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MBC: Resign!
By mlq3 Posted in Crisis Mode on July 8, 2005 4 Comments 1 min read
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Makati Business Club has just had a meeting at the Manila Peninsula, they are asking the President to resign. Constitutional succession must take place. The call is apparently being echoed by Civil Society, which is also calling for a Comelec revamp, and a Truth Comission. They will have a press conference at 4 pm at the corner of Ayala and Makati avenues, which may even be joined by the opposition.

Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, read by Donald Dee: we support constitutional processes, including impeachment, resignation cannot be forced on the President.

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  1. the crippled lioness is now down on two legs, the hyenas and the vultures are now coming in for the kill,

    the jugular is exposed.

    pray for enlightenment

  2. tipping point has been reached don’t you think? the middle-class, the business sector, education, civil-society are calling for her resignation. one peep from the military hierarchy about her asking to resign should be the final straw, regardless of the political parties fence-sitting.