Inauspicious beginning

Roilo Golez is challenging the chairmanship of Rep. Simeon Datumanong on rather flimsy grounds (i.e., Golez says if he resigned his chairmanship of a committee because of statements prejudicial to the President, Datumanong should do the same because of statements on TV concerning the various impeachment complaints). This followed a tussle over what is normally a simple matter of approving the minutes of the previous committee meeting, led by Rep. Rosales and Rep. Paras.

I don’t know what the emerging tactics of the opposition are, but when you begin grappling with parliamentary procedure, which the majority, unlike the minority, has clearly mastered, the advantage lies with the majority. Personally, any effort that relies on Reps. Golez and Paras, who shall we say, are not the brightest lightbulbs in the congressional marquee, seems to me handicapped from the start.

Earlier, during the pre-meeting coverage, Ricky Carandang mentioned that scuttlebutt is that the majority wants to end the impeachment process by early September, in order to pave the way for the President to be able to address the United Nations general assembly without any political controversy hounding her.

(Update 12:48)

Meeting resumed; juvenile question from the minority: “What is the role of the chairman?” I wish the chairman would throw Robert’s Rules of Order at someone. Rep. Cuenco is getting angry. The minority wants the tape of Dong Puno’s show, in which Datumanong was said to have said something prejudicial, played. Meeting suspended again.

(Update 12:50)

Meeting resumed. Datumanong says he won’t inhibit himself from presiding over the committee; after all, he was elected to the position. Paras and Martinez hooting.

Majority members speaking in defense of the chairman. And really, the chairman as a member of the majority and in his own individual capacity, should be free to say what he wants. More hooting by opposition.

Honestly, the minority needs to grow up.

(Update 12:57)

Opposition points out existing motion to play the ANC video; Rep. Cuenco objects; Chairman says, let us divide the House. Then a suspension.

(Update 1:02)

It occurs to me, that today we have a preview of a parliamentary Philippines.

During the break, Ricky Carandang explains that Rep. Poblador says they’re insistent on unseating the chairman (Datumanong) in order to get him out of the way, in case an attempt is made to kill the impeachment complaint; a skilled chairman could help facilitate such a dismissal.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “Inauspicious beginning

  1. Hello,
    Why can’t they just ‘note’ all the objections and carry on? If the proceedings are televised, will it be different (boys and girls ‘acting’ properly and ‘asking’ intelligently)? Just wondering.

  2. first, i noticed they do not think in a linear and chronological more or less logical manner — they should put a screen that tells them “ah excuse me there’s a motion in the floor” or “sira, we just moved to divide the house but may point of what not pa” or “pare move ka na for amendment” or “uy recess na pala” blah blah

    They should all enroll in parlimentary procedure 101. It;s taught in High school by the way.

  3. nonongg, televising actually makes it worse, because the represntatives lose all self control in their desire to ham it up for the cameras.

    jdavies: really? thats encouraging to know. i wish they had to pass a tests on parliamentary procedure.

  4. all these hoolabaloo about technicalities is tiresome and irritating! side by side with these is an assault of lies from mike defensor and recently the raid of tabayoyong house containing the election returns that will be used as evidence for fraud in the elections. all these events are clear manifestations that gma’s allies will colloborate for oplan save the queen till eternity and at the same time use all resources available to them at the expense of truth! the raid is alrming too since it brings forth a signal that perhaps we are in a de facto martial rule!!! BEWARE EVERYONE!!!

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