How to fail

Interesting reads today are Marit Stinus-Remonde on whether communist rebels are terrorists or merely bandits; Tony Abaya and his pointers on how not to go about trying to topple a government; Dong Puno on what he sees as conflicting views within the administration as to how to accomplish charter change; Alex Magno bewailing the mistrust people have for the anti-terror bill:

Eid Kabalu, spokesman of the MILF, recently admitted that the Indonesian bombing experts responsible for the latest Bali attacks are hiding out, not in Mindanao, but in Manila. Are we waiting for another strike at the LRT or another bus blast in Makati before we finally decide to take the bull by the horns?

Fine, but what will a bill pending before Congress do to address such a danger? If found, these people will have to be arrested under present laws.

Finally, we bloggers have to stick together. I’ve signed the petition for Martyn See, who is in trouble not for blogging, but for trying to make a documentary film. Read the petition to the Singapore government here.

Any Pinoy bloggers in Washington, D.C.? Let me know.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

14 thoughts on “How to fail

  1. Manolo, I think that unsitting PGMA is bound to fail because the groups are more concerned w/ fancy names but are poor in substance.Groups like Bukluran or Solidarity & others are only just a group of people, no different from our political parties, that get together for a comon goal.I don’t think we have ever been an ideological oriented people
    Groups aginst PGMA don’t have anything to propose.All they are after are immediate results.Even our comis are just plain bandits/criminals who are not capable of moving on to the real world.
    It is dificult to see how we can move on because we really like basic elements to the succes of anything, dicipline.
    we are a culture w/ a lot of fire, passion.Love for Liberty & democracy,but it ends there.When it boils down to doing things, we instantly break down to a million pieces protesting anything possible.
    I remember what PGMA said in her last SONA,”that we are our worst enemies”.
    In a way terrorist pale in comparission to the damege we ourselves do to our country.
    There is nothing worst than anyone who does wrong & thinks his doing right!
    Just as the Senators take pride in feeling themselves indipendent.It’s enough to see the ressult of their arrogance and ask ourselves if their attitude is doing the country justice?
    I think in our culture it is never popular to point at yourself as the source of a fault,or is it our amor propio that will never make us admit our faults?
    I think that while there can be many issues.I think that there is really just one issue.
    While there can be many questions.No answer is ever enough to a people who do not have the Nation as the primary concern.
    Maybe we are just naive.Until you don’t have to make dicisions that affect 70M pinoy your doing good.Your a moral & Honest person.Question is,when you will be the one on top, do you really think matters will always be just black & white?
    I think idealissim must always be balanced w/ reality.

  2. Don’t look at those who opposes Gloria because they did not invent the Garci tapes. They did not talk to Garcillano. They did not used the AFP & PNP to do the cheating.

    It is Gloria, who said “I-am-sorry” who you should focus on. Failure to unseat her does not mean she’s innocent.

    And that’s the sad part of it all.

  3. i agree with ms remonde. these ‘commies’ are nothing but bandits that can only fight those who are defenseless. attacking antennas! joma sison is right, they should not be in the list of terror organizations, they should be in the list of organized crime syndicates. their leaders are so delusional with their statements i don’t know who they’re trying to fool- the people or themselves.

  4. Jonas,
    I agree PGMA is not innocent.But are those hitting her any better?
    If they are, then by all means lets unseat PGMA!
    And if they are not, what’s the point in weakening the institution further?
    I would like to beleave she did her “i’m sorry thing” to admit that she did talk to sombody.
    I don’t know if that is equivalent to admiting to a crime.
    Honestly, I never listened nor care to listen to the tapes because i don’t see what good it can do.
    It should have benifited FPJ,but it was delayed for a year.Then who is trying to benifit from it now?

  5. joselu,

    It is not a question of who is better it is a question of whether or not Gloria violated the people’s trust. You don’t unseat Gloria because she is the only guilty one you unseat her because she violated the principles of the constitution and the law. Don’t look at those opposing her, look at her and what she’s done.

    You weaken the institution not because you have a strong opposition, you weaken it by having a leader who is a con.

    That’s the problem with her “I-am-sorry” statement there was an intention really to confuse the people further. Just look at its effect on you. Up to now you don’t know how to make of it and the sad thing is, your not alone in that situation.

    Let’s take for example, if you are sincere and serious in having your side understood and clarified will you do the same fuzzy mea culpa? Unless you really intend to confuse and create maze you will not issue a statement that will only create additional confusion.

    If you did not listened and care for the tapes that’s your look out, but if you want to write in forums like this and argue and debate on certain issues, you should be better equip with information not only to be able to survive but also to be able to contribute in the clarification of issues.

    It is not a question of who will benefit in Gloria’s lying and cheating, it’s a question of having a leader who cheated and lied.

