No terno for the President

Dressed in a kind of Maria Clara, the President has arrived in the Batasan Pambansa, and is proceeding to the office of her legislative laison at the House of Representatives. For the first time, she isn’t dressed in a terno. It’s incredible how frumpy and dowdy so many of the ladies in the House look. She is beaming broadly and confidently.

It’s particularly scandalous that there are ladies in ternos who have their hair down. That’s never done, hair for women in the national dress should be properly coiffed.

Lots of legislators and visitors both on the session floor and in the galleries are fanning themselves, the airconditioning must be having a hard time coping with the crowd.

Ricky Carandang: Rep. Edcel Lagman says not having garnered 79 signatures, the impeachment complaint, having been filed, will be subjected to the full period and process of evaluation at the Committee on Justice and then plenary, regardless of whether or not 79 signatures are subsequently achieved.

Pushing and shoving between rallyists and the police at Commonwealth Avenue.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

3 thoughts on “No terno for the President

  1. Its direly sad that the 79 signatures needed weren’t gathered by this time. The hands of power might be mightier than we have ever thought. The complaint may probably be killed on the committee level.

  2. let it be an unfolding narrative with the twists and turns favoring those who believe that the impeachment can solver the political crisis

  3. Si eres cualquier cosa como mí, odias el pensamiento del gasto cuarenta horas a la semana en un trabajo del punto muerto. Las luces fluorescentes de zumbido, la gerencia idiota, el hecho de que necesitas despertar doloroso temprano – el único alto punto son que viene viernes cada semana. Dije tan a me, allí me consigo ser una manera mejor. ¡Una cierta manera de hacer el dinero que me deja fijar mis propias horas y hacer una cantidad cómoda del dinero!

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