3 thoughts on “CEAP kids roundtable, part 5

  1. How nice to feel young again…
    The more things change the more they stay the same…

    Nice sharing with the youth sir Manolo

    pero sorry kung matamaan ako kung sinabi mong those remaining people who think have warped minds…..

    I do hope its just your inis sentiment na dumadating lang pag naiinis ka
    alam naman natin na lahat tayo nagrereflect kahit na with a warped mind

    I completely forgot that you said that while listening to the audio

    Uy me nadinig akong Utopia parang naalaala ko sarili ko a.

    tapos parang nalala ko ang exchanges ko recently in your blog….

    Of course I am not taking it personally about that warped mind thing… ako pa! walang pakialam kung mapahiya. who takes every second as a student in life.

  2. 🙂
    I was replying on another section naulit ko tuloy unnecessarily yung tinatamaan….

    How can you say na mainitin ang ulo nyo ang amo amo nyo pong magsalita (about when you talked to your mom)
    ang amo ng boses nyo
    Sir may i open up medyo malakas na loob ko itanong

    Why was my dad’s interview done by your colleage in inq tv it was never shown on tv…
    sa palgay ko time pressure dahil ang bagal magsalta nun eh tapos ang haba pa

    He is Commodore Garcia medyo napahiya sya sa amin nuon eh
    rapos tinawagan ba naman lahat ng kaibigan….
    it was about the possibility of coups na di naman nagyari….

    OK lang yun lipas na po…
    It is always a pleasure to converse with you sir Manolo!

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