How to revive your enemy

Fidel Ramos, in an exclusive interview with the Manila Times, criticizes President Arroyo for turning charter change into a “slow drag.” FVR among other things, criticizes the President for not even convening the Council of State.  Perhaps Ricky Carandang is on to something.

Uniffors examines why it makes sense for Garci to disappear before he appears before Congress next week. A must-read.

And Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil pens a deliciously incisive pen-portrait of the Secretary of Justice:

Pasty-faced, with slicked-down thinning hair and a redneck suit of clashing plaids, he made reference last week to the victim’s “panties,” as the most exciting thing in the preliminary hearings, and put forth rhetorical explanations for not seeking custody of the accused American servicemen. With housewifely concern, he argued against having to feed the Americans, pay for their laundry bills and, “what if they demand airconditioning?” No doubt the state of our finances preys on his mind, what with our squandering billions on fertilizers and Venable lobby contracts.

With many sidelong glances and sly smiles, he squirmed and quivered through a TV interview, as he reported the visit of the complainant to the DOJ building, and how he refused to receive her, making it all sound as if the poor girl were trying to arrange a tryst with an alpha male like him. He implied that he was only protecting his reputation. But that item has been in shreds since he presided over the canvassing of ballot certificates in 2004.

Part One of a Perspective Piece in the Business Mirror on how the Philippine economy has actually done not that badly (but also pretty badly) since the 1980s, makes for provocative reading.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “How to revive your enemy

  1. Read the business mirror article…..

    back in 88 just entered college two to three years later was displaying the brick like cel phones owned by the military for props only
    medyo KSP ako noon(noon lang?)

    But a question that would come to mind is…..
    would things could be different if we are just 60-65 million Filipinos in the present time?

    If I can call the Church as the most powerful lobby group in the world,,how can we stop exponential population growth?

  2. really. no wonder fvr and the catholic church never got along before. its because fvr thinks he IS the messiah.

  3. Dec 7 for Garci in lower house dec 8 for Sammy Ong in upper…..

    Been channel surfing watched MariGold interviewing “speaker” Pitchay

    After next week he will continue his consulatation for reforms in Congress…

    He laments that the congress has only four all around staff while a councilor has 20 plus staff..he is sort of explaining the slow pace of congress…..

    If th Speaker does not change
    style then he will challenge..he said if the speaker has leadership style then we could have the budget by now instaed of Chacha……

    bottomline is I think he is gathering consensus before challenging for anything….

  4. I like Nakpil’s description of Justice Secretary Gonzales. Gonzales is that quintessential gangster in coat and tie whose inner essence no amount of fine apparel and external fixing could hide. But he’s Justice secretary by GMA’s choice, what can one say, and I am not?

  5. About the 4 staff only report of Pitchay

    I would like to believe him because my friend Gerard Lukban told me so

    Imagine him doing the national budget by his lonesome

    now out of the frying pan into the fire..

    he is now into preneed mess in SEC

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