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The apparent need for sentences that are crisp, and thus short, being utterly devoid of outlandish punctuation that prolongs the inevitable, subsequent, thought or shall we say, paragraph.
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on December 17, 2005 10 Comments 2 min read
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A friend the other day told me that some people have complained to him that my writing style changed with my working for the Inquirer. “Your sentences  have become short,” was supposedly a typical observation. Oddly enough, my editor at the Arab News still complains about the length of my sentences.

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

Seven days to Christmas. Please be reminded that ever blog you are in the habit of visiting deserves a holiday tip in their tip jar (usually a PayPal link such as this one, also at the lower right of this blog). And that many bloggers have Amazon Wish Lists, which have the things they’d really love to have, if only they could make more money (but they can’t, because they devote time to blogging). And while I hear some bloggers like BryanBoy make $2,000.00 a month from Google AdSense, us non-Fashionista and non-Foddie bloggers don’t. So a tip for the writer or a purchase of something on the wish list goes far to spread Holiday cheer and uplift the sagging Yuletide morale.

Holiday twigs and berries courtesy of Nobody’s Fool.

Unusual photo and entry at My Sari-Sari Store.

Curious: Somehow The International Red Diamond just doesn’t seem the same. Did you know Soy milk can cause problems for babies, too?

Check out what The Living Room Recommends! I think the next step will be organizing museum group visits which begin and end with a nice meal. It’s the only way to get people to leave the Malls and enter the cultural realm.

Linkable: The Man-blog. Like The Man Show, but written by non-whities.


Depressing news –John Spencer, who played Chief of Staff and then Vice Presidential candidate Leo McGarry in The West Wing, has passed away. A familiar fixture on TV, he was one of the best actors in a talent-filled show.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog. (= Your Christmas gift to me :-)!
    PayPal is not operating in the Philippines!
    So I can only wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year !!!
    Keep up the good work! I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. John Spencer
    Aside from Martin Sheen one of my faves in the West Wing
    before running for VP he played chief of staff(clicked link just to be sure)

    Another impact player lost

  3. Whatever issues comeout next week

    ie Davide retirement replacement of Davide
    Senate rejection of concom proposals
    dormant or active coup
    note verbale re Garci or Hubert Webb

    or Metro Manila Film Festival award scams

    Have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all!

  4. I can’t believe there is not a published copy of Garci’s Second Petition with the Supreme Court ANYWHERE. It’s just the most important legal maneuver of Gloriagate. But who has actually read it? Analysed it? Understood it? Where the heck is it? Anybody know someone with a copy?

  5. DJB, you said it’s (second petition) the most important legal maneuver in the Gloriagate. Please enlighten us because you seem to know why; I have read it only here…