Tonight, on Saksi…

In his blog, Jove writes of the President’s statement and press corps scuttlebutt on her demeanor. The biggest weakness of the President’s statement is the fact that she can only point to her son’s sacrifice and not her brother-in-law’s. Meanwhile, the Senate wants in on the circus. (Update, 6:05 p.m.: on second thought, both houses think they’d better not.)

The Secretary of Justice has decided to call off the attack dogs for now. The KBP, umbrella organization of broadcast journalists, after what seemed like initial waffling, finally decided it’s better off with balls. Commissioner Abalos, meanwhile, suggests we all play “Where in the World is Commissioner Garcellano?” .

On GMA7’s Saksi, they’re interviewing me about PCIJ’s decision to keep blogging on the issue, and the controversial tape’s dissemination through blogs and BitTorrent. Another person who was interviewed for tonight’s show is Atty. Disini.

Update, also, 6:08 p.m.: invoking the immortal words of Rep. Dingalen Dinangalen, the Palace wants everyone, including itself, to shut up.

And, lest it be ignored amidst all the political noise, this sober, inspiring, plea from F. Sionil Jose.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

8 thoughts on “Tonight, on Saksi…

  1. Manolo,
    Just heard Secretary of Justice say on ANC that the NBI has determined that the wiretapping was done on a land line. (Does this mean that he admits that he admits that the tapes are genuine?). It was quite apparent from the tapes that it was “Gary’s” phone and not PGMA’s cell phone that was being tapped. This also means that no hi-tech equipment was needed to tap a GSM phone, as implied by the National Security Adviser.

  2. It was “Shyat ap!” or so I’ve heard, several times.

    (I’ve rephrased my thoughts based on your comment, btw. Thanks.)

  3. ummm. alangan namang sa saksi una lumabas ang storya ng pinoy blogging? hehehehe we just
    traced what the pinoy bloggers’ been busy with since the scandal exploded.
    the blogs of pcij and mlq3 deserve mention— kasi sila naman ang nag umpisa at di tumigil
    na mag post regarding the issue. MORE POWER SA HISTORIC BLOGS na ito.

    ed, whoever good soul you are, buti naman nuod ka sa abc hehehe.

  4. nag channel surf ako kanina. muntik nang lumuwa mata ko nung na mention yung blog ni mlq3 at pcij. eheheh

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