‘Tis true! (updated)

Whatever happened to there’s no real news on a Sunday??

ABS-CBN Interactive finally has the Mother of All Scoops: Garci says hello, talks exclusively to ABS-CBN (the link, alas, is blank for now, perhaps the story will appear when they normally have their 4 p.m. updates).  Inq7.net reports, Garcillano surfaces, admits speaking with Arroyo.
Let the games begin.

Ricky Carandang provides the skinny on the story: Garci may not be completely under control.

This story won’t get proper traction until Tuesday, when people go back to work.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

12 thoughts on “‘Tis true! (updated)

  1. # DJB
    November 27th, 2005 18:56

    I think Garci has just UNWITTINGLY authenticated the Garci tapes! Not their contents but the fact that they are authentic sound recordings of certain conversations that actually took place. Only he and the participants in those conversations can possibly perform such a direct authentication per testificandum.

    THEREFORE, even if he is arguing against the VOTERIGGING charges, he has unwittingly TURNED STATE WITNESS in a possible criminal suit against PERSONS STILL UNKNOWN who are guilty of having wiretapped Virgilio Garciliano. This time it is Garci himself making that accusation!


    Garci is the “victim” of that crime, even if later on he turns out to be the perpetrator in the conspiracy to voterigging

  2. I have read Henry Omaga Diaz’s interview with Garci at ABS-CBN Interactive. In the photo, his new image made him looked like he’s now called as Abu Garci. I made a short post on this on my site.

  3. RC: Kahit papaano KAWAWA naman si Wykes. I got this text today from old friend:

    Harvard Kennedy School of Govt Alumni will hold a prayer service for Wykes. His condition has stabilized and we ask the Lord for more blessings .. Service will be at 6pm Nov28 Monday at Central United Methodist Church located on TM Kalaw St Ermita, Manila,Please pass to fellow alumni..Dean Jorge Bocobo

    Hope you don’t mind my posting it here MLQ3, since you have many illustrious guests who may want to have this humanitarian info.

  4. MLQ3,

    According to AFP and AP wire reports, Virgilio Garcillano of Gloria’s “Hello, Garci!” fame said he went into hiding because he was afraid of Senator Ping Lacson or what Lacson’s men might do to him.

    This is the most grotesque and most cowardly excuse I’ve ever heard from someone who’s been heard on the tape mouthing ‘kidnapping’ threats against election officials who wouldn’t toe the Gloria-Garci line of “dagdag-bawas” election operations.

    Garci is lying and have no doubt, he will lie all the way.

    If for the sake of argument, Garci was truly scared for his security, why, he has the best ‘protectors’ that this world could offer – Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s and her husband’s men in the police and armed forces, press men in their pay, and all the other Gloria ‘alalays’ whom I have no doubt would protect him from harm by any of the members of the Opposition because he is the one witness Gloria needs to lie for her in order to re-enforce her claim that she didn’t rig the elections in her favor.

    Furthermore, if the tapes on which he’s been heard rigging elections in favor of Gloria Macapagal are true, the threat to Garcillano’s person wouldn’t come from Lacson but from the supporters of the man from whom the votes were allegedly stolen – Gloria’s nemesis, FPJ. They, of all people, have all the reasons in the world to want to harm him more than any other defeated candidate. Lacson had known all along that there was no way he would beat Poe and this was a given factor so why should Garci be afraid of him?

    Therefore, Garcillano is simply lying to his teeth when he asserts that he went into hiding for fear of Lacson!

    The Senator and his men would be the least of his worries. If I have one advice to give Garcillano is to keep an eye on all his flanks because realistically, the threat to his person will not be coming from the Opposition but from within his own camp!

    It’s Gloria and her henchmen who now pose a real threat to him – they have all the reasons in the world to silence him should he ever change his tune! It’s Mike ‘Jose Pidal’ Arroyo that he should be afraid of. Garci need to fear his own partners in crime than any member of the legislature, least of all Lacson.

    It is not far-fetched at all to believe that Garci’s disappearing act was prompted by his fear of his own partners in committing the alleged election crimes. Therefore, the reasons that are being fed to the media by Garci and wife Gracie on Garci’s disappearance (and appearance) act are so preposterous that only fools in a mental asylum would believe him.

    I cannot and will not believe Garci. To me, this Comelec official is nothing but a thief, a liar and a cheat in the service of Gloria and her husband. Garci is nothing but an election crook – his past records confirm his behavior today.

    Frankly, Gracie, his wife ought to be ashamed to be married to such a scoundrel.

  5. A de Brux
    I am iinclined to believe your take on it……

    Since NOv 30’s chance for us to remember the birth of andress bonifacio
    and sice all we remember is fractious katipunan and them killing each other and other events that overtake what should be the most importatnt day to remember!

  6. Why would he be afraid of Lacson was he responsible for Iggy’s congressional victory?

    Come to think of it…Nothing was heard from that Jose Pidal Issue until it got linked somehow to Jueteng and that signature departmentforgot his name … former benefactor of Sandra Cam

  7. There’s a lot of speculation about what Garci will say or not say. Right now, that’s all there is to it. However, there are indications that he might point to opposition figures like Loren Legarda and Jamby Madrigal seeking his favors, which, in this rotten electoral system of ours, is most likely true. What Garci will bring out is that our political system is filled with a lot of hyprocrisy and loose ends. Perhaps it may help us to face reality about changing the manner we conduct elections.

  8. as planned garci boy is out and claims to the high heavens hes innocent, well…for whatever purported view or meaning on the word “innocent”, garci boy may have in mind though…

    timely though it may be i really hope that the investigation on the garci tapes will push thru i believe those persons behind garci’s coming out from hiding did plan that the garci issue would somehow be muddled if not fade away especially now, during the coming xmas season not discounting GMA’s intended xmas bonus to govt employees running into several billions and the charter change being harped out loud by cong devenecia and the rape issue on,

    one thing is for sure though those in the media who play to the tune for the right amount will sure have their pockets full for the coming xmas and the year to come as they eagerly sing hallelujah’s to malacanang evil schemes.

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