2 thoughts on “CCTA podcast, part 2

  1. Brother Armin…..
    He is the one big shot I can call friend.
    Even if we don’t agree on somethings what we do is just not talks about it.Talk about anything else but not about politics.
    In our last high school reunion were BRo is almost always present we did it again had fun drink and talked about that scuffle during game ! of the FEU dLSU which happened just a few minutes prior to the reunion.

    LSGH Batch 8_ composed of a fine mix …..
    we have Congress man Albert Garcia,Vince Ermita,Gerald LUkban, Atty Adel Tamano,Atty Bong Suntay and so on..
    Its a good thing that not even the influence of alcohol
    can make us violate Bros directive of no politics..
    so we drink and be merry and tomorrow is another day.

  2. Concidering I have a bunch of typos everytime La salle may one day disown me as having studied there and begin to check on their admissions and registrars office and find out who was responsible for admitting me.
    Well I got kicked out in College but got my MBA there, but befroe applying for my MBA I asked if it were an issue since it seemed not to matter at that time ow with their revamp of the registrar’s office and admissions… people who always have typos will no longer be admitted.

    Going back to Bro…..
    He was my religion teacher during high school and he always correct me when he thinks I am wrong in my views like I asked that why does sometimes God will bad things and he firmly said God will never will anything Bad!

    God speed bro.
    Take care of La Salle…

    Animo La Salle!

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