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By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on May 19, 2005 10 Comments 1 min read
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Typical story that Filipinos tell each other. This one heard over breakfast. There was a lady who had sixteen children. Fifteen of them were born at home. The last one was born in a hospital. The mother was so nervous about being in a hospital (never having had to be confined in one before) that she kept screaming for anesthesia. When the child, a girl, was finally born, the proud parents named their daughter Anastasia.

Yesterday’s ceremony went well except for a shocking oversight: the Philippine Embassy didn’t play the national anthem.

I made an appeal to the Jewish-American community to use their clout to lobby for Filipino veterans; they responded enthusiastically. Right then and there they began networking with people from the embassy, in particular the veterans affairs people, to network and start planning how to help. I was very touched by this. More on this in a future column.

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  1. Sorry, off topic ha. But some are saying your blog can’t be viewed. So I’m posting a comment to establish the time frame. I can’t be dreaming that I’m posting this, right? 🙂

  2. Connie, pano yan? Actually when I got here, at first I couldn’t view my blog, either. I brought this up with Abe before but he had some explanation I didn’t understand. I’ll email him when I get back. Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. is the oversight really that shocking? it happens everywhere. do we still respect our national anthem and our flag? patriotism/nationalism will help a great deal in solving our national woes. but nobody seems to take this issue seriously. i wish of the day when all filipinos here and abroad will be as patriotic as the Thais, Koreans, Japanese, etc. How I wish prominent people will take our cause seriously for us to be taken seriously. Ir’s cheap. It’s doable.

  4. Tama si Sassy, Manolo. When I tried your site yesterday it said that your rights to that domain has expired. 🙁
    But then, I also was not able to connect to Sassy’s. Some kind of problem with the internet seguro.

    Anyway, I hope your “Jewish lobby” will be able to help our veterans.

  5. Oops, I checked on Sassy’s site and still I cannot access it. Same thing as with yours yesterday. The domain raw nag-expire na. What gives?

  6. huwaawwww!!! new template! nice…

    For me, I consider it, too, a shocking oversight considering that the venue is the Philippine Embassy. I believe there was an ordinance (or whatever the call it) that in all public gatherings, the national anthem should be played before the program proper… section achuchuchu… 😀

    nangungumusta lang sa apo ng aking ka-bertdey. 🙂