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All things Southeast Asian Games related can be found on’s page on the 2005 SEA Games. By the way, I never read the sports pages so only found out that Ronnie Nathanielsz is a sports columnist for the Manila Standard-Today! What happened to the campaign to deport him?

Madame Chiang is amused by Metro Manila street names.

Speaking of Sunday brunch, Eating the Sun writes an entertaining rant that includes what her pastors used to say: don’t eat at Fiestas because the food laid out is a Catholic sacrificial meal to idols.

Here’s an interesting series of articles on the origins of many famous American salads.

And guess who invented fruit cocktail? William Vere Cruess.

Batjay has the funniest synopsis of the spirit of Thanksgiving in America: “I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.”

Oh, and sayote, which is chayote, came from Mexico via a Spaniard in 1922 (is it true McDonald’s uses it instead of apples for its apple pie?).
And back to brunch: a smorgasbord of podcasts from the Philippines (hat tip to iBlog). Pam Pastor blogs about it, too.

Via rebecca’s pocket: guess what, singing may fight Alzheimer’s! Speaking of singers, remember David Hasselhoff, of Knightrider fame? Well, he’s always been a pop star in Germany and he’s set to do a Madonna cover. Speaking of stars from our youth… From Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) has passed away. No more “wax on, wax off…” and crude, jesting variations thereof. Speaking of the 80’s, when we watched Knightrider and Karate Kid, Vincula (UP law professor Teddy Te)  thinks the 80s was a great decade. And Adel Gabot has an intriguing entry on backmasking -you know, if you play some albums backwards they reveal something creepy… Speaking of creepy, Captain Marlow links to a series of discussions on blood and sacrifice.

On movies, McVie Show (Season 3) reviews a trailer. Karl (the most tireless commenter here) goes Googling.

Stepping on poop got one of those misprinted 100 peso bills and says it’s all poop.

Kuro-kuro wants to uplift blog discourse in Filipino (the other bloggers who write in Filipino that I regularly read are Ang Tambayan ni Paeng and Ellen Tordesillas). Click Mo Mukha Mo has lots of linkalicious links. FriscoDude points to that rare thing in Singapore, satire. the white papers rants about engineerenglish. And someone please explain to me what this entry means!

I am usually Scrooge-like at Christmas time, but what’s this? The University of the Philippines lantern parade’s been canceled?

And of course, Heckler At Large’s  Year Ender Awards. And last, but not least, watch Gene Kelly get updated!

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. HI, i was searching for info on ronnie nathenielsz’s nationality and i landed on your web. I like ur sunday brunch article here. BTW, (anyone please help), i just recently watched a Manny Pacquio feature and there pop the face of this nathaneilsz, what his real nationality ba? (indian?!) sorry, been dumb so long… tnx

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