  6. Amen to Jonas.

    There are really a lot of people who are confused with the issues at hand. Clearly, the GMA propmachine has done its job very well.

    The Filipino people will fail, not the opposition. History will judge us, again, negatively as a pathetically apathetic people.

    Suggestion: do not think in terms of cost and benefit. This is simply wrong. It’s like saying you want to have children for your benefit when you grow old.

    That’s all I can say.

  7. Jonas, I think the garci tapes where ment to divide & confuse & influence people’s judgment.
    Some people take the contents as “bibile” truth and I think have lost their peace.
    I know of people who have listened to it and have remaind firm.It just has different effects on different people.It does not mean that it’s true.
    I just don’t look at things on their superficial value.
    I think those opposing PGMA must give better alternative.But I think they are suffering credibility problems.
    I think admiting is not as simple in the real world.Yes it’s true what you said.If one is innocent than go on and prove it.After all there is nothing to hide.
    In the same way, what will you do if you are cornerd & forced to admit to something?
    Will you not cry foul?Will you not do everything to defend yourself?
    I think in the real world things are not always black & white. I think there will always be people who will take advantage of situations.
    I think it is certainly good to be honest & a person w/ integrity.
    It’s also true until you don’t have major responsibilities you could be the person w/ the highest morals if not already a SAINT!The real test to your high idealissim is what you will do when you will be in a tough situation.
    I don’t think any of us are Judges.I think those who are rushing a judgment is only because there is something in it for them.
    My position is always to look at the bigger picture.Unsitting PGMA does not solve our problems.I certainly do not want to be identified w/ a lynch moob.Sadly we are all witnesses to the dirtiest politics there has ever been in this country.Question is, do we want to mix w/ it by taking sides by throwing reason & logic to the wind? Or do we want to be above the shit by using our God givn brains by really being as objective as we could?
    I think there is everything to gain listening to reason than being controled by our emotions & perceptions & our subjective rightiousness.
    I think to do justice to Manolo this blog be a place true debate based on reason.Maybe we won’t change the world overnight but I think since society is made of individuals.Strong individuals makes for a stronger society.
    Jonas, nothing in this “real world” is done w/o a purpose.That is the reason there is such a word in our vocobulary as “WHY”, if you really want answers.

  8. Arbet,
    What could be the reason why do you think the “people” will fail?
    could it be because they are;
    taking sides w/o asking questions first?
    is it because they are taking the garci tapes as “gospel” truth?
    is it because the people don’t really know what they want?
    is it because of our culture of sige na lang para wala ng gulo, that we don’t get to the bottom of things?
    is it because we are throwing logic & reason to the wind?
    is it because we are approaching a problem from a weal position?
    is it because we want so much but don’t want to give anything in return?
    is it because we are too idealistic?
    is it because our religious upbringing that we are to rightious?
    is it because we are too personaly oriented?
    is it because democracy for us is a free for all thing?
    is it because we never want to accept responsibility?
    is it because democracy is all about rights and nothing to do w/ obligations?
    is it because “amor propio is clouding our judgment?
    is it because we are doing the right things for the wrong reasons?
    is it because we try to satisfy everybody for the sake of popularity?
    is it because we give more importance to our natural instincts & forget that there is a country called Philippines that we belong too?

    There are so many more questions that we more preoccupied to answer if we really want to get out from the rut we are in.
    I don’t think the problem is about the others.It’s about US!
    I think, more than just accusing & judging & acting as if we had the monopoly of honesty & integrity.We must recognize our weakneses first and take it from there

  9. joselu,

    What do you mean by “meant to divide & confuse”? I don’t think people take the Garci tapes as bible truth if that’s what you mean. They take it as reference with regard to Gloria’s sincerity and honesty.

    What’s superficial with the Garci tapes?

    I oppose Gloria, what is my credibility problem then?

    If I’m innocent nobody can force or corner me to admit something because before they do that I will beat them to it by volunteering myself to provide information, contact needed persons and assist in the search for the truth and prove my innocence in any forum. I will be willing and able to submit myself for anything that will reveal the truth.

    Why will I cry ‘foul’? If I’m innocent there’s no need to do that because I know I will have the time later to cry ‘fore!’ The catch is, once truth is found to be in my favor, those who accused me of wrongdoings will have to be ready because it would be my turn to return back to them the ‘dividends’ of truth. That’s how Gloria should have done it, IF she’s innocent.

    The ‘bigger picture’ is you want Gloria, despite cheating and lying, to continue. No, no, no, unseating Gloria will not solve our ‘problems’ if you are talking of the economic and social problems. Unseating her will solve the leadership problem we’re now having. One at a time, please. We cannot go on and our country will not have stability until doubts and questions as to Gloria’s mandate is resolve. Worst, things will exacerbate because of disunity and chaos.

