Bukluran gathering tonight

invites you to another inter-faith gathering to give tribute to pro-impeachment Congressmen who stood for the truth.

Please join us tonight sa isang
Parangal sa mga Bayani ng Katotohanan
Friday, 9 September 2005, 7:30pm, La Salle Greenhills.

Ituloy ang Laban para sa Katotohanan!

Manuel L. Quezon III.

18 thoughts on “Bukluran gathering tonight

  1. All cut from other sites… Think who is sleeping with who, and why are they doing it. Is it the truth they are looking for, or what..

    MBC – Runs the Anti corruption web site..
    Which gets investigations writen up by PCIJ..
    AIM – Research shows MB men are involved in corruption.
    MBC – is headed by a PIATCO Lawyer.

    almost a year after Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, widow of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ archrival and slain senator, Benigno Aquino Jr., was catapulted to the presidency after a people’s uprising that toppled the dictator in February 1986. The new President had promised to include the hacienda under land reform. President Aquino is from the powerful Cojuangco clan who owns Hacienda Luisita, Inc. (HLI), the sugar plantation with 5,250 farm workers and the Central Azucarrera de Tarlac (CAT) sugar mill with 700 laborers. Today, the 4,915.75-ha sugar plantation harvests some 290,000 tons of sugarcane every year while the CAT mills more than one million tons of cane. CAT Labor Union (CATLU) union president Ricardo Ramos said that of the total tons of cane milled at CAT, 750,000 tons come from other plantations in Luzon. CAT’s milled by-products, Ramos added, are carbon dioxide which is primarily sold to Coca-Cola and Pop Cola owned by Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco of the same clan, and alcohol for Ginebra San Miguel, another Danding company. ..Jose Sr.’s daughter, Corazon (Cory), married Benigno Aquino, a former Tarlac governor and senator and archrival of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Corazon’s brother, Jose Jr. (Peping), one the HLI’s Board of Directors, was a former representative of Tarlac. Peping’s wife, Margarita, was a recent Tarlac governor. Today, Mrs. Aquino’s son, Benigno Jr. (Noynoy), is representative of the second district of the same province.

    City Engr. Joseph Emboltorio of La Carlota City relates that before Cojuangco bought existing haciendas from their previous owners, the people never went hungry and were given employment opportunities. With the change in ownership of these haciendas was the displacement of workers; some 2,000 workers in the area of La Carlota alone were displaced, resulting to an increase in the number of squatters.

    President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino’s

    deals deals deals.. Who started this?

    Estrada took the highly controversial step of suggesting Marcos be reinterred in a hero’s grave. After becoming president, he wasted no time negotiating a settlement with Imelda Marcos and the rest of the family over the considerable Marcos wealth that the government has spent 12 years chasing. Marcos daughter Imee, a congresswoman, Cojuangco and Tan all attended the invitation-only presidential inauguration.

    Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, the current chairman of the Philippines’ third-largest company as ranked by sales, San Miguel Corp. Cojuangco’s power dates back to late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines until he was overthrown in 1986. Cojuangco amassed great wealth under Marcos’s crony beneficence, and he fled with Marcos to Hawaii after the People Power revolution. He is now back in the Philippines and has returned to the good graces of the Philippines’ current president. Cojuangco was elected by the San Miguel board of directors to head the company one week into Estrada’s term

    Conspiracy theory?

    Where are all the links… Connect the dots…. Who gets what after another people power………. IT sure will not be the people…………

    UP against PGMA. Who did they Honor for donations

    Also to be honored are Makati Mayor Jejomar C. Binay; Marikina Mayor Ma. Lourdes C. Fernando; Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II; Marubeni Corp. President and CEO Mr. Ryuikichi Kawaguchi and Machinery Department I General Manager Moroo Shino; PLDT President Manuel V. Pangilinan;

