Nacionalistas: We Don”t Know

Sen. Manuel Villar, head of the Nacionalista Party, says the party position is not for the President’s resignation. The NP asks for constitutional processes to prevail. They will continue to “fiscalize,” and “assess the situation.”

Jove Francisco updates his blog with more interesting bits of information.

Lito Atienza very upset that as Chairman of the Liberals he wasn’t consulted, and virtually proclaims the party decision the result of a rump session.

The Communists are angry that the decisive moves are apparently being made by Civil Society, business, and the mainstream politicians.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “Nacionalistas: We Don”t Know

  1. Who gives a flying f about the communist? atienza who? what happened to Tita Cory’s press con?

  2. in fairness to NP. they were conducting the hearings (the chairmen) in a fair manner with an eye to uncovering the truth.

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