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My column for today is Fear Your Own (hat tip to Philippine Politics ’04 for raising my blood pressure enough to get me thinking on the topic). A good (as in in gives you an idea of what Whitey thinks of us lil’ brown folk) rundown is in Belmont Club, pay attention to the comments.

There’s also this report, on the uselessness of taking out full-page political ads. It’s written by a blogger, Filipino Librarian.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

13 thoughts on “Fear your own

  1. Michelle Malkin probably just wanted to prove her intellectual honesty by taking the arguments in her book “In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror” to its logical conclusion. Having said that, on balance, i think it’s still good for this country that she’s an American. That’s one less self-hating Filipino to put up with.

  2. just to set the record straight. michelle is american but with filipino ancestry. malkin is probably the husband’s surname. (bio is quite sketchy on the web.) i have been reading her for a while.

    belmont club is run by richard fernandez. filipino but living in australia. he reminds of tom clancy who taught himself military technology and tactics until even the CIA started reading him. i see a lot of posters in his blogsite and yes, they are ‘whitey’.

  3. How timely that “Good Night & Good Luck” is opening soon. It’s an object lesson on “witch hunts” that Americans should be reminded about!

    As for Malkin – she might be a mestiza – you know that saying about the heron that stood on the carabao’s back? She’s that heron! Trying to “prove” her loyalty by discrediting others.

    Remeber those “Catholic but’s” statement? Well she’s saying: “I’m part Filipino, BUT” – her butt’s too big for her breeches!


  4. Yes Manolo, what Aragoncillio did was most un-American!
    I don’t think the American Jews have any problems, they are too busy making money.
    The American media is picking-up on the story because for them it’s like the White House has been burglerized.
    I think, for us pinoys it should be a lesson who far not to bring our “dirty games”!!!!!
    In a way our brand of “dirty politics” is going out of control!
    We are not just content w/ bring down an Administration!
    Questioning the North Rail project puts at risk our relations w/ China.
    The aragoncillio sort-of spying issue endangers our realtions w/ the “great Whites”.
    But the tragic part of the story is the cloud of doubt that that the pinoys will have to leave w/!
    When they all they ever wanted was to have a peaceful life by leaveing this god forsaken country!
    Just like those in this country who just want to have a peaceful life!
    Is it really all worth it?
    Is PGMA really an incarnation of a Hitler & all evil rulers of the past!!!!!
    That she must go AT ALL COST!!!!!!!
    Or are ALL THOSE desperately working for her down fall not twice as evil!!!!!
    That in their greed for power will leave us w/ no country in our hands!!!!!!
    Remember, the American are paranoid enough w/ terrorisim.
    The terrorist did not succed in crushing a plane in the White House.
    But it’s only a pinoy who did one for the books!!!

  5. Philippine Politics ’04 is one of those blogs you’d agree with if you’d already made up your mind to agree with it in the first place. Otherwise, it’s only shrill and doesn’t convince.

    It’s true that many of our kababayans abroad take pains to describe themselves as anything but Filipino. I often hear some kind of variation of Hawaiian-Spanish-Chinese- Portuguese-Malay-Dutch-what have you. It’s ridiculous and sad. And you’d be surprise how many well-to-do Filipinos, especially doctors, in the States are so proud of Michelle Malkin.

    Richard Fernandez is a resourceful, highly intelligent boy scout enamored with bombs and bullets and John le Carre-type stuff. He’s a graduate of La Salle and Harvard’s Kennedy School and one of Nene Pimentel’s earliest supporters.

  6. michelle malkin is dark skinned much like tetchie agbayani looked like when she was discovered or maria isabel lopez. noyps na noyps ang hitsura. maybe she’s embarrassed at being so obviously pinoy. i see her as an anne coulter wannabe not just in being republican to the extreme (coulter has speaking engagements galore) but also in being white tall and blonde.

    when you see her (she is a resource person for extremist foxnews channel) you get the feeling that she is a hateful person. she is not physically ugly but when she talks there’s an ugliness about her that is so offensive.

  7. and gma, her husband, bro-in-law, son etc are not greedy? are you kidding?

    getting into northrail should not have been done in the 1st place. so ok lang na ginagago ang taong bayan to appease the chinese? ganyan na ba tayo ka warped? 800M per kilometer ok lang basta wag magalit ang mga chinese sa atin? wow. ang tanungin natin ay nasan na ang na release na loan money as of aug 2004. who has it? ang mga senador bang umuusisa sa northrail ang may hawak? malaking pera yun a. who in the arroyo administration has it? i-money market mo lang yun ng sandali instant milyonaryo na ang may hawak. and take note, di pa nauumpisahan ang project. if that’s not corruption…

  8. racial profiling and michel malkin, she must have had really studied how Mckinley and the occupying u.s.armed forces depicted,portrayed,displayed us pinoys during their time, a pack of sharp tooth savages with Mckinley kneeling in prayer asking the GOOD LORD for wisdom and guidance in how to civilize us as they hope to.

    if there is a medical cure to make someone as dark skinned and so pinoy look alike as michel malkin to turn into some fair skinned cinderella it wouldnt be surprising if michel would be one of the first in line to avail of such treatment, a lot of pinoys wud love that too..

    coming to amerika or should it be growing up in amerika? has only proven michel malkin’s intellectual capability, she is no better than Mckinley who for a fact asked the GOOD LORD for help…worse than those macabebe who willingly followed their spanish mentors in suppresing the rising rebellion in our islands, more than a traitor compared to aguinaldo who ordered the execution of bonifacio…it would be a pleasure to add more
    but….next time perhaps….

  9. Actually it seems the McKinley thing was made up by a pastor some time after the fact, and there exists no contemporary accounts that such a speech ever took place. I have to find the source again, but the whole story was apparently made up.

  10. Mariatoo,
    I don’t think the excutive will go into a contract if it is completely against the law.
    Maybe just because we are not stupid, at the end we will end-up w/ out foot in our mouth just because we don’t have all the facts right.
    If it’s really so wrong why has it not been brought to the SC already?
    It’s a different story if our judgment is being influenced by the “U.P.Law center”
    If you read J.Bondoc column lately.He mentioned about the wrong information they gathered & in turn feed to the Senators.
    Is there nothing more STUPID than that coming from U.P.!!!!
    I think before we get into conclussions to who is gago or nut.It’s better to have more information first.
    I think we are doing more damage to ourself when we entertain the notion that being in power is equivalent to being greedy as an absolute.It’s always all about perception.As if perception alone is enough to convit a person.
    Peronaly, I think the more we think that way we only create our own ghost w/e evntually makes our minds more narrow to give objective judgments.

  11. djuara. The US conducted a dirty war in the Phil-Am war during Mckinley’s time. Torture of Filipino prisoners (by water treatment-forcing water into their mouths until their bellies swell, then beating their bellies until they burst) and the killing of Filipino children down to age 10, as they claimed those boys are already capable of carrying firearms, are just some of the inhuman acts the US military did to us. Are we now surprised that Abu-graib happened? Guantanamo?

  12. Ironically Americans learned all that water torture business from the Macabebes, who in turn learnt it from the Spanish Conquistas. Water torture is a classic Spanish inquisition method.

    We’re actually having a debate about these Macabebes in the Kapampangan yahoo group.

    It’s quite amazing that some of my Cabalens consider these animals as heroes. Actually most of them consider them as heroes. They use all sorts of justification to defend these people. I’m embarrassed by them. There are very few Kapampangans who are opposed to them. It’s alarming.

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