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Professor Randy David appeared on ANC to be interviewed by Ricky Carandang. They discussed David’s most recent column. David believes that the Filipino people are not angry because of three things:

1. The effectiveness of the government’s crackdown on media, preventing airing and discussion of the tape.
2. The probability that even those who have listened to the tape (or versions thereof) have not listened to it in its entirety.
3. The lack of context and explanations of their true implications and meaning, of the conversations in the tape.

He says the tapes, to those favorably inclined to the President, on the surface, could sound innocent, or innocuous, enough; but that anyone who understand how politics is done, and how elections are subverted, and who then gets to see the real implications of the conversations in the tape, cannot avoid the conclusion that the tape contains proof that a crime was committed. He praised ABS-CBN reporter Allan Bacolodin (sp?) for methodically listening to the tape, and investigating how the President did in every location discussed. The President won in every location by a wide margin. Precisely the sort of outcome the conversations indicated were desired. David believes more reporters need to do this sort of work, to prove that the tape has a basis in fact.

So: the crime was the calculated, methodical, manipulation of votes to subvert the true will of the people.

The implications of this, he says, are dire, and threaten to shake our entire constitution order to its very foundations. For it would mean that the President not only cheated the opposition, but cheated her own supporters and neutral parties who thought they were participating in a free and honest election.

In his own considered opinion, after listening to them thoroughly several times, he is convinced the tape is genuine, and that the President has perpetrated a great crime. He feels it is the obligation of every citizen to listen to the tapes and make up their own minds. He thinks Congress should play the tapes; he thinks media has been remiss in bowing to government pressure.

He believes that the President knows this is serious and that accounts for her silence; that the administration doesn’t know what to do, and is trying to buy time.

He is known to be a sober, rational, person, and knows full well the effect his words will have on thinking circles of the population.

I believe we should listen to him and follow his advice. Listen to the tape.

Inq7.net has now made available all the versions of the controversial tape.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

2 thoughts on “Randy David weighs in

  1. It is appalling how such a crime can be committed agains the Filipino people, by their own leader who claims that all she wants is to be a great president. And we believed her!!!

    It is cancer that has struck the Filipno nation to the core!!! Only heaver can save us and make us move in the right direction towards our salvation!!!

  2. Good day.

    First of all, this is a very interesting site by the way. I think that this is a very good medium of communication and an outlet as well. Imagine if we had this technology during the Marcos years.

    My two cents…

    I think that GMA from the start made sure to ride on the media. By using the media through her campaigns, she exposed herself. She has used the media that her voice has already been implanted on Filipino’s mind. (How do you react when you hear her voice and you see her smile?)

    I would think that an ordinary citizen that would be able to listen to the tape would immediately assume that it was GMA speaking on the other side of the phone. Wouldn’t you think? We wouldn’t know the other party though.

    I also think that this recent event does not question our constitution. I think it violates our constitution in an extreme fashion. I would think that the constitution has the basic laws in place that a mockery of it is a disgrace (maybe an art for the powerful).

    Why is it that politics is sooooo … When do you think will come a time to have great statespersons again. Where the people are priority and not political machinery. Where people would believe their purposes and not their pesoses.

    I pray that there come a time that Philippines will truly learn all the lessons that have been thrown at us for the past couple of decades. A time where a Filipino will die for his country. I think right now, the famous Ninoy’s phrase…”The Filipinos are worth dying for.” should be replaced with…”The Filipinos are worth dying for?”

    But there is still hope.

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