I finally figured out Podcasting. It’s nifty. Basically, if you’ve listened to the radio on the Internet (and it’s very handy; when something occurs news-wise, I listen to AM stations on the ‘net, which is helpful when doing a blow-by-blow account in this blog, or while writing articles), you’ve probably been frustrated by a couple of things. First, unless you’re a little more technologically competent than I am, you have no way of recording programs, and worse, if you like a certain program aired abroad, you have to stay up late or wake up awfully early to hear it. Podcasting is a new system by which radio shows are also saved (by the program provider) as mp3 files, which can then be downloaded by listeners whenever they want. Podcasting software allows you to subscribe to shows (usually free of charge) and then download the programs at your convenience.

You can easily learn about podcasting, too, by watching a rather cute instructional video here, titled “Four Minutes About Podcasting”: Learning The Lessons of Nixon » 4 Minutes About Podcasting

After you’ve watched the video, you can download the podcasting software here: iPodder, the cross-platform Podcast receiver.

It’s free, and if you like it, there are commercial versions with additional features, as well.

The most useful podcasting directory is at Podcast.net – The Podcast Directory. I particularly enjoy National Public Radio programs from the USA (do a search for NPR on podcast.net) and the BBC is tinkering with providing podcasts of its many excellent programs.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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