Jigsaw puzzle time

People are poring over various bits of news to see if they will fit in the puzzling political picture at present. Is there, or is there not, a deal between the President and the Estradas? Estrada says, no. Why did Danding Cojuangco’s sons not vote, and the NPC, the pet party of Cojuangco, not actively join the fray? Could it be the threat of legal action? And what of the Marcoses? Ricky Carandang reports on conflicting messages in the media. And what do the protest numbers really mean? Will there be political retribution for those who rebeled against the Speaker? House whip Prospero Nograles says, yes. And the bishops, where do they stand? Recent revelations, by the government, that many prelates have been receiving donations from the State can help mute whatever critical statement some of them may try to push.

The President has issued an Executive Order beginning the process of reorganizing the Executive Department which has been held up by first, the fiscal crisis, then the impeachment crisis. This is extremely helpful in promoting loyalty to the chief executive.

How baboy naman they are is my column for today. And just so no one gets confused, the last thing in the world I’m worried about are wrinkles (oh, and here’s a new one: some of the “Top 600 Women in Civil Society” apparently claim they were just playing mahjong when a piece of paper was circulated around for them to sign, and the next thing they knew, it was in an ad!). A humorous piece on aging appears in Juan Marcado’s column today.

Bel Cunanan demands that the country abide by the House’s decision; Conrado de Quiros thunders that the end, for the President, is nigh; Syke Garcia proclaims the presidency enjoys a majority of one; Julius Fortuna says the United States hasn’t cared to intervene in the impeachment issue (a colleague says a political analyst of the US Embassy who has worked here for a long time told the BBC that the President’s days are numbered, 8:30 pm Manila Time Tuesday, but I didn’t see it). Alfred Rosario examines the importance of the President’s UN trip (apropos of the trip, Max Soliven says the President is cutting her trip short; Federico Pascual is agog over the world leaders the President will get to schmooze with). Connie Veneracion noticed, as I did, that in his interpellation, Chiz Escudero laid down the basis for an appeal to the Supreme Court -she thinks the effort is doomed (I disagree with her that it raises political questions and so won’t merit Supreme Court intervention, since the present Constitution deliberately removed such an obstacle to judicial review). Lito Banayo uses his mordant wit to describe the proceedings at the House:

I had planned on leaving just after midnight, knowing that Tuesday was to be quite grueling. Marching in the streets under the harsh sun was easy a generation ago, but now it was not like a walk in the park. I needed to recharge, but then I saw Mike Defensor sneaking in, along with a company of what looked like QC istambays, in basketball shorts and sandos even, filling the galleries. The minions of Malacañang left nothing to chance. There were governors and city mayors, undoubtedly spending their IRA’s in expensive Manila to make sipsip to their lying queen. There were emaciated women in the gallery, hustled from Payatas perhaps or Pampanga even, who hardly understood the verbal jousts on the floor. In an hour or so, they were fast asleep. Mike’s istambays never even bothered to listen. As soon as they were in air-conditioned comfort, they covered their faces with Good Morning towels and snoozed. Their physical presence may have been paid, but their mental presence was not. Smart guys.

Dong Puno apportions blame evenly, saying the House proceedings are a snafu because the rules are defective. Fel Maragay says not since Marcos as a President demonstrated such total control over the legislature. Ole time politico Ernie Maceda indicates the weaknesses the President’s camp will be suffering now. Alex Magno has no reservations in proclaiming the whole thing a triumph of democracy. Tony Abaya has an extremely interesting column detailing the proposed junta and why it’s membership has taken to denouncing each other.

The battle of the editorials continues with the Inquirer editorial taking the President to task for her overjoyed reaction to the House vote; Malaya says sub rosa deals between the President and the Marcoses have helped the opposition. the Star condemns rallies for tying up traffic; the Manila Times editorializes that the opposition put up a good fight but it’s over.

