4 thoughts on “CEAP kids roundtable. part 6

  1. after hearing the young saying their pieces, i have no doubt what our country will look like 30 years from now. SAME AS NOW,IF NOT WORSE.

    LIKE WHAT THEY ARE SaYING, kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan.

    the youth of today are made of lesser stuff, notwithstanding the technologies they now have.

    imagine them cramming at the libraries to research things that now one can have at an instant through Internet.

    yet, we were able to flex our muscle (political) then, and marched in the tens of thousands.

  2. matatalino yung mga bata na nkasama mo dito. pero listening to them talk, some of them are jaded na. Mag-aabroad para ma-reach ang full potential sabi nung isa. Well, i can’t really blame them kasi nabubuhay sila sa panahon kung saan npakagulo sa atin. Pero nkakalungkot dahil these are young people. They’re supposed to be idealistic and optimistic during this time of their lives.

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