FVR: The Return

With impeccable timing, FVR returns and tells the Palace he won’t shut up and the President shouldn’t, either. Just when people were beginning to wonder what would happen next. Particularly since the House has given itself until next week to start it’s own show. The Senate similarly says it should investigate speedily, but not just yet. (Update) PDI’s headline is Rep. Roilo Golez, the President’s former National Security Adviser (and the media’s favorite target for off-the-cuff malapropisms during the time) puts forward a possible fall guy.

Also: Inq7.net says that after a legal review, it’s all systems go for allowing downloads again.

The KBP and NTC seem poised to have a lovefest after a very brief sorta-kinda tiff. Sec. Bunye says so sorry, can’t helpy-helpy.

The Left feels left out and wants to play “Where in the world is…” too. In this case, Where in the World is Loren Legarda? Chairman Abalos says one thing seems sure, Commissioner Garcellano is out of a job.

And very timely comic relief from ultramagneticblog (and thanks for the compliment).

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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