    Ateneo against PGMA

    PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan and First Pacific Co. Ltd. donated , Conjuangco’s again P100 million to the Ateneo de Manila University

    black and white movement

    Smart was accused as the company who taped the phone lines now its partner infocom runs the black and white movement web site and PLDT owns it. Is this not a Cojuangco group and is not dinky soliman related to the Cojuangco’s and the same with Cory.. Smells fishy here…..


    scatter a few morsels to the masses just to make them believe “magkaisa tayo”, march on the streets shouting….

    the sad truth, fools we are…

  3. no need to reiterate. i know that “truth” already. thanks. but that is real politiks. it’s not the cojuangco, arroyos, tuazons, floreindos who are conniving to get the monopoloy of economic and political power. and it’s not only the philippines who has such an elite undertaking. history tells us a lot of stories about being used. time to revolt.

  4. i think it’s the hight of irresponsibility that catholic schools and religious groups use their schools and students for political means.
    we all know politic is dirty and so much more dirty in the philippines!!!a learning institution is for learning!!! I think parents who care must protest that their children or their school and above all the leaders of school not participate in clearly hate and partisan politics.
    that bro.armin is shameless, right after the church stand that everybody hoped would condem pgma, armin ended up having to apologize for the stand la salle took!!!now here we go again.if i remember right he credits himself w/ uniting the opposition.oh wow man!!!!what an achivment? and for what purpose?to bring ahead the battle of the opposition and dityry politics, scheming, shameless politics!!!!!
    we certainly are in the pits!!!!!!
    it’s not a surprise that our educational system is producing porr quality results!!!!!

  5. Joey i agree with you completely..

    Schools are for the education of the people, They could better use the premises with some night school.

    To not just help the children but the adults which have never had a chance before to learn..

  6. Where did he get these assets that the US courts wanted an explaination of.. And why did he not go and prove he had nothing to hide?

    More of the Truth being hidden from the people..

    Josh Andowitt, Lacson’s spokesman in the US, said Lacson’s supporters in Northern California raised $39,000 in funds to settle Lacson’s case during a fundraising dinner on August 26.

    The settlement averted the need for Lacson to fly to the US.

    Lacson was scheduled to appear before the Alameda County Court on September 7 to present proof of legitimacy of his assets in the US and pay off Pelaez.

  7. sleeping….
    i like that idea about night school for adults.w/ the mountains of money it cost to go to private schools they can really lend their services to the needy.
    la salle is really making a big mistake by getting into politics.
    i hope parents would demand higher standards from them cuz their paying them big money!
    lacson is very smart and there are also filipino suckers in the states!!
    hey, that’s an idea how to do maney laundering, by doing fund raising activities kuno.
    lacson is dirty and his a senator, all the more reason we must have a unicameral system so that we lesen the undeserving to be in goverment!

  8. Just to set the record on Joey’s reference to”certain catholic schools” straight: catholic schools have an obligation to stand up for the principles of Catholic social teaching–this includes taking stands on truth and justice. Part of the reason why politics is dirty is because people keep separating morality from politics–politics without morality becomes demonic. It is the duty of catholic schools to help bring moral principles into the realm of politics in their teaching and in their witness. Finally, La Salle to name one institution has been running a night high school for poor adults for the past 25 years. PS. Bro. Luistro has never apologized for the stand La Salle took.

  9. BMV I never said they weren’t all i said it was a better use than to protest.

    Dont even start on morality of the church here.. They do not have a leg to stand on it is worse than the US Church… And why is a Catholic church not allowing children from raped single Mothers to go to school there, because they do not have a mariage certificate??

