Season’s Greetings (Happiness is a ham)

Happy, jolly readings:

Click Mo Mukha Mo on Pasko na, Shintaro and other murdered Carol lyrics.

World Famous in the Philippines points to the Google zeitgeist for 2005. points to popular toys of the past 100 years.

Heckler at Large’s Christmas gifts.

Filipino Librarian on how to send New Year’s greetings to yourself 20 years from now.

The SWS Christmas Survey sez:

Ham Is Most Anticipated Food This Christmas

When asked “What is the one food or dish that you most look forward to eating this coming Christmas?” 15% say ham, followed by the clusters of desserts (12%), e.g. fruit salad and fruits, lechon baboy (11%) and other chicken dishes (10%), e.g. fried chicken and adobong manok.

Other responses include: spaghetti and other pasta (8%), lechon manok (7%), pansit (6%), other pork dishes (7%), e.g. menudo and adobong baboy, rice cakes (4%), e.g. suman and puto, beef dishes (1%), keso de bola (1%), and seafood dishes (1%). Five percent said it does not matter what food, 4% mentioned other dishes, 3% say they don’t observe Christmas and 3% None.

Ham is the most awaited food this Christmas in Metro Manila (23%), Balance Luzon (17%) and among classes ABC (21%) and D (16%).

In Visayas, desserts (20%) top the list of the most anticipated food for Christmas, followed closely by ham (16%). In Mindanao, lechon baboy (17%) and lechon manok (16%) are the most awaited dishes, followed by other chicken dishes (10%).

After ham, most of those from classes ABCs are looking forward to eat lechon baboy (12%), while the class D are also anticipating to eat desserts (13%), lechon baboy (11%) and other chicken dishes (10%).

Among the class E, the food or dish they most look forward to eat this Christmas are: other chicken dishes (12%), spaghetti and other pasta (11%), ham (10%), desserts (10%) and lechon baboy (10%).

Click to listen to introspection’s arrangement of Joy to the World.

Season’s greetings to my blogparents: Sassy Lawyer, who is my official BlogMother and Philippine Commentary, who is my official BlogFather (you know, the pioneers, who inspired someone to blog, too). And to Yugatech, the BlogGodfather who makes the technical side possible for many bloggers.

Season’s Greetings, too, to the usual suspects (what follows is a partial, unofficial list, based solely on the blogs I’ve bookmarked, which may or may not reflect the totality of what I read on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis)-

Blogger Brethren in the profession: PCIJ, Newsstand, Ricky Carandang, RG Cruz, cyberbaguioboy,  Lucid Interval, crimson page, Newsroom Barkada, By Jove! (praised  by his Palace press corps peers for his pioneering blog!), Ellen Tordesillas, Rasheed’s World, Bryanton Post,  mindanao alerts, Yupki Girl, Howie Severino, Leon Kilat, Miron, Piercing Pens, ederic, Fabio Scarpello, Carlos Conde.

The punditocracy (politbloggers): where now is the citizen on mars?, katataspulong, Southern Mondo, Lapu-Lapu Times,  Hello Mam, Pine for Pine, Red’s Herring, Let’s Rebuild Our Beloved Nation, Blog@AWB Holdings, Phoenix’ Eyrie, May topak, Uniffors, Grey Spectrum, The Public Thing, Southern Mondo, My Liberal Times, Brains and Hands, Philippine Politics, AlterNation 101, Tambayan ni Paeng, Republica ng Pilipinas, Under the Talisay Tree, Willie Galang, Nagpapakanabang Surigaonon, Alleba Politics.

The bLawggers: everything lawyerish, let’s chill, Edwin Lacierda, Punzi, The Unlawyer, Bangus Supremacy, Vincula, disini.

The foodies: PinoyCook (the recipes work!), MarketMan Manila.

The Econo and Techno (and Science) bloggers: Go Figure, Technobiography, vaes9, blurry brain, The New Web, Big Mango, New Economist, Parallel Universes, Radioactive Adobo,

The Literati, Culturati and Glitterati bloggers: Jessica Zafra,  Walk This Way, Milk & Blood, the white papers, ultraelectromagneticblog, McVie, Captain’s Log, nocturnalangel, Pinoy Book Reviews, harvard street cubao, liberation and other lullabyes, blag., The Mischievious Boys, paolomanalo, currystrumpet, Slip of the Pen, rocketboychronicles, Cogito Ergo Sam, One Couch Critic, Another Hundred Years Hence, Contradiction in Terms, To See & Log, stepping on poop, sketches of a village idiot, Eating the Sun, kuro-kuro, pu-pu platter, to the tale, and other such concerns, morofilm, ExpectoRants, PedXing, iBlog, Thirtysomething, Bulletproof vest, notes from the peanut gallery, the Wily Filipino, Jason Journals, Adel Gabot, CAt, BadinggerZ.

The photo and travel bloggers: Friskodude, Metroblogging Manila, Batang Baler, My Sari-Sari Store, RetzWerx.

And even rigorous National Democratic and other anti-establishment greetings for the cluster of “progressive” bloggers: mongster’s nest, ina alleco, Crooning the Night Away, Tingog Katahwan!, My Blog, The Filipino Mind.

The Pinoys Overseas bloggers: kWeNtOnG tAmBaY, X-Pat Files, Gigi Goes Gaga, Desertpinoys, fried neurons, Sandro T. Rafael, desert view, Hillblogger, Thoughts, Ideas, Etc., from Hong Kong, Love and Light, Dubai Chronicles, Palabok.

The Expat bloggers: Manila Journal, Madame Chiang, Torn & Frayed, Mirror of Justice, Manila Vanilla, Mamutong.

The Overseas bloggers: How now, Brownpau?,  Tea or Coffee, Captain Marlow, what tian has learned, theory is the reason,  An Aussie in Hong Kong, what’s in rebecca’s pocket?, Must See, Vatican Watcher, Presto Vivace, Locana, normblog, Bates Line, Blogger Beer, The Horse’s Mouth, myrick, Roy Harrison.

The Blogger-ful people: bianco frizzante, Percolation, Positive Actions,, manila rat., salus populi est suprema lex, walang inuurungan!,  vespinoy, Manila Party, My Life in These Islands, Pulsar, make poverty history!, Technicolored Sunset, bury me in this dress, the pier, By Karl, The ID Configuration, bottled, introspection (ain’t she purty? so, whose photo is on his blog???), imageneering my own television show, Pinay Nanay, Coffee Thoughts, you are my twisted sunshine, Sui Generis,, my oldest ache, Terminally Deranged, My Blog, boracayboy, lamentations, just thinking aloud, Aaron Roselo, chizjarkace, Measly Meanderings, Ren’s Public Notebook, Random Thoughts, ricelander, I’m a Baby, Of Lattes & Lights and everyone else in my list of links.

And of course, the PajamasPeople (except, perhaps, a lump of coal for Michelle Malkin’s Yuletide stocking), in particular, little green footballs, Belmont Club, and roger l. simon.

To all of you, whether I’ve mentioned you here or not, who visit, whether regularly or from time to time, who comment or who lurk, who link or don’t, the blessings of the season be upon you, may your wallets bulge with cash, may your waistlines not bulge too much, but may you bulge and bulge big in all the right places. Thank you for reading me, and for your kind thoughts, nasty observations, debates and discussions. We’ve come a long way, baby! Ho, ho, ho! Damnit.

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