    I’m reasoning with you. I’m not advocating violence. In fact, we have been waiting for months now for Gloria to give us reason or reason with us. Can you imagine a President ignoring and avoiding her people’s plea to be frank and honest with them by addressing the issue of the Garci tapes?

    Why can’t she face her people and do her duty and obligation to tell them all what they want to know regarding her credibility and integrity as their leader?

    Be true and honest, always. For an innocent and rightful leader those are simple task?

  10. Correction:

    Be true and honest, always. For an innocent and rightful leader those are simple task.

  11. Things are not as simple as black & white.
    Remeber when we where kids, when we would ask things from our parents but we would not get it right away.maybe because of many reasons and our first instinct is not to undertand.
    If life is as simple as you see it, then we won’t be having lots of problems.

    Jonas,m I to beleave that you are taking the side of the leftist,Rightist, Opposition?
    Cause honestly, I don’t see where you stand.

    Since I will not gamble on the above mentioned because they have no program of goverment to present to me.
    I would rather gamble on PGMA.
    I know it’s not polpular.But I certainly know I don’t like the others at all!

    I think after the shouting & screaming is over.The bottom line is to make a choice and not be complaining forever!
    Normaly in the real world, if your against one you are for the other.
    How about you?After all your idealissim, goodness & honesty.
    At the end of the day where will you gamble on?
    W/c of the 2 evils can you leave w/?
    Or are you just another of the millions of siguristas afraid to make a stand?
    Or will you follow the the popular side.

    Will the answer be neither of the above?
    If that is the case you are all steam but no action.But I guess I must be wrong.

    Or will you continue to leave in an ideal perfect world disconected from brutal realty?Where YOU decide who is good & bad, honest & dishonest etc…..
    But when push comes to shove, what will you do?

    Jonas,this is just an honest debate,right?
    I’m really interested to know what your position is after you have expressed all your disgust & judgements.
    So what will you do next?
    Who will you gamble on?
    Who will you support?
    Are you sure of what can happen after you unsit PGMA?

    Jonas, normaly when something is not true or is questionalble.It is normaly not taken seriously or is approach w/ caution or questions to motives are asked, it is certainly not used as a basis for accusations.

  12. joselu,

    Don’t confuse yourself. I’m against Gloria because I don’t want a pretender in Malacanang. If the rightist or leftist feels the same way that’s their right but don’t look at me and try to put me on a pigeonhole for categorization with them. I’m not important and I’m not the issue.

    Based on your writings I can sense that you already accept the fact that Gloria lied and cheated but since the alternatives are worst you decided to stick with her. If that’s the case, that’s your right but you can just say so. Don’t romanticize things because nothing is romantic in cheating and lying.

    If I am right in my presumption, I don’t agree with you because we don’t need somebody who lied and cheated brazenly and continues to lie and cheat brazenly, to run the affairs of our country. If we allow this, who will prevent those smugglers, jueteng, drugs and gambling lords, racketeers, etc. who will quickly fall in line to run for president of the country in the near future?

  13. Jonas, I honestly don’t know if all the allegations on PGMA are true.I’m not judge or jury.
    what I know is our brand of politics is really dirty.
    I also know that there are no perfect people on this earth.
    If I’m still gambling on PGMA, it’s because I’m judging her for her program of goverment.If someone else has a better program than I will gamble on that person.
    I say gamble because voting for anyone is really a gamble.
    It’s like saying everything is relative.
    yes Jonas, I guess you have chosen the role of Judge & jury.
    Anyway Jonas, I guess what we say here won’t change the world.But it’s great debating w/ you.wish you more peace

  14. joselu,

    If you don’t know if the allegations against Gloria were true what do you do? You make a move to make her say something about those allegations. You don’t have to be a judge or a jury, all you have to do is to be a responsible citizen of this country and do your role as one. If the chief executive is being accused of cheating and lying isn’t it incumbent upon her to explain ‘everything’ to the people what the truth is all about?

    Never mind the ‘brand of politics’ that we have, we have time for that. Don’t look at other issues when the issue of Gloria’s cheating and lying is staring at you in the face. Why be in the denial mode?

    We are not looking for a perfect person we are aiming to remove a lying and a cheating president.

    See, you just said that you are not a judge or jury but you also said “I’m JUDGING her for her program of government”? What will I make of that? Why will you insist on the program of a cheat and a liar as your basis for removing her? That’s a flimsy reason for justifying your decision.

    I’m sorry I’m not a judge or a jury but an accuser. I’ll keep on saying that Gloria should address the issue of her cheating and lying. If she is innocent in the end and it was proven I’ll say sorry to you and will stop writing in this forum.

    Let’s be real. That’s all we need right now.

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