In the blogosphere, Newsstand has an ambitious and important series of entries reflecting his observations of the goings-on in the House during its marathon vote: here, and here, and here. Here’s a genuine problem: entries like these are crucial for the historian of the future; yet how can we be sure they will be preserved? Take this extract from entry No. 4:

Session was suspended, and then I saw (according to my notes) “Suplico giving Marcoleta the evil eye.”

What I meant, what I saw, was Rep. Rolex Suplico, the other endorser, stalk down the aisle to get as close as possible to Marcoleta, looking at him threateningly. The scene was happening right across the hall from me, but I do remember seeing Suplico walking down the aisle to Marcoleta, saying a few words, moving back to his desk while looking sideways at Marcoleta (a sequence familiar to anyone who has ever been shoved in a crowded bar or insulted in a public place), then walking back again in Marcoleta’s direction, as though to threaten him, then finally, after some time, returning to his seat.

It reminds me of one detail I encountered while researching the life of President Roxas. As Speaker, during a heated session, a fellow congressman went up to him and kicked him in the shin; another time, congressmen took to waving their guns around in the Session Hall (that was 1920’s Manila). Were anyone to write a history of the Arroyo presidency, details such as the ones in the entry help provide context and add color.

Punzi gets satirical (satire seems the blogospheric literary style of the moment) with two entries, one on the legal novelties spawned by impeachment and a shopping list of laws for Congress to enact.

And good news! Hoorah, Newsboy is back! With a bitchy entry on rallies. Anonymous Sources is back, too, from a long hiatus, with a hate-list of congressmen he can’t stand hearing. Check out the NBC news blog, to see how American TV journalists are blogging.

Another Hundred Years Hence gets technical on how to fix the system; Edwin Lacierda asks, where are the Jesuits? Finally, kottke.org has a link to an article about one of my pet peeves in life: Powerpoint presentations. Ban Powerpoint! Restore thinking to the People!

Manuel L. Quezon III.

32 thoughts on “Jigsaw puzzle time

  1. I read somewhere (I just can’t remember where) someone said that the middle forces wouldn’t succeed without the masses. I made a blog entry about that. I agree. It is the disdain that the apathetic middle class has againts the masses that will doom the anti-Gloria movement. Disunity is one tactic that the president employs, and the spearheads might not know it.

    The church is compromised, so it will not do anything. Watch what the president will do to neutralize the military.

    My exchange of comments with a friend at my LJ blog is, I think, representative of the majority of the middle class.

  2. Manolo, do you know any one who have a copy of cayetano’s powerpoint presentation? might be a good stuff to convert it to a flash file and put it on a website. the sound effects is cool.

    whats your gut feeling manolo? do you think we have more exciting scenes that will unfold before december? bad trip lang cos street rallies this month is doomed and futile. the reason? the rainy season ( my conspiracy theory? cloud seeding by the malacanang hehehehe)

    good article tho. peace

  3. Ed, if i mat add tge palace is trying to make storm kiko hit metro manila, hehehehehe
    Arbert, and the masses won’t succed w/o the middle forces.
    we very well know who control the masses.
    in a way what is druging us down is that part of society that in a way the eraps and the binays and your true blue tadpol control.
    in a way that is the other philippines that frustrates our take-off.
    sadly it’s kinda hard to be able to have a true debate w/ the masses.
    it’s the same story all over agin.society is really split down the middle.it’s like the election all over again, those who voted against those who voted for the others.now the others are ganging-up on gma.
    better that the church just concentrates on it’s work, i’m sure there is much to do w/o deeping their hands into politics.
    MLQ3, it’s really a puzzle what is going on.
    the things i wont accept are:
    Marcos buried in Libigan ng mga bayani
    Erap getting bail for such flimsy reasons.he has to bring the trial to a conclussio.
    Danding is much to succesesful a person already,i have an impression he does not want more of dirty politics.anyway lil by lil gov. is steping out of san mig if i’m not wrong.
    i think the military will respect the constitution.they ahve nothing to gain.they will be going against the professionalisim they wish to have.i think they too want to break the cycle.yes, there will always be hot heads in the ranks but it seems there is more communication now.

