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From Barangay Singapore comes a link to Coconuter, which, if you read the introduction (and the person’s resume) is the blog of a Filipino-American who has decided to come to the Philippines to be a nomad. It should be quite an interesting blog once the person arrives in the Philippines at the end of January. The guy even has a kind of propaganda video up. If this guy is legit, he’s on the way to becoming a celebrity (I’ve emailed him to set up an interview; I’m sure other media people, will, too, once they hear of his plans).

My column for today is Back to Rizal.

Texted me by a colleague: Wow Philippines website defaced by hackers claiming to be from the People’s Republic of China.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

11 thoughts on “A Fil-Am Nomad

  1. I have read Back To Rizal
    First By saying that people are either opposition,not opposition or suicidally indifferent……

    and Mabini’s take on Rizal’s influence on politics,where you disagree that if not Rizal then somebody else will…
    making him some sort of an accidental hero..

    I think unless one is a”SUGO” or the Messiah
    he will always be a sort of an accidental hero

    Dec 30 is near, a day to remember Rizal or just another holiday prior to New Year’s day.

    like MLQ said the common denominator of the three kinds of perople is how important Rizal is in their lives….

    beg to disagree ..sort of agreeing with Mabini accidental or not ….and I remember Mr. Inting’s(Carl) arguments on the Brown brother blog that it was the Americans who threw out the Spaniards….and as a rection to my question regarding remembering heroes..he said he would not forget heroes like Rizal…

  2. The defacing of Wow Philippines website
    by Chinese hackers?
    hey Gweilung tell your friends that we forgave you .

    FYI Gweilung is the one who makes hateful remarks of the Philippines in this blog and rubbing it in thru his blog, I wonder what was his traumatic experience ……

    Digressing.. I read Father Bernas’ article comparing or making a parallel of the Chief justice and Pope Benedict….I can’t see the parallelism.

    and grabbibg the opprtunity re :PDI MLQ vis a vis other historians…i also read Mr. Ocampo’s article once in a while but I like the variety of MLQ… again the cliche..variety is the spice of life.

  3. Today’s great debate
    MY VIEWPOINT By Ricardo V. Puno, Jr.
    The Philippine Star 12/27/2005

    Unicameral or bicameral? Parliamentary or presidential? These are among the great issues of the moment. If one considers the divergence of opinions on these subjects, and the tenacity with which both sides cling to their positions, one might think that this country is hopelessly divided. One might fret that the predictable outcome will, as usual, be indecision and eventual paralysis. One would be dead wrong……………………………..

    My humble opinion: Unless a miracle happens and evrything changes it will be the bicam conference that will decide the final outcome… what debate are we talkibg about?
    we already see ourselves as talking too much….analysis paralysis….what I am waiting for is by the time of the plebiscite are there electoral reforms in place if none then….Draw your own conclusion…

  4. Being indifferent to politics isn’t suicidal. That’s pure speculation. Some would even say it’s the most prudent and pragmatic thing to do when there are very few paltatable alternatives.

  5. I think indifference to politics can be prudent for the individual Filipino but it would be suicidal for the nation if too many behave in such a manner. It would also, ultimately, not be in the individual’s long-term interest.

  6. yah Karl I have to agree w/ you, it’s the bicam where mysterious things happen.sadly we can debate all we want but the bicam has the last say.that is where the political elite decide our faith.

  7. To chinese hackers: Wow, you can hack. Congratulations.

    Now get a girlfriend. Or a blow up doll. Something to put meaning to your lonely life.

  8. If indifference to politics is escapism, then the greater majority of the country are escapists. In my view, they’re just coping with immediate realities and are more concerned with bread-and-butter issues. Being indifferent isn’t being unaware. The people know the issues, they just don’t think the alternative solutions are any better. Waiting for the right time and the right conditions is more realistic than knee-jerk reactions and half-baked schemes that go nowhere.

  9. i think it’s not all about infifference, personaly, for me it’s about fighting battles you can win.
    i’m always forever convinced there are certainly much better things then getting entangled in dirty politics.
    politics is about gray areas.it’s not about right or wrong,it’s all about personal agendas.
    if ever i’m indifferent to politic it’s only because i don’t have the stomach for such stuff.
    what makes nations work are hard working people.

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