    Your version of Church is not a compasionate moral one…

  10. mvm, yes, thanks for what you wrote
    after cbcp came out w/ it’s stand the last time, i remember the next day there was a mass in la salle taft w/ cory present and maybe i can be wrong if it was bro. luistro, but he did apologize for the stand they took that they where really wishing was the stand of the cbcp also but it turned out not to be.
    the only thing is truth & justice is very confussed and extremly partissan depending on w/c side you are. it’s not as simple as black and white
    judgment can be taken only after weight so many facts, and they must be legal and i do not see all the facts present up to know.
    they also must be handeled by competent people.
    now if your talking about numbers, that is another thing
    my stand is learning institutions must be careful and cautious about matters, we are not dealing w/ black and white matters.
    i think that before people go to war they must be so very well prepared.
    i’m sorry if i may disagree w/ you but i have an impression that there is much more that can be done to prepare our students than exposing them to dirty politics.
    i think our educational system has much more to be desired.
    hope i don’t ofend you
    thanks anyway

  11. I have nothing against people expressing their feelings and searching for their truths. But how is it that we who disagree with their position are forced to share in their expenses? I have children in La Salle, I pay what the brothers charge me for their education. Does this include the electricity, employees’ salaries, etc whenever they have their anti-gma meetings there? Tama ba yon?

  12. yah nga choy, they should learn to divide things, like not using school facilities for non educational things w/c entail a cost, an overhead in operations w/c is part of the fees that parents pay.
    i don’t mean to do any hair spliting argument.
    only thing is w/ the way things are getting mixed-up, inpropraites can be commited.
    starnge when those same people are accusing someone else also of something of the same.

  13. This stuff about raped single mothers is a bit over the top don’t you think? I don’t think that that represents the majority of Catholic schools–certainly not La Salle because i know a lot of people there in similar situations–kids of unwed mothers, second and third families, etc. The same is true for the other Catholic schools i know.
    This stuff about truth being partisan doesn’t really compute–the truth is the truth though people can use it whichever way they choose. This is no excuse for saying the truth shouldn’t be sought. But its not soemthing that changes to fit each year’s fashions. Also, the dirty politics is around already–the point is to help young people the principles and the intelligence to think things through. It requires helping them to see that moral values are needed and that isn’t just rhetoric. It requires people actually standing up for justrice and truth. The fact that we have neither is because the opportunities to search for them have been systematically blocked.
    I think Choy’s point is a valid one–but since we have no idea whether that’s already taking place or not, it might be good to bring it up with the school’s admin.

  14. BMV it is not over the top it is the Truth a School here well respected across the world for what is thought to be a very christian school..

    But that school requires a Mariage Certificate.

    And why is over the top read some of the other coments on this site about how ugly or how much of a mouse a person is. I have not made any disrespectful comments yet i think.. All i have done is pointed to a truth which has been shown to me.

    You want to know the school Don Bosco.. This school is meant to help the under privilaged in our society.. Don Bosco was a great leader and man when he was alive.

    And also i have heard lots of schools will not admit a child without a baptismal certificate, How can this also be correct, I refuse to get my child baptised in a corrupt church. I want my child to be baptised in a church with diginity and morality. Using the Morality card when you want is not moral it is completely immoral which is the way i see the church here today..

    I am not without sin and have never and never will claim to, so i am not going to cast the first stone but if they throw at me, Expect me to throw back rocks..

  15. If you say Don Bosco does I’ll have to take your word for it. But La Salle certainly doesn’t. I think it’s a mistake to generalize about such things. Idon’t mean “over the top” as an insult by the way–only that its a bit of an exaggeration. Many Catholic schools are open to non-Catholics (without baptismal certificates)although with the proviso that non-Catholics respect school policies on religion. I think that’s fair because parents don’t have to enrol kids in private sectarian schools. If they choose to do so, they shouldn’t expect special treatment because they’re non-catholics.

    Every Church is a community that is simultaneously sinner and saint. Yes, the Catholic Church is the Church that gave us the inquisition, but itis also the Church that gave us the likes of Mother Teresa, St. Francis of Assisi and yes, Don Bosco. I don’t think you’ll find a single organization that has done more for the world in terms of schools, hospitals, work with the poor, etc. To be amember of a Church does not being in a community of the pure–it means being in the community of the fallible and forgiven.

  16. Cory Aquino is technically a prostitute, when she become the president she did not bother to lead by example and distribute hacienda lusita, now she is threatening to led the ouster of every president who attempts to distribute hacienda lusita.

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