  4. hi M.,
    The Jesuits were there in spirit, persuading the Others (Dominicans, Recolletos, Benedictines, La Salle Brothers, SVD, etc.) to rally for them, for now.
    Don’t count them out.
    But is the House of Assumption in San Lo (nga ba?) divided?. And where are the militant and outspoken (pre-martial law lang naman)
    Maryknollers ?

  5. hey guys, just woundering,is this a fight between the good and the bad, if so how can that be since bought sides are dirty anyway?
    guess it’s between the tall and the short, hehehe.but is it not appearing also that the good guys are getting together w/ the bad guys.are the good guys really aware of the bad guys agenda???or is it, lets just give it our all just to get rid of pgma and lets talk after???does not that sound dangerous??that is waht maceda said yesterday, for now let’s just work to get rid of gma.guess, it will be the dividing of the spoils and the same story all over again that others will be left out.
    personaly, i hope the school institutions & religious hold their horses first.not until it is super clear what will happen after gma is ousted(if she will ever be)should be courting left and right.
    just a suggestion, i beleave it will be more productive to hold dialogue w/ schools and students, allow an open debate of what people really think.
    I don’t know if you may call this crazy.but i think it is very selfish to use student. I think what they really should be doing is really studying hard, reading books that may guide their judgment, sharpening their minds by getting informed well and only after wards make a move if ever.
    I think learning institution must protect their students from being poluted by dirty politics.
    I think they must be protected from clearly partisan matters that is a fight for power.
    I think we are a great nation and we really are great people, but i have to be honest that at times we lack strenght in character.pls. don’t get me wrong.
    better tan using people to form groups and be preocupied w/ larger number of protesters.i’m for the road of dialogue where people can express themselves w/o having to be used by others.

  6. the bishops responses are typical of religious people-full of suplication but wanting of grit and more compelling action. For example Bishop Labayen would ask -where is her heart , her fate is up to God now and Bishop Legaspi would say that the solution is in her hand now. these statements will make arroyo all the more heady and strong because how can a person exercise a solution in her hand against her. and if we leave her fate to God this would really mean wala ka talagang magagawa.

  7. yah nga mingoy, i agree w/ you a 100%, kulang na lang they will excomunicate gma hehehe
    but than again, their church men that is their way.just hope that they too may be enlightend in their ways not be judge and take sides.
    I think that the opposition must be able to weav-in to their accusations how pgma was able to manipulate all the surveys done by reputable groups. that predicted her victory in a close fight.or are we all sufferening from national amnesia???
    this is the point that is really so shameful for us pinoy, during the and after the elections everything was ok, so we went w/ the wind.one year later the wind blew another direction so now we are full of doubts.does not that speak poorly of our ways???but just the same the opposition must be able to link the man ipulation of the surveys so that naman they can be taken seriously, and stop using the peoples weakneses to push their agenda!!

  8. i really enjoyed reading your column today. Entertained and amused at the same time by how you have put into words the mind of the people who dont know what it’s like to have nothing and are just waiting for their yaya to pick their waste…:) yuck!!! But i also like to emphasize here what i think of what happened last Tuesday at the house of representatives….the congressmen were not able to show the true democracy in action but their failure to function of what the people think of them which is an institutional process to address any wrongdoing of the person in the highest office…True now to which i have seen because of their lack to show independence in mind and integrity due to money, power or utang na loob, Anyone who has a firm hold on the majority in congress can commit any crime without fear of losing his or her position. Kawawa na talaga ang Pilipinas at katulad kong nagsasayang lang ng pagod at pera para sa bayan ko. Lokohan na lang pala talaga.

  9. tama ka, chac, ganyan din ang feeling ko lokohan. Remember, Gloria asking, not necessarily the opposition but the people like us who were asking accountability for what she did, to impeach her. Alam nya kasi she will not be impeached since she has the majority in the house. she was no sincere afterall. lokohan.

