Oil for Peanuts

Looted from Office of the Press Secretary

Overlooked was the visit of the President of Gambia and his oil for peanuts plan which might result in a Philippine National Oil Corporation drilling field in Gambia. Gov.ph – Foreign Affairs: has this tidbit:

President Jammeh said that in recognition of the role of the Philippines in Gambia’s development, Gambia named one of its main exports – peanut –as Philippine pink and “brooks” after a Filipino professor named Brooks, who brought the Philippine pink peanuts to Gambia.

Ronnel Lim blogs on the possibility Garcellano had the goods not just on the administration, but the opposition. A well-placed person I was texting the other day thinks as much: the whole reason Garcellano’s phone was tapped, the source surmised, was that he was notorious for being in everyone’s pay.

I think the really big news for today is a project JJ Disini is undertaking, which you can read about here. As he explains it,
It seems to me that noone had attempted to de-construct the tapes into the individual conversations recorded. I believe this is necessary if we’re to have a reasonably intelligent conversation about them.

The importance of this project was demonstrated by PCIJ which prepared a table showing some remarkable differences between the three tapes or versions of the tape, that exist so far. Incidentally, insofar as their entry on a US Supreme Court providing a comforting precedent, I blogged about it on June 9. Incidentally, today’s entry in PCIJ is a must-read: an appeal by Vicente Romano III to Civil Society. Other news is that Raul Roco has decided to speak up against the President, and of course, that a big rally will attempted. Still, with Panfilo Lacson’s decision to make himself head of the opposition, expect a realignment of forces, with the Left and the Estrada loyalists on one hand, and other oppositionists, including followers of Fernando Poe Jr. sick of the antics of the Estrada crowd, combining with other oppositionists such as Roco and de Villa on the other.

Piercing Pens writes “Gloriagate” may be spawning a cyberspace revolution –yep, it was blogged about here first, folks, and you can also take a look at what Jove blogged about it on the same day. Incidentally, historic blogger Jove (for that’s what his and Tinapa’s blogs are, historic for breaking the one-way mirror that separates TV newsreporters from their audiences) has another eyewitness account of history-in-the-making, this time, Tarongoy visits the Palace.

An intriguing series on what might spark a potential revolution in China already has two parts here and here in AlwaysOn. In the lost and (blog) found, department, an old friend from gradeschool days in Don Bosco Mandaluyong has a blog –ronaldallanordonez.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. blush. blush. thanks manolo.

    may nag comment sa palasyo kanina, interesting daw na sa blogroll mo magkasunod ako at ang OPS. (well based sa shuffle kanina)


    good for comprative blogging daw.

  2. the second floor reporters are blog lurkers. free internet kasi, kaya pwedeng pwede. and of course babasahin ka nila.

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