Carl Linnaeus I ain’t. With apologies to the father of taxonomy, I do try, particularly when it comes to the links you see on the right. It is inherent in humans to categorize everything, but some are more systematic, more orderly, more rational about it than others.

How to explain the logic of the links? In my linnaean system, the first category is “Aliens,” which ranges from real people I either know or have met, such as such as David’s Straightlaced Bohemia: he works for a University in the USA and does public relations for the science department. Or there’s The Stylish Musings of Stevie Z, by Steve, who does lighting for concerts and who I met briefly in New York City three years ago. There’s Lucien, a composer whom I’ve never met, but have corresponded with by email and snail mail, and his site is at: Lucien Desar Official Website. There are others, too, in this list who are simply abroad and whose blogs or LJ’s I read.

The next classification is “The Usual Suspects,” which are the punditocracy of the blog world, situated in the Philippines. Generally, these are blogs with a penchant for serious commentary, ranging from blog superstars such as A sassy lawyer in Philippine suburbia, to reliably intelligent blogs such as PED XING by RONNEL LIM and ExpectoRANTS. Since the Philippines, to adapt Bulosan, is really in the heart, expatriate Filipinos are here, too, such as The Wily Filipino. Foreign residents in the Philippines are here, too, such as the remarkable Torn and frayed in Manila.

Next come “The Pros,” who are either media professionals or who post the work of media professionals, or who were once upon a time in media, whether foreign or Filipino. Also, institutional commentary or sites used by professionals is here, too, from newspapers to the government.

“Feeds and Frolics” is such a catch-all that the category is bloating. Here you find everything from Doc Emer’s medicine for everybody blog, .PARALLEL UNIVERSES., to pop culture central at this is :: we live for kuwento, to the latest blog I’ve added to my list of readings, When the Excrement Hits the Ventilation. I also link the webcomics, food blogs, and wierd sites I like to visit every so often, under this category.

“Medals, Flags and Heraldry” are self-evident, as are “Organizations,” and “E-Zines and Journals,” while “Resources” is also a catch-all for useful links that people tend to pester me about, or which I think are useful for research and the furtherance of one’s education.

“Inner Circle” are sites that I have set up; “Outer Circle” are sites I’m partnered with or which friends have set up.

“U.S. Politics” was created in the wake of the last American presidential election and as a handy way of keeping up with developments in the USA.

Further affiant sayeth not.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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