  10. Re the Marcoses, Estradas, Cojuangcos: could it simply be a case of bad chemistry? The Marcoses would never stand for Cory Aquino to be in the same movement. Imelda also knows the caliber of people like Ronnie Zamora and Roilo Golez, who once were her lapdogs and turned their backs on her. Danding has been insinuated to be a principal in Ninoy Aquino’s murder. And Erap can’t stand Cory either. It’s typical of Philippine politics.

  11. Manolo: your coulumn is as what ederic says, so aliw 🙂 I can’t help laughing when I read it aloud with all the right intonation and diction I could muster.

    Chac, mingoy2005: agree. they are gearing for the SC, but ilan ba sa mga justices ang appointees ni GMA? Wala rin… Kung minsan tuloy, naiisip ko, at least if I worry about wrinkles, I can do something about it, than with what’s happening now.. (not that i worry about wrinkles, gusto ko lang may connection with Manolo’s post 🙂

  12. i remember a chines saying that goes; “since i can’t reach the apple so the apple must be rotten”
    democracy has to do also w/ majority and minority. i guess we face these things in everything we do.
    this crisis from the start has been because of dirty politics.it’s been about a power grab at any cost.it has been about the losers getting back at the winner.
    so an impeachment proceses was done, impeachment is a political proceses.
    BTW, one of the super heros of the pro impeachment,chez escudero chose the 11th congress rules, commenting what was good for erap than is good for pgma too.
    he was smart he did not take note that in the 11th congress rules evidence presentation was not allowed.
    i think it wrong to blame the proceses for other peoples failures.
    besides, impeachment is not ment to be an eassy proceses.
    it seems that what makes our life miserable is that we seem to be so obessesd w/ impeaching pgma.
    being so atat na atat caused more blunder.
    now the superboys are seeking consolation in the streets.
    they certainly made so much political millage, guess who will be running for the senate next.
    personaly, i prefer to look at the bigger picture.
    the system is rotten to the roots.
    it’s useless to give quality to something that will give u back only more garbage.
    insted of acting so desperately or drowing in self pitty or be obsessed in bring down pgma and eventually the nations and the irony of it all was just because of good-intensions.
    why do we not focus our efforts to changing the system.
    i don’t know about you, but i find it the lowest point of a human being having so much hate and judgment in ones heart.
    is it not better to focus our energies and tallents in constructive things.
    for me it means getting people together to talk and learn from new ideas that sana can help us to make better judgments.

  13. joey,

    I think this isn’t about keeping so much hatred and judgement in ones heart. You know. i am an ordinary citizen, an ex-ofw, but i am apalled by how a president can get away with the issue on cheating by sheer number in congress. this is not about the opposition with varied interest, this is about us people wanting to know the accountability of the president who cheated the election. If we cannot allow minors to get away with their petty theft, how come the president can get away with it. kung pwede nga lang huwag ng magbayad ng tax because the president anyway is manloloko din, kaya lang my small enterprise will be harrassed.

  14. hey mingoy, thanks for what you wrote, i too work and pay lots of taxes.
    part of a democracy is about a majority & minority.i’m sure feel na feel mo the rightouness of your cause and i fully respect your stand.
    scandals in the philiipines are chip.an allegation is far from the truth.does it mean that all the surveys of the last elections where all lies and manipulated?or it’s just because of the garci tapes that you have been influenced or the just cause of plain & simple honesty that we must all have.
    i’m not trying to convince you to change your mind.but what concerns me if you arrive to a conlussion it is also because of proven facts.has it not occured to you that the people behind this scandal have less than your dissent feelings.have you really woundered what is it all about. using your emotion and the dissent person that you are.all that sparkles is not gold even the most interesting stories are not neseserely true.you wanted the impeachment for one reason do you really beleave others don’t have their own resons for their own ends.if pgma is really as evil as the opposition paints her to be and will the dramatic of the “kiss & tell 10” corys telling her to resign & how come the rallies in the streets are poorly attended or your pro impeachment congressman did a lousy job, and now the wishing of the opposition for the military to drop pgma is bigger.you tell me why is she still strong.how come you can’t convince more people to join you?just asking question?and giving the fault to others is an unacceptable answer.how is it possible that you are the only good person and what does that makle the others?anyway, don’t get me wrong,just that i think a good debate is always healthy.

