Baterina versus Zamora

It is much more satisfying to listen to Reps. Salacnib Baterina and Ronaldo Zamora ventilate the issues from the points of view of the majority and minority. Baterina maintains that 20 minutes separates the transmittal of the first and second and third complaints to the Committee on Justice, and that therefore, the clock (stipulating one year between impeachment complaints) began running the moment the first complaint was sent down; and that because of this majority view, the question of which of the three (or ten! as the President’s allies suggest) complaints should be tackled by the committee becomes paramount, as only one, according to the constitution, can be evaluated on form and substance.

Zamora counters that the majority is arguing according to technicalities, and is misreading the process. The Constitution prohibits more than one impeachment a year, yes, but the nature of the filing of the complaints points to one case, with various supplements. Zamora also appeals for fair play, that the President must face the strongest complaint if she is to be confident of a proper, and binding, exoneration.

PCIJ clarifies some of the questions being debated.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

10 thoughts on “Baterina versus Zamora

  1. No amount of technicality challenges from the majority will remove the cloud of doubt that the public feels for the GMA administration. If they are astute politicians they should know that any dilatory tactics on these grounds will not increase confidence on the Arroyo government. Doing so is delusion of winning, an empty triumph of remaining in power. If they want to try for truth, let it be so. If they stop the impeachment process by technicality they wouldnot have stopped anything at all.

    They should try on form and substance and attack the minority’s position based on its merits or lack of it. That’s the logical way and the sound political way of doing it. Technicality is a only a shroud of temporary protection, not a veil of purity and absolution from perceived sins; it protects the wearer from scrutiny only to be marked by its artificial immunity.

    It’;s just makes things worse for the president. Bad Move by the majority.

  2. I like Baterina’s hair. Here’s an photoshop prooject for you – put Baterina’s hair on Zamora’s head

  3. “Our nation is governed by laws.” [including technicalities]. No amount of law can make an immoral action moral. But the law can be made (ammended into becoming) moral.

  4. In behalf of all Kapampangans I would like to apologize for that shameless liar that is Gloria. She’s an embarrassment to the whole Pampanga nation and a traitor to the legacy of Social Justice and Nation Building as espoused by Ninoy Aquino, Luis Taruc, Jose Abad Santos and the hundreds of Kapampangan warriors who died in the 17th century defending the islands from Dutch Colonialism.

  5. erratum: On behalf pala.

    Gloria is now up there in the top five list of most embarrassing Kapampangans. Actually she’s number two. His father is number five.

    Anyway inspite of all the national and international embarrassment that GMA is causing right now she still couldn’t knock from number one the most embarassing Kapampangan in our hall of shame. I’ll just give you the list:

    5. Diosdado Macapagal
    4. Mikey Arroyo (and that movie of his)
    3. Macabebe Warrior (who helped the Amercians)
    2. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
    1. Melanie Marquez

  6. kapangpangan din ako and like many kapangpangans, ikinahihiya ko din si gloria macapagal arroyo. MAKARINE KA, KABABAE MO PA NAMANG TAU! (nakakahiya ka, kababae mo pa namang tao!) Pero di ko ata matatanggap na number two lang siya, atleast si melanie marquez nagbigay dangal sa pilinas ng manalo siya sa international beauty pagent. tsaka atleast siya wala siyang ninanakaw sa kaban ng bayan, boba nga lang pero atleast di kasing talamak sa kakapalan ng mukha na katulad ni GMA na buong bansa winawalanghiya! one more thing, di hamak na mas maganda si melanie physically kumpara kay GMA, masama na nga ugali, bansot at swangit pa! Aro Joz Ko!

  7. Coming from a Kabalen, you prove that ethnicity is not the issue here; your words prove that Pinoys are basically decent and that black is, indeed, black.

    Thanks KK, and yuko for airing your sentiments;
    it was timely….i was beginning to think Pampangos fully support [albeit, blindly] gma despite her obvious faults.

    I agree with yuko, though: gma MUST occupy the # 1 slot. Melanie may have her “melatoniks” but she has never been singled out [so far] for stealing anything from the Kaban ng Bayan.

    The DESGRACIA-FAMILIA have been involved in corruption and ‘other’ money thing….

  8. we may have all the reasons to justify our demands for a impeachment but reality states she,GMA, has the numbers in the lower house of congress.

    in a show of blatancy & desperation, GMA’s minions in congress have taken unto themselves in justifying that the constitution does not need the votes from the senate for a charter change.

    but, alas! she left hurriedly when she sought to meet archbishop lagdameo in tears allegedly, mas malakas si tita cory! coz when she and sen drilon met w/the good bishop there was a press statement from lagdameo stating that the impeachment process must continue.

    hmmm.. the military is so quiet.. i wonder whats brewing..this time, despite the claims of impartiality GMA as alleged has quietly ordered a witch hunt among the ranks..

  9. djuara,
    Who told you that GMA left Archbishop Lagdameo in tears or whatever? You’re passing it off already as if it were a fact.

    Rep. Zamora has made good points; still, I maintain that Congress adhere to the clear prohibition in the Constitution stated thus:

    ARTICLE XI, SEC. 3. par. 5: No impeachment proceedings shall be initiated against the same official more than once within a period of one year.

    It is there for good reason. The president should not be distracted from giving due attention to governance. Non-observance of such prohibition is detrimental to the interest of the nation.

  10. Kapampangans in our hall of FAME. I’ll just give you the list:

    5. Diosdado Macapagal
    4. Mikey Arroyo (and that movie of his)
    3. Macabebe Warrior (who helped the Amercians)
    2. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
    1. Melanie Marquez

    And the posters above are bunch of non-kapampangan trying hards. You aplogize on behalf of your ass!!

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