Lawyer questions Penal Code provisions

On ANC I was just watching a lawyer from UP raising the possibility the provisions of the Revised Penal Code as being incompatible with the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. There is, I believe, the legitimate issue of the colonial nature of some provisions of our Penal Code which I said should be revised and which was brought up again in a recent letter to the editor. Hopefully the lawyers online can look into this question.

(update) Atty. Teddy Te says (I didn’t catch it on TV or radio) that Justice Secretary Gonzalez snalrs that those with “Hello Garci” ringtones can be prosecuted. My scuttlebutt source quoted below said to me, too, “Isn’t he such a Gauleiter”? Jahwohl!

Jove blogs the President is campaigning again and that Lupita Kashiwahara has resurfaced by her side.

Additional scuttlebutt: apropos of the tapes, one former official during the Ramos adminstration said to me, “I can’t believe they’re so stupid. It was the practice during FVR’s time to monitor the phones in the Palace to find out who was leaking stuff. But nothing was every recorded.” Other people have said something similar: “Why did she say such things over the phone?” Increasingly, the assumption is that the President did have those conversations. On a basic level, then, the public-opinion battle may already have been lost. But allies are being rounded up again, as shown by Bro. Mike Velarde’s pledge of support.

A naughty reader asks, “Why do the Arroyos keep flying to Singapore?” I don’t know.

The government is asking media to read two reports from international agencies that prove the government did not cheat in the last elections. You can download them here and here, with the main link to all the reports of IFES here.

Is anyone following the muppet show going on in the shoutbox of the PCIJ blog? It’s hilarious. Featuring, so far, GMA, FVR (“tabaco”), Garci, MLQ and VP Noli.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

3 thoughts on “Lawyer questions Penal Code provisions

  1. I heard that hello garci rigntone while waiting for a jeep. do you know anyone that can upload it on a website and let people to download it? that would be a big headache for that genius gonzales. persecute cellphone users that have a hello garci ringtone

  2. I made a remix… *Hello Garci (KnottyBwoy Remix)* It has a club music flavor you can bounce to. Hot ringtone for all ages! You can download it from this link… Enjoy! Email me some feedback at [email protected]

    Soon I’ll be posting the full lenght version!

    Here’s another remix I made 4 the peeps! :-)Hello Garci (A-Butse-Kik Remix)… Have a good time!

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