  15. I am totally amused by your column today, mlq3.
    Funny but true. Thanks for injecting a breather after the storm. We needed that after the stink left by the marathon circus.

  16. mlq3, I saw you on ANC with Korina tonight. Amen, Manolo. You really have your ears on the ground. A) The middle class want to continue just making a living. They care about electoral fraud, but they don’t want traffic jams due to rallies to make their daily grind even more difficult. B) The church’s influence will hopefully wane. We shouldn’t be looking over our shoulders continually to see what the Church thinks regarding all our decisions. C) The youth are not taking the young politicians at their word. They want to see a deeper commitment. In other words, enough of glib sloganeering or bible-preaching. Let’s see what stuff you’re really made of, and in the long haul. Fair enough, I must say.

    I know how you feel about all of this. It takes a lot of restraint and intellectual honesty to assess the situation from an impartial perspective. I am not sure whether you will make a good politician, but I can see indications that you will someday be a great journalist or historian.

  17. What else can Alex Magno say? He says something against the government of her boss, bye bye to his huge salary and perks that comes with his appointment to…

  18. “and the insistent ringing of little bells summoning the servants to pick up the remote control thrown at the image of Chiz Escudero on the TV screen”

    so biting, so hilarious…but then you think, so sad too.

    ps. i _am_ laughing, though.

  19. im watching debate right now, and my jaw dropped real low when i heard this certain anthony mirada saying that people cant undertand the commitee report thats why theres no need to consult their constituents. Grabe!!! Isbela representative pa naman sya. Di nya alam ang sinasabi nya.

  20. Oye Maning. Oiga. I love your How Baboy naman they are. How true talaga you are about them being so awa awa to to the poor then allowing their politician friends make kawatan the country.

    But at least they are trying to get involved. I heard that at Cory’s brother’s party, all of the cono-scenti ignored her and left her to eat alone.

    Cocktail party politics at it’s most extreme.

    Vamos a makibaka!

  21. Manolo, Manolo, Manolo. You are indeed da One.

    Why not help fulfill the dream of your grandfather? Why dilly-dally? It’s time for action, not half-measures. Noli must be stopped. You have the best potential to stop him. Does any bloggista out there think otherwise? As I’d like to know who else could beat Noli.

    What would convince you? Should we do an SWS poll to see where you stack up? Run a trial balloon perhaps and gauge the reaction? And with regards to funding, well, if the Lopezes are prepared to back Noli up with the media clout of ABS-CBN, surely, GMA Network would be prepared to counter with you on the ballot. Some free ads at least. Start a campaign fund and see the contributions flow in from all sectors; from all well-meaning citizens of this country–rich, middle-class, and poor; left, right, and center. The people are hungry for hope.

    Forget about being a historian or a journalist. There are bigger fishes to fry. Your country needs you. It’s in your blood. It’s destiny. YOU are da ONE.

  22. mlq3, i caught you last night in korina sanchez’s talk show. i’m glad about your stand on the people’s court, that it is nothing short of a kangaroo court, communist style (i hope i got this right), and your stand on rallies in edsa that might just be counterproductive.

    during cory’s time, the initial rallies were held at the liwasamg bonifacio, then at the quirino grand stand – and they were all well attended. mas ok yatang ganun na lang.

  23. Well, joey sabi nga nila you betray your common sense if after hearing the garci tape you will not belive it were true. I heard the conversation of a “maam” and a man name “garci” in the tape and i found randy david’s statement about it to be correct. as responsible citizen i did not just believe what other people has to say, i verified. Although the tape may not be admissible in court, it does not mean that its content is not real. para yang isang husband who cheated his wife. to confirm, the wife went to the husband’s office one day when the husband was away and look and seek some pieces of evidence that will validate what was in her mind. So, after a frantic search alas! and behold! there in the drawer is a picture of a happy family but the kid was not her kid and the woman wasn’t she but the husbadn! looks very much like hers!

