CCTA podcast part 1

I recorded about 2 hours worth of stuff from the inaugural session of the Citizen’s Congress for Truth and Accountability. I’ve broken it up into chunks.

Click on the mp3 icon to either download or listen to the audio.

Part 1: Observations, the national anthem, and invocations.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “CCTA podcast part 1

  1. Manolo – this is great! Cool. And thanks.

    Is the audio files wrapped into an RSS 2 feed? I can’t seem to “subscribe” to your feed with iPodderX and have the audio automatically downloaded to my iPod like I do with Podcasts.

    Now that would be really cool. Podcasts from MLQ3!

  2. For those still in the dark ages like me who has just dial up must have to wait two hours or so.Just used download accelerator so if it gets cut I can start where I have left of.
    That is what I miss in the corporate world ,where I can use the facilities of the office.
    But being a homebody for now I get to watch tv while downloading……
    Then I watch ANC and a summary is given by RG cruz I said what the hell am I downloading for !

  3. Nick my lurning curve on these things is kinda slow, will look into what the heck an rss2 feed is…

    karl, well, it’s mainly for those who would have wanted to be there, I guess.

  4. To MLQ3 – Its not a Rss feed for the Web site instead a feed which links to the actual audio tracks..

    Since you dont have much audio here not much use to set it up yet..

    If you were giving a weekly or daily taped session then it would work..

    Check out pod casting.. for more info. Google it na lang..

  5. Manolo – my mistake. The all the mp3 files ARE indeed showing up on my iPod. This is pretty cool.

    But apparently you’re not filling out the ID3 tags with info on about the stream – i.e. that it’s from you and the title of the recording. The podcasts show up on my iPod with no identification.

    But I think you’re doing a great job keeping up with this technology. You’re way beyond me.

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