Today’s thematic readings

On Garci:

Newsstand On discounting Garci.

Ricky Carandang On passports and cameras.

On the military:

RG Cruz on being Weirded out. GMA orders loyalty check, says the Tribune.

The Public Thing on the armed forces and wiretapping. Ben Lim’s views on the same thing.

Punditry & Blogosphere:

Jojo Robles disses Imee Marcos.

Business Mirror sees something Marcosian in the Charter change commission; its editorial asks where the jobs are.

Amando Doronila disses Fortunato Abat.


Elections in Iraq, via normblog and Pajamas Media.

Pakistan bans adoption of quake orphans (Arab News).

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

16 thoughts on “Today’s thematic readings

  1. Dear Mr. Quezon,

    I know this isn’t really the place to post this, but I couldn’t find your personal email.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for speaking at the Press Conference last Monday. I learned a lot in that half-hour. Even better, thanks for adjudging my piece first place! (Wait, you did judge, right? Someone told me that it’s not always the speaker who judges.) It really made my year.

    If you’re wondering who I am, think back to your lecture. I was the girl in the second row who asked you if you were picky about neatness, and brought up Maximo Oliveros.

    Thank you very very much!!!

  2. Wow Florianne, thanks for taking the trouble to say hi. I’m glad to be able to connect a face with the winning entry. I enjoyed your feature very much -keep writing, I think you’ll go far.

  3. MLQ3,

    Looks like you have been having good raport with the youth lately….

    I still recall downloading all the mp3 files on that CEAP talk a month or so ago…..


  4. hello mlq3
    i have a wrong spellin on comment above..if there is no typo then it is not me hehe

    below is a reply to a de brux with a little reading bout next year not accurate because we will never know what will happen tomorrow
    Karl Says:

    December 17th, 2005 at 2:32 am

    Thanks Anna de Brux

    You have always been my source of information especially on questions am afraid to ask my dad

    when you say ask your dad…no need

    the way I read this is this is a year long event with a few commercials in between

    that no 2007 elections will be tackled then forgotten then revived

    they are killing jueteng gate now because for some reason then maybe revive it later

    the garci situation if things got forgotten before jan 25
    let us see…
    of course there is x mas,new year and three kings



    Can’t say bout coup because it may be dormant or may be active,plan a plan b thing

    but davide retirement is the nearest issue in mind

  5. Read about an exit plan supposedly released by Bert Gonzales

    All plans have contingency multiple choices

    if all else fails there is always DARNA



  6. I read Philstar online

    it seems that two colleagues Ms. Pedrosa and Mr. Magno are having a misunderstanding and unresolved issues..

    if that is the case then what can we expect of the final propoal where its two proponents have unresoleved issues

    reallistically speaking it is still up to the Bicam committee if senate doe not reject it out right…

  7. DOJ 360 degrees turnaround is calculated on Garcilliano’s position. Garci was a fugitive when his position cannot be ascertained. Now that Garci is humming the government song, DOJ is keeping its distance. DOJ washes itself in two things (1) acting on the request of the legislature to instruct its embassy in Singapore resulting to a note verbale from Singapore, (2) it is up to the regular court to determine (criminal) status of Garci.

    Of course, the most important issue of note verbale is relegated to the sideline. Singapore government will not explain further its position unless invited again by the Philippine government. The Philippine government find it is wise not to ask retraction from Singapore.

  8. The legislators again got stuck in its investigation of the fertilizer scam when DA undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante went to the US. DFA refused to cancel Bolante’s passport due to technicality. The Philippine Passport Act requires any of the 3 to cancel, (1) fugitive from justice, (2) criminally convicted by court, and (3) tampered passport. DFA’s position is similar to that of DOJ, regular court has jurisdiction.

    This should bring the legislators to their senses that they should not take too highly of their positions. They should have bring cases of Garcilliano and Bolante to the regular court to get justice done. US can extradite Bolante only if there is a court order.

    It is almost like all the legislators’ moves deemed to fail from the start because they want shortcuts. Each failure simply popularize the notion that legislators did only for grandstanding and showmanship.

  9. Ping Lacson left for US to prove Garci is lying.
    Does it matter after the reliable Singapore’s note verbale?

    Agh! Please, try Garcilliano and Bolante in the regular court. The would be most prudent, cost effective and enhance disposition of justice.

  10. CNN reporters keep on asking GWB about his evesdropping /anti espionage policy

    I wonder if included in the topics being evaded by GWB is the Aquino Arragoconcilio issue….

    NAH to trivial….

    how come not hear Blair complaining bout subsidies

    Oh he is too busy with the EU budget

  11. CNN again

    Anti Torture law being passed across the nations….

    This is what Saddam is waiting for…….

  12. Another random thought

    CNN reporters keep on asking GWB about his evesdropping /anti espionage policy

    is the garci issue slowly creeping to the CNN and Uncle Sam

  13. US evesdropping on its citizen is presumably done but GWB is smart enough not to use any part of it to avoid publicity backlash. In fact, all evidences used against a US citizen and retired US marine Leandro Aragoncillo are coming from FBI audit following Aragoncillo’s personal intervention of Aguino.

    Philippines should follow US example, work on something that will stand in court. Hello…. paging all smart Philippine Senators and Congressmen.

  14. That is probably why Senator Miriam Santiago is smarter than her compatriots in the opposition. She rather work on something that is doable and move on than getting stuck on something that will not pass the test of the court.

  15. MLQ3, yes karl, i have been reading magno & if i understood well his line is to think things out & the need for further seems to me magno is being prudent.we all want change but but let’s also weigh things very well looking long term then just getting surpriced by thing we did not think of.i think rather then higlighting the discord we can also see what are valid point & work on the things that unite us rather then divide us.

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