    Infuriated, she asked an advice from her lawyer. she would like to file a case against her husband. the lawyer said you have a weak case beacause your evidence cannot be admitted in court.

    the above is a valid analogy to the case we have with the president.



  25. All cut from other sites… Think who is sleeping with who, and why are they doing it. Is it the truth they are looking for, or what..

    MBC – Runs the Anti corruption web site..
    Which gets investigations writen up by PCIJ..
    AIM – Research shows MB men are involved in corruption.
    MBC – is headed by a PIATCO Lawyer.

    almost a year after Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, widow of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ archrival and slain senator, Benigno Aquino Jr., was catapulted to the presidency after a people’s uprising that toppled the dictator in February 1986. The new President had promised to include the hacienda under land reform. President Aquino is from the powerful Cojuangco clan who owns Hacienda Luisita, Inc. (HLI), the sugar plantation with 5,250 farm workers and the Central Azucarrera de Tarlac (CAT) sugar mill with 700 laborers. Today, the 4,915.75-ha sugar plantation harvests some 290,000 tons of sugarcane every year while the CAT mills more than one million tons of cane. CAT Labor Union (CATLU) union president Ricardo Ramos said that of the total tons of cane milled at CAT, 750,000 tons come from other plantations in Luzon. CAT’s milled by-products, Ramos added, are carbon dioxide which is primarily sold to Coca-Cola and Pop Cola owned by Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco of the same clan, and alcohol for Ginebra San Miguel, another Danding company. ..Jose Sr.’s daughter, Corazon (Cory), married Benigno Aquino, a former Tarlac governor and senator and archrival of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Corazon’s brother, Jose Jr. (Peping), one the HLI’s Board of Directors, was a former representative of Tarlac. Peping’s wife, Margarita, was a recent Tarlac governor. Today, Mrs. Aquino’s son, Benigno Jr. (Noynoy), is representative of the second district of the same province.

    City Engr. Joseph Emboltorio of La Carlota City relates that before Cojuangco bought existing haciendas from their previous owners, the people never went hungry and were given employment opportunities. With the change in ownership of these haciendas was the displacement of workers; some 2,000 workers in the area of La Carlota alone were displaced, resulting to an increase in the number of squatters.

    President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino’s

    deals deals deals.. Who started this?

    Estrada took the highly controversial step of suggesting Marcos be reinterred in a hero’s grave. After becoming president, he wasted no time negotiating a settlement with Imelda Marcos and the rest of the family over the considerable Marcos wealth that the government has spent 12 years chasing. Marcos daughter Imee, a congresswoman, Cojuangco and Tan all attended the invitation-only presidential inauguration.

    Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, the current chairman of the Philippines’ third-largest company as ranked by sales, San Miguel Corp. Cojuangco’s power dates back to late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines until he was overthrown in 1986. Cojuangco amassed great wealth under Marcos’s crony beneficence, and he fled with Marcos to Hawaii after the People Power revolution. He is now back in the Philippines and has returned to the good graces of the Philippines’ current president. Cojuangco was elected by the San Miguel board of directors to head the company one week into Estrada’s term

    Conspiracy theory?

    Where are all the links… Connect the dots…. Who gets what after another people power………. IT sure will not be the people…………

    UP against PGMA. Who did they Honor for donations

    Also to be honored are Makati Mayor Jejomar C. Binay; Marikina Mayor Ma. Lourdes C. Fernando; Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II; Marubeni Corp. President and CEO Mr. Ryuikichi Kawaguchi and Machinery Department I General Manager Moroo Shino; PLDT President Manuel V. Pangilinan;

    Ateneo against PGMA

    PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan and First Pacific Co. Ltd. donated , Conjuangco’s again P100 million to the Ateneo de Manila University

    black and white movement

    Smart was accused as the company who taped the phone lines now its partner infocom runs the black and white movement web site and PLDT owns it. Is this not a Cojuangco group and is not dinky soliman related to?? and the same with Cory.. Smells fishy here…..

