Flower power

Most peculiar were the little potted plants that appeared on the desks of legislators. Originally it was said on TV that the pro-impeachment legislators would wear ribbons, arm bands, or have flowers on their desks, to signify their opposition to the President. The latest twist seemed that peach roses would be a code to mean the legislator is pro-impeachment. Rep. “Y” Kurat (last famous for carrying the ballot boxes during the canvassing for president and vice-president) was spotted has been distributing calamansi plants, “c” in “calamansi” representing “constitutionalism,” and thus, apparently, against impeachment.

Discussions with legislators at the House kept going back to impeachment. If you recall some weeks back Rep. Teddy Locsin said his colleagues wanted a chance to “ventilate” opinions on the issue, it seems this is one major reason the magic number of 79 signatures for the impeachment complaint hasn’t been achieved. My personal reading is that other congressmen want a chance to debate the issue to see how the public reacts to them. Of course there has also been strong lobbying by the President and her people against the signing of the impeachment complaint (a priest told me last night, “I know for a fact the President has been calling the parents of younger legislators.”).

Ricky Carandang reports on ANC that a helicopter bearing the presidential seal has landed at the Batasan grounds. Former President Ramos is at the Batasan, saying he hopes the President will focus on economic reforms, “at the same time, indicate that we need to reform the Constitution, because that would mean a total response…”

If the President doesn’t give specifics about charter change, Ramos says “I would indeed be disappointed, even unhappy… After all, it is her leadership on the line…”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

2 thoughts on “Flower power

  1. Reminds me of the Velvet revolution in other countries which toppled Askar Akayev of Kyrgyzstan, Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine and Edward Shevardnadze of Georgia?

    The uprisings were also referred as Orange, Cedar, Rose and Tulip revolutions because of the symbols they used.

    magiging peach rose revolution ba ang atin?

    o white ribbon movement na sinimulan sa DLSU-Greehills last Saturday?

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