divisiveness in our culture, we need to reserve a special place of honor for those who agreed to be ‘Number 2’ for the greater good.
    In the recent past, the much-maligned Doy Laurel comes to mind. Further back, Osmena comes to mind.

    Jon, i don’t think it’s just the ‘me-first’ part that’s dysfunctional in our culture. Our individuality is the reference point for viewing the world. I’m more concerned those who operationalize ‘me & family’ and ‘me & God’ over ‘me & Country’.

  6. Roxas was an American stooge, on the whole. Did he have a choice? I say yes. We get used to our leaders being disappointing sellouts that if they do a little something right, we heap them praises.

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