  26. mingoy, i insted purposly never listened to the garci tape.
    my stand is since it’s illegal it wont stand in court in the first place. and the evil charcters behind it know that very well.but it will have a great effect on the public mega sure.it will certainly make like for pgma miserable.it has certainly influenced and i would say to a poit poluted the minds of many to go stright forward to make their final judgments.
    i feel that those tapes where like the forbiden fruit in the garden of eve story and just as the apple had a negative effect so has that tape done so much damage.
    i think that many have not listened to the tape and those who have listened to it are probably asking more questions than using it as a basis for their discontent.
    as you said it yourself that the tapes are not admisable in court.but sadly you got dazzeled by the content.
    if there where no courts to make judgment on matters there will certainly be disorder.imagine our country that already has courts and still we have disorder.
    the bottom line of life is that courts must decide on what is fair and just.
    so what is the point in giving value to something that is out of the law.
    it only proves my theory that the evil palnners of this entire scandal want to use the people for their own political end.
    i’m sure that you are a good and honest person, i’m sure too that you dont want to be used also. i’m sure also that you want to be a winner.
    so it’s really wiser to look at the bigger picture.
    as i write you this, i’m well aware of all that is happening around me.i know pgma has her faults and in all honesty i don’t beleave that she deserves all the isults she is getting.
    marcos & erap where ousted presidents but i don’t remember them being so vilified or refered to as “evil” that was said by “kiss & tell queen” dinky.
    I was in edsa 1 & 2 and they are completely different from what we have now.
    you know what pains me a lot?
    good and dissent people are being used, are being suckered!!!!!!
    and that is happening cause we are not carefull enough of who we listen too.
    a true judgment is only arrived to after having weight everything & criticaly asses the people who talk and where they come from.
    do you know that even if you had the truth in front of you, chances are you will not see it yet. and you know why? it’s because you have made your dicision and have closed your mind and maybe you are not listing to enough people.
    I worked in goverment once, i had a chance to retire w/ millios of pesos in my pocket just because of one project,since i knew it was wrong i droped my participation in the project.
    we have to chose the battles we can win & we can’t pretend to change the unchangiable.but we must certainly learn to guide well the independence of our hearts and minds.

  27. john doe, i insted enjoy reading alex magno,i think his objective, yes i’m aware he has some goverment position.
    just that i feel that lets communicate on the substance of things.it’s more mentaly challeging.
    there is one columnist in the inquirer that i really can’t stand, si diquiros, sorry about the spelling,that guy sees nothing but black!!

  28. I also read your “How Baboy Naman They Are,” MLQ. So hilarious. I and another friend who regularly do “coñospeak” to perk up a boring day had a fun time reading it. Thank you for the happy interlude. And don’t think the point wasn’t taken, despite our best efforts to keep from rolling on the ground laughing.

  29. joey, you must remember that it was bunye who introduced supposedly the orginel tape of gary and the fake tape according to him of Garci and maam. how can the public not be interested in listening to it where it is revealed by no less a public official. Dont listen to the tape and you will hear no evil, but it does not mean there is no evil. As revealed by pcij in its post “the presidents gravy train” it showed that money indeed was the reason despite denial by administration precisely to kill impeachment.

    I think mlq3 is right about a creative way of protest. But i disagree to those who say that people power is not an effective means of bringing down a corrupt and ineffective president. I think, for a concept to be successful must result in a tangible force.Prayer meetings if its just confine convenniently to a place will not amount to
    anything. It will not kill Gloria. So to coin tiglao, “what cannot kill , can make you stronger”

  30. Joey,

    sabi nga ni fencesitter the public’s interest on teh Garci tape was roused by the administration itself. The i am sorry speech by the president gave crdence to the content of the tape. She admitted to talking to an election official during the counting of votes. This action is prohibited by our laws. And what on earth makes the Garci tape forbidden for public listening,and will give you right to liken it to the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden.

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