Misusing Knowledge in a Time of Terror

Misusing Knowledge in a Time of Terror is my Arab News column for this week. I was briefly suspended from my column after the piece I wrote two weeks ago (An Absence of Chivalry in ‘Kingdom of Heaven’) resulted in an angry phone call to the paper from the Ministry of Information. Apropos of my Arab News column, it made a media roundup in Germany! Here at Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.

Unity gone by – INQ7.net is my PDI column for today. Other PDI column while I was away was: New allies for veterans – INQ7.net.

Meanwhile, in asiapundit there’s news that the fellow who wrote directions to smile at the policeman” while protesting in Shanghai, got arrested:

I observed the anti-Japanese protests in Shanghai a few weeks ago. While the violence and vandalism was repulsive and the perpetrators should have been punished, a five-year sentence for an alleged organizer is needlessly severe.

Also, from asiapundit
Reporters Without Borders today called on bloggers throughout the world to post messages in support of Iranian blogger Mojtaba Saminejad, who has been
in prison since 12 February and who began a hunger-strike on 14 May.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

3 thoughts on “Misusing Knowledge in a Time of Terror

  1. Palestine. Israel. Muslim. Christian. How more dangerous
    a ground to tread! How sensitive a topic! And yet you were able to publish it right in the heart of Muslim countryu! I salute your courage, sir! You are hereby knighted by the Crusaders.

  2. on Reporters without borders – that is not a legit organization. It is a fronting for the evil cabal in washington, seriously.

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