President to make announcement?

ANC said at 2 p.m. that the President was due to make an announcement “any moment now.” Other media said they were told to be on stand-by.

DZBB claimed at 2:14 that according to Archbishop Oscar Cruz, the resolution of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference was already on its third draft. Question then: is the President’s announcement a pre-emption or reaction to what she knows the statement will contain?

2:28 a meeting commenced at the Quezon City Sports Club among opposition leaders, some proposing an Arroyo and de Castro resign position, as well as what to make of the prospects of an impeachment.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “President to make announcement?

  1. whats the deal with abat and the group of muslims? tsaka whats the meeting all about sa palace?

  2. muslims were ex-mnlf or milf, giving support to abat and his cookie plans. meeting at palace, according to radio, is a reception and friendly gathering for Lakas Party.

  3. coincidentally, the pma class pgma belongs to goes by the name MAKATARUNGAN, here is hoping they live up to their names, or are they now squirming in their seats,

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