Jueteng for the truth

Traffic tied up in Quezon City, according to a friend. The Left and Erap Loyalists making a big show of force at the Mabuhay Rotonda. Police estimates the crowd at 5,000. So far, the rally has been kept from moving into Manila.

Senator Gordon mentioned my column on jueteng. Tee hee, There was much bickering between the witnesses but General Mosqueda (ret.) came off very badly, in large part due to his invoking his “right to privacy” concerning bank accounts. Not much else came of the hearing besides strengthening Sandra Cam’s position in the eyes of the public. From Senator Gordon’s statements and that of other senators, it seems the possibility of legalizing jueteng is increasing.

There was confusion among the senators as to how to address Archbishop Oscar Cruz, leading Senator Villar to sound very English by calling him “Your Grace.” [email protected]: has the following, which is useful-

Titles of AddressA residential Bishop or Archbishop of a diocese holds the title “The Most Reverend” (as opposed to the simple “The Reverend” accorded to ordained priests). In conversation, a Bishop (who is not a Cardinal or the Pope) is always referred to as “Your Excellency.” When introducing or presenting a Bishop, the proper protocol is “His Excellency, Bishop John Doe” or “The Most Reverend John Doe, Bishop of Somewhere.” In addressing letters, the salutation should read “Your Excellency,” for normal letters or “Most Reverend Sir,” for formal correspondence. The British and Canadians sometimes call Archbishops and Bishops “Your Grace” but this is not proper nor authorized under Roman law. Even those who are not Catholic should address Bishops properly – just as one would properly address a King or royalty from another country. If a Bishop was from a royal family, or had a family title (such as Lord, Duke, or John Doe IV, etc.) these would not be used, as these titles are no longer used from the day any priest is ordained. Therefore, a Bishop would only ever be referred to by his proper Catholic title.

Interesting development is the announcement of a new AFP chief while the present chief of staff has been extended, for obvious reasons.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

25 thoughts on “Jueteng for the truth

  1. great blogsite.

    now, slightly off topic. I was at the Batasang when Wycoco let out this information:
    Ali and Rocky fight did not happen. It was a computer simulation. this meme is now going the rounds on the different columns without anyone checking.

    Here are the facts:


    The fight was shown on Philippine TV. I was young then but I remembered it. It was a real fight because computer technology was not that
    sophisticated to have CGI’d it. It looked real and I thought it was real. After each round, the computer score would punch out across the screen. Rocky punched Ali to the stomach, brought him down and won.

    I had wondered why it was not on Rocky’s official victories. Now I know why, it was stage managed. A real fight that was’nt a real fight.

    So please spread around another of Wycoco’s
    disinformation please.
    brought him down.

  2. wycoco used two analogies.

    nat king cole and natalie cole.
    ali vs rocky.

    in the former case. a dead person appearing
    to sing a duet with a live person.
    True, but a duet has lyrics and a fixed melody.
    It is not that hard to ‘script’ it.
    (refer to Randy David on his take)

    In the latter case, wycoco is making it appear that Ali fought a dead Rocky Marciano. Not true, they fought in a stage-managed set without spectators. Not long after, Rocky died in a plane crash.

    Again, not a useful analogy to the Garci